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April 14, 2014

Please pray God would restore whole healing process... please ask God to heal and restore what evil spirit has solen and destroyed..please ask God to restore what He tried to give me myparents and my brother back and was going to give us... please pray for mercy and delete from them completely,,

prayer for a precious man, and for a hurting sister in Christ as well....

April 14, 2014

Precious Prayer warriors, The broken record is praying again. But yet, GOD IS FAITHFUL. GOD IS VICTORY. I had a prayer written out, led by the His precious Spirit....and as soon as I hit send, it dissapeared into cyberspace. Please pray for the precious man of God, beloved to Daddy's heart... purchased by Jesus' blood on Calvary... that whatever it takes, whatever humbling, temporary pain, refining, etc...that he would return his entire being to the safe haven of God's path for him. A man may chose his path, but the Lord's purposes WILL prevail. THAT is a promise from our King. This *fear of man*.... Grips every aspect of his life... from his outlook on me, his view of how others see him, his way of hearing God's heart, his occupation... even walking down the street this fear can grip him. FEAR HAS TO DO WITH TORMENT......fear is NOT of GOD!... Our GOD loves this man profusely...and will NEVER stop pursuing all that he is... never stop reaching out for him to break that unholy yoke of slavery over his mind, heart, emotions, and even his physical being. It is an acursed thing that holds him captive and whether he is ever meant to be my future Husband or NOT... I KNOW with every fibre of my being that this torment and oppression are NOT from God. The enemy keeps trying to steal back ground that is not his... HE WAS PURCHASED AT THE CROSS and legally does not belong to any other then CHRIST!!!!!!!! Please pray that no matter what humbling, breaking, and remolding may need to occur that His Will will be done for him... for all of us. God would not have kept me praying for this man for nearly 5 years now if He was just going to give up on him... even when I give up, God hasn't and always leads us back to a place of fellowship. Only He knows if it has any purpose other then prayer, but He holds that future too. Please pray that I would be able to hold fast to HIM no matter the warfare against MY heart mind and emotions and pray as He has called me to. Also, please keep a dear sister in Christ in prayer, going through somewhat similar battles......though hers is more progressed...her ex-fiance has left her, and is angry at God, at life, at his circumstances and descending into a pit of selfishness, pride, and rebellion. His spirit and emotions have shut off, covered in ice, and it is breaking her spirit mind and heart.... She has many health issues exacerbated by stress and crying, both of which this is causing... please pray for peace beyond this to envelop her, and as well for him that no matter the humbling or temporary pain that he would return fully to Christ and His path for him. Thank you and bless you.

Prayer for April 23rd flight and arrival goals more like survival

April 13, 2014

Flight checkin and arrival checkout to go smoothly and quicly on April 23rd. Stay with son to be bonding and peaceful Old roommate upon leaving son's apt reinstate permanently. Employment immidiate, even if just temping Finalize hours and pass test successfully this year God knows that details to that. Lease and process business license for skincare and other while concurrently employed pt and also finalize writing course internship with foley God knows the details amen to all and let it be done I recieve it as done.


April 12, 2014

i need prayer for me. i really need the touch of god.

Prayer for Job transition

April 11, 2014

Please pray for some important job transitions I am facing in the next two weeks. For God's guidance, timing, provision and peace. Thank you.

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