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October 04, 2015

Please pray urgently for my family to see redemption win and our family to be reunited in the next month. We claim victory in Jesus and declare defeat over the enemy. We are thankful that God is in control and we trust His perfect plan. Please reunite our family Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.


October 01, 2015

In Jan 2016 I continue on with school univ level, the prof happen to be very diff and bias so I ask for fervent prayer for favor, I study and give 100% but sometimes it's not enough, and they purposely don't allow you to get the grade one earns, it's the politics I suppose. So I ask for this special request coming soon through spring until I finish the semester. After them, the prof are much more fair. Summer school included. Finish BA! by Dec 2016....

No earnings for over 2 years

September 30, 2015

Please pray for me. I have not had a job for 2 years. I have applied for over 225 jobs, and have not been hired. I was a highly credentialed RN when I was laid off. I am facing eviction, and my car just failed inspection. Satan is laying it on thick, but I plan to come out victorious. I am waiting for a hearing for Social Security Disability.

prayers for a small boy

September 29, 2015

Nine year old Julian will go for his dental surgery Friday Oct 2, please pray for his protection, and that God would keep him safe and sound. Thank you.

Supernatural Legal Response

September 21, 2015

You know, it's all rigged and it's a luciferic nation now, we all know that even as believers. Every year we have to turn in a victims impact statement and other legal request, having no choice but to do so. May God show you. This is not about money by the way. But lately the Spirit leads me to just file spiritually, for the clerk to do what they do on a yearly basis but instead of not addressing it or addressing it to side what ever they want, for it to be read, processed, and sent to the correct judge (this happens yearly by the way) instead of corruption and other actions. So no my prayer request is this: May it go through as it it was mailed and sent over to authority without me even motioning for it......I stand and believe that God will take it from here and that I will hear from them 2016 since we file every first of the year. Unite with me please and continue to lift this up in prayer since it also benefits the nation.

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