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My First Kiss

August 23, 2016

Please pray that God blesses me with my first kiss soon. Pray that it will be special and worth the wait. I am 26 and never been kissed by a man.

Opening the doors for marriage

August 22, 2016

Please Share me in prayer regarding a relationship between me and a good believer girl her name is Lena , she struggles with some kind of insecurity and fear from marriage , she is afraid of being outside God's will , this fear magnified in her life in so much as she don't want to marry , pray that God open her heart towards this step , and pray that God lead our relationship together , and open the channels of understanding and harmony , and pray that God give me a grace in her eyes , in Jesus mighty name , Amen

Is There someone for everyone?

August 22, 2016

Is there someone out there for everyone? Does everyone have a soulmate? Or does some people have to be alone for the rest of their lives and lonely and never get married? I am still waiting for my soulmate, my future husband. I feel unloved, unwanted, and unchoosen by a man. No man has ever noticed me before or asked me out or wanted to pursue me courtship for marriage. I feel ugly, not beautiful and very invisible. I don't feel like a princess and never will feel like a beautiful princess on my wedding day.

Healing - Relationship - Finances - Pride

August 22, 2016

MAMA My 94 year old mama, was diagnosed with a stroke in October, 2015, endometrial cancer in December, 2015, had a hysterectomy in January, 2016. At 95 she was diagnosed with another stroke in March, 2016. Please pray/believe she is fully healed/recovered with no loss and no deficit and lives in divine perfect health and proclaims the Gospel. I believe these problems were caused by attacks from a stronghold (see below) We need a health/healing Breakthrough/decree Miracle for my mom. She is back in the hospital. FINANCES My mom and I (along with my daughter and son) also need a major financial Breakthrough/decree Miracle. OUR SON/OUR DAUGHTER/EX-WIFE/ME Our son and I had a "falling out" in August of 2015. He has been unwilling to reconcile. He is still hostile and rebellious. His mother, my ex-wife and I have been divorced since 1987. After his mother divorced me in 1987, she and her next husband abused our son and our daughter. I need for our sons and daughter to be completely healed. There is a kingdom of darkness stronghold that has operated in her family for years. It destroyed our marriage/family and has continued to try to destroy her and our son and attack me. I believe what has happened to my mama came from this stronghold. I need this stronghold destroyed completely, never to rise again. I need our kids, me, my mama set free from the effects of this stronghold. I need my marriage/family restored and the relationship between me/my son restored in a right relationship according to God and me/our son/our duaughter/my ex-wife in a right relationship according to God. We need a Breakthrough/decree Miracle to destroy this stonghold. We need a Breakthrough/decree in our relationships. We need a health/healing Breakthrough/decree for our son, our daughter, my ex-wife, me. We need a Brealthrough/decree for each of to fulfill each of our destinies. ALSO Please join me in getting my son - my ex-wife (his mom - my mom - me, set free from Leviathan, Pride, all associated/related unclean spirits and their effects in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


August 22, 2016

I am making plans too go into Recovery. Please pray the Lord too open doors sooner than expected and for everything to go well. Also looking for a place too rent so pray the Lord opens those doors too . Thanks and God Bless

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