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For my daughter and my health problems

May 30, 2016

Please pray that my daughter keeps clean from drugs and alcohol. Also that she will come to the Lord. Pray for all of my health problems that have aquire from when I got semonila poisoning back in 2009. Also when I was exposed to black mold back in January of 2015.


May 28, 2016

Please pray for peace for my grown son, Miles. He lost his Mother to heart failure.

Specific prayer requests, may yours be answered as you pray for mine prayer partners...

May 27, 2016

First and foremost Salvation for my son Seth, his daughters and who ever his God chosen Christian wife is to be protected and arrive into his life; same for his father Dennis. Test on 7/12 that is mandatory to graduate from univ level school go great, no obstacle like car trouble or anything from the enemy. Just smoothly arrive check in write a perfect essay and leave just as peacefully no bias' fair grading. Registration is June 6th and may that go well too. Summer school classes that begin this coming week to finish successfully and continue with Fall courses, pell grant to go through and loans, and help with work in paying them back. Secure my living arrangement may angels hover over this tiny studio and property, and ministry to my in my sleep and God through ChristJesus teaches me and heals me as I rest. I bind satan and all principalities and other evil doings to 'boing' like a spring right back. This living arrangement will be secured permanently in Jesus' name no evil will come and take it. Mate to arrive soon.

A prayer for relationship with Christ

May 26, 2016

Sweet Jesus; I again am knocking at your door as I have so many times before. You have promised that I could approach your throne boldly with the confidence of being washed byYour Blood. I stand before you tired, broken, full of pain, shame, and anger. I ask why with the heart of a child. Please Lord, I need my Sheppard, Emanuel Christ present. I confess all my sin known and unknown. Please Holy Spirit examine my heart and carry my prayers that I have no words to express. Come into my heart and mind, bring peace and a desire to be a steward of the life you have granted me. I have asked you to take my life here so many times and you refuse, so then show me Your Will for me. I can't do this life, I have just a mustard seed. Thank You dear Lord I pray in Your Name.....

Husband and marriage

May 26, 2016

Please pray for my husband and I as we are living with his paretns while we build a house. It is getting hard on us and we need strength to make it just a little bit longer. Pray that we would both look to you for strength and fulfillment and that our marriage would become stronger as a result of this time.

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