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Desires on my heart...

July 31, 2015

I believe in God and have witnessed his love, healing power and providence in my life. I know he is with me, for me and not done with me yet. I have two desires on my heart. 1) I started a part time business and my results have been weak, though I try and try. I feel so needy and afraid of failure and yet I know this process has changed me deeply and in a way I can't put a price on. For that I am grateful and I say this to others. I want financial success and independence, to be blessed and a blessing to others, 2) I've met someone through this business who is a true man of God in word and deeds. He encourages me, and I feel that I am falling in love with him. I don't know how he feels for me. It may be classic hero worship, infatuation. This prayer is my release as I am a distracted mess of hopes, fears and tears as I want both desires on my heart to come true. Please pray for God's hand to strengthen, lead, guide and encourage me. Please pray that I may see and hear him clearly.

Hip pain & bad breakout on face

July 30, 2015

I'm asking for prayer for pain in my right hip; was told I have arthritis in it, and have had chronic pain which greatly hampers sleep & overall quality of life. Plus, I have had a terrible outbreak of acne (?) on my face that seems to not respond to medication-----don't know if it's staph or what. Ugly, ugly, ugly!!


July 29, 2015

stepping out in faith to deliver resumes to schools for a teaching position. This is out of my comfort zone... Need a job breakthrough and some confidence


July 27, 2015

Please keep praying for the restoration of my marriage

Losing Weight

July 27, 2015

Stand with me in agreement for prayer for losing weight , i am trying to lose weight and succeeded a little but my body doesn't response properly like past , i believe that we can praying for anything , i need to lose weight to keep my body healthy for the glory of God and for the work of the kingdom , so i believe that God will make a miracle in this area , i submit my metabolic system , my glands , my digestive system , my brain to the heavenly order for losing weight rapidly , in Jesus mighty name , Amen

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