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April 26, 2016

I am in serious need of a job... Long-term unemployment, following my husband leaving me due to my health (he turned from The Lord) has made it difficult. My kids have given up on JESUS answering our prayers and have turned their backs on Him too. So, if you could please pray for my their salvation, a job, and my health I would be so thankful. I will be praying for your needs together in Jesus's name.

My girlfriends Mom- broke her right leg, is 83 yrs old and needs heavenly support as she faces a lengthy healing period.

April 26, 2016

The need that She sustains in the warmth of Christ's sacrificial love as Doris response to the surgery and process that it will entail. Praise Christ for being with her.

Lost and Scared

April 26, 2016

Over the last year I have never felt so alone and lost and scared. I don't know who I am or where my future is headed. 8 months ago my husband if 21 years walked away from me, us and our Marriage. 3 months later depression took over and I tried to take my on life. Since then I have done everything to fight and restart my life. Asking for God to guide me. Since then there has been more disappointments after another. My heart hurts and my mind and body is exhausted. I don't know who I am anymore. I am lost and feel so very all alone. Please I am asking for prayers because I don't even know weather I am worthy anymore to ask God for anything.

Our son & his girlfriend

April 25, 2016

Will you please join me in praying for him? He's lived with a gal for 15 yrs, & she is most likely about 500 lbs, is lazy doesnt clean their apartment & my husband & daughter wont even go there.She wont work, & just really takes advantage of him. He doesnt make alot of money so money is very tight. We've tried to talk to him about her not helping out, & I think he's too afraid to speak up to her about anything. She's also a atheist, & he's sd he is too but I told him I dont believe him. I offered him to move back home to be able to save to buy a house, get his teeth fixed & buy himself a car again, but he sd no. One reason is he's afraid to tell her cuz she'd be so upset, so basically he's stuck. There's so much more I could write, but I'm praying the Lord wd remove the love for her in him & give him a way out of this. There is no one in our whole family that likes her, so its not only us.

no weapon formed shall prosper

April 23, 2016

Praying Sarah keeps the lines of communication open with me,her dad,sister & friends, and that no darkness is allowed near our lines. No force can break the bond between me and Sarah, my daughter. Lord place the Full Armor of God on Sarah. Remind her of who she is in the Name of Jesus! She is clothed with strength, dignity and purpose, no weapon formed against her shall prosper in Jesus Name!!! I crush the snake with my heel in Jesus Name! She will not be influenced, she will not be manipulated, frustrated, sedated, made helpless, hopeless, swordless, Sarah has on the breastplate of righteousness, there is Truth laced into her core being, into her tongue,into her mind,into her soul, into her emotions, into her body, into her life in the Name of Jesus! God has opened the heavens and has sent cherubim to surround Sarah, she will not be moved from God's will in the Name of Jesus!

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