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May letter sent out this morning arrive on angels wings right into the hands of

December 20, 2014

JPC with an annointing, that he may read himself and it be a sensse of closure and healing. Also for his Salvation and his families. God knows the details.

Freedom from Bondage/Proctection from Suicide

December 20, 2014

Please pray for our son and that God would free him from the demonic strongholds in his life. That God would open his eyes and help him to see that he is the One and Only God. Asking God to transform his thinking and make every thought obedient to the mind of Christ. Asking God to give him a sound mind and choices that would put him back on the path that God has for him. Help him to feel the love and support of his family. Praying God's angels would encamp around him and protect him from suicide and lead him to just the right doctor. Asking for the annointing of the Holy Spirit as we have a discussion this weekend .Praising Jesus that his timing is perfect and for the amazing things he has already done. To God be the glory and praise forever and ever.

Merry Christmas and thank you

December 19, 2014

As Christmas approaches, although this was not His birthday, it's nice to have a marker: month;day where we can stop and really think of what Christmas really means. May every prayer be answered quickly for everyone here as they pray for others. As for myself will, always and foremost Salvation....especially for immediate family and the world! Then of course that He continue to direct my steps, help me Lord with first, the legal issues that will be read in Jan 2015, then school registration to go through fine and that I find work PT or temp soon! Thank you all and Merry Christmas.


December 19, 2014

Please I beg you to pray. My marriage is in severe turmoil. We are both struggling with much anger and rage. At each other AND in general. Precious toddler and another on the way. Sometimes I want to die it is so hard and seems so hopeless. We desp need a breakthrough and true forgiveness. Dont know how to do it.

Salvation for Monica; also book/letter sent out this morning...

December 18, 2014

Please lift up Monica, God with his GPS knows exactly where she is in NV; prayer for above all Salvation and to really be delivered of occult and things only God may know. May the Holy Spirit and annointing be all around the manilla envelope sent out this morning with a very personal letter, its for good and closure also to present the Gospel slowly since she a Catholic. A lot of prayer for this, package will arrive approx 12/22 may her eyes open ears hear and heart be healed. Amen.

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