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November 28, 2015

As you read this may your prayers be heard and granted concurrently while praying for mine! I am mature female in school and committed myself to grants and loans to finish but it's a bit of a set up for failure and ostrization, danger, may the Holy Spirit explain it to your all . LordGod touch my mind, study hard but need your supernatural touch. Prayer warriors please unite with me in prayer for the processing on Jan 1st 2016 filing date online or there about's to go smoothly online they have my info already but need to reapply for my last year. There is a lot of spiritual warfare going on bias, etc, just intercept Lord and help me finish asap. This is concerning 2016-2017 school year including 2016 summer school. Bachelor Degree. There so much other, but right now that is on top of the list. Oh course my health too, secure completely living arrangement, finances for future work after graduating etc. too. Lord tell me what your want me to do this coming week?

Prayers for Friends, Family, Co-workers & Neighborhood

November 22, 2015

Please pray for my friends and co- workers who are battling cancer or that they remain cancer free. Please pray for co- workers husband recovering from a recent amputation. Please pray for family members with their ongoing battles of MS and Diabetes and other illness. Please pray for special needs son with medical, psychological and health concerns. Please pray for a neighborhood that was once quiet but now full of illegal activity and pray for neighbors who want to restore the neighborhood to what it was and those creating the problems to see the joys and blessings of God and want to live peacefully. I don't ask for much but I just want my family to enjoy peace in the home God has blessed us with. God bless each of you who pray for my request.


November 18, 2015

Thank-you for all who prayed for my husband to return to work full time! God is great and good!!! God bless you all! He is the primary bread winner in our family. God is great and God is good. God bless you all!

Supernatural intervension 2016-2017

November 16, 2015

I am a mature female in school trying to finish BA; study and making a lot of sacrifices but not getting the grades earned, please LordGod touch me, help me, direct me, have the prof not be so bias and correct me honestly so that I may learn. You know the details of what they are doing towards me. Teach me Holy Spirit, help my prof teach me and not go so against me for personal reasons. The campus included so I may have all my classes in by Dec 2016. Help me with my major health problems hernia, gull bladder type 2 diabetes, free me and heal me of it supernaturally, although I do, do my part with diet and excercise. Seal direct deposit 11/25 12/23 1/27 and especially loan for school 1/14 or 1/18 no glitches or holds just smoothly and may I be able to pay it back!!! As a last request there is a burden in my heart for the Salvation of a childhood friend, JT God knows where he is may he accept the Truth of the Gospel and see the Truth of this life Baptise him in the Holy Spirit and on fire for God! The same for my son who is 31, his little girl and locate the Christian wife that God originally had planned for him, bring her to him soon. In other words, Salvation, Salvation, Salvation!

Healing for brother and mother

November 15, 2015

Please pray that my brother is healed of melanoma and that my mother's pain from past broken bones and osteoporosis is taken away. My family needs prayers as well. God is good and so are his prayer warriors.

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