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marriage, finances and me

September 17, 2014

Please pray for my marriage for we need a huge touch of Gods grace right now. Finances im told is a huge problem in marriages and Im going through continual heartache about it. Missunderstandings between my wife and I, not being on the same page about a lot of things. I got upset last night withher and all in front of my 4 yr old daughter. I also need another car before wknter and for God to supply. I believe he will but I struggle with my faith to believe he will. Pray for my family to get through this and for me to be a stronger spiritual leader. Thank you

Marriage Renewal and Grace

September 16, 2014

Lord, I continue to stand in prayer for my marriage, my husband and my family. It has been a tough road Lord, full of trials and triumphs. This past week Lord, I gave up, I let my anger and frustrations get the best of me, I went to a very dark and evil place, I thank you for bringing me out. I thank you for reminding me to give my problems and sorrows to you. Lord please continue to work in my marriage, keep working on my husband and continue to soften him towards me. Please allow us to continue healing and moving forward. Lord please keep a hedge of protection around him, our family our finances and our marriage. Please keep the mistress at bay Lord, please let there be a way that she can be permanently out of our union and lives. Allow her to seek someone available to her. Give us a clean break from her. Please Lord give us your grace, bless our finances which are looking very scary.... our rent is due and I don't know how we are going to pay it. I know Lord that you have us I give it to you. I pray that you will work on the contempt and anger in my heart and help me heal from this betrayal. Give us your blessings Lord. Amen

LordGod created the science of our human brain so there is a special very specific request in fervent visual prayer

September 16, 2014

LordGod created the science of our human brain so there is a special very specific request in fervent visual prayer Hyperactivate neocortex, insula, and amygdala to remove scar tissue and deeply rooted pattern and behavior to be broken and reinstate and renew to emerge with new prospectives with God guiding this, for myself and son Seth.

Math! and school, adult female returned to college

September 16, 2014

I give it my all even stay with tutors by when test time comes around it all looks like a different language.

Pray for High School kids who lost a classmate.

September 15, 2014

Please pray for the community of Knoxville. The high school and middle school was shaken so severely when one of their classmates took his life. His funeral is today and they along with his parents and brothers will need all the support and prayers they can receive today as it will be very tough. They don't understand and they need comfort and healing. thank you.

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