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True love and marriage

July 03, 2015

This year, 48, it's over due although didn't mind it much until now. To experience the emotions feelings and unity that God creates not just physically but in spirit, soul, that also unites and enjoy it. No not anyone from these wonderful prayer partners lol, but yes a lot of fervent prayer for this to not make any mistakes late in life concerning relationships, friendships and marriage. Soon very soon, as my birthday approaches labor day weekend. No lectures needed. Have no doubts that it's time. With all the terrible tragedies and cruelty in my life and having many troubles, love seems to be my request this year. No more waiting.

alcohol withdrawal

June 27, 2015

Please pray for my husband. He's in the hospital dealing with alcohol withdrawal and they can't seem to get his anti-anxiety drugs and his blood pressure regulated. He needs to be healed of his alcoholism & understand the damage its doing to his health, family, job, finances, relationships, etc. And the importance of not going back to beer when he gets out of the hospital. We have an 8 year old son.


June 26, 2015

Please pray for God to give me a spirit of gentleness in parenting- specifically with my preteen. I pray to be restrained and prudent with my tongue and life giving with my words. I have great patience with my toddlers and their developmental milestones, yet when it comes to my preteen's mouth (talking back, sassy, argumentative) I have no patience. I don't tolerate it and nor should I, but the problem is that I instantly get angry. I don't want to get angry. I want to handle it with gentleness and grace but that is not how my human nature is built and so I am struggling. Please pray for me to be gentle and show restraint instead of getting angry.

Prayer for my son's surgery

June 20, 2015

He is turning 31 and in need of dual foot surgeries, pretty serious. Bunions to large heel bond spurs. Was diagnosed yesterday and needs to schedule with surgeon. LordGod with the prayers of my prayer warriors here, please select the doctor that You have for him and that all go very well, protect through the surgery while he is under anesthisia and also after where they take him into a room alone, protect him while in his sleep and surround him with angels around him. Thank you.

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