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travel mercies, Hedge of protection -no weapon formed shall prosper.

June 25, 2016

Claiming Almighty protection, safe travel mercies non-stop, for Sarah, Raelynne, J.S.and T.S., lifting up today/tonight all the way to July 9th & beyond that for all of the time, as they're all traveling together, and quite a bit, no weapon formed against them shall prosper, Lord bless & protect all 4 of them, fully & always, wrap them under Your Wings Alpha and Omega, psalm 91 on & around them at all times, in the Most Powerful Name of Jesus, we pray, Amen.

Financial Miracle

June 24, 2016

My Heavenly Father , I come and ask you today in the mighty name of Jesus to release a financial breakthrough in my ministry and my life , you are the source of all goodness and all the blessings , so I come asking you not asking a man , you know all my needs and know all my ambitions and dreams and you always want our success in all aspects of life , so bless me financially and facilitate my way in this aspect , make miraculous deeds in this area in my life , fill all my needs according your richness in glory , make a financial mobility into higher level in my life , support me always as you did since my childhood , recommend your angels to open all the doors of blessings in my life , give you angels charge over me and over my path to work in the area of finances in my life , because you are Jehovah Jireh you will do this , you will never deny your name , simply I ask you fullness of richness for the sake of your covenant with Abraham and with your only beloved son Jesus Christ . Amen

people doing evil in this world

June 24, 2016

Please pray for them they must need prayer or they wouldn't do the evil things they do

prayers for my 88 year old Mother

June 24, 2016

She is in pain has knee and hip joint problems can't hear. Please pray JSA.


June 24, 2016

Thank you for all the prayer for income. I did get extra days but my agency just called and canceled those days due to unforseen circumstances. So please pray again for income, employment opportunity! !! Thank you in advance

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