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Math test Monday October 6th 2014

September 30, 2014

Lord touch my mind to understand and absorb material and pass test. I study so hard and do all requested.


September 30, 2014

Please pray for healing for an illness that has been going on about 10+ yrs. So appreciate this!!

LordGod created the science of our human brain so there is a special very specific request in fervent visual prayer

September 25, 2014

Pass Quiz and Test in Math class this Monday and in Oct, Lord you know the details I more than do my part do yours! Please. You know the details of how bad the test are that are given by the prof and that it has nothing to do with the material yet we are suppose to be able to read her mind lol. Homeless, secure a home for me or tell me what to do, I am staying with an elderly lady helping out in exchange to sleep there, I'm never there and shower but I am not paying rent, although she is well to do, she expects to be paid, please resolve this, may she decide what to do or open a door for me to live in. I have no on and am a mature female that returned to school. Had to. Touch my son and deliver him from drugs and alcohol completely, Salvation for him always baptize him in the Holy Spirit and his 2 year old daughter.


September 28, 2014

I pray that the clients I take care of will be free of their surfing soon, they have suffered long enough, I think any way. I would also like to pray for overall a better living situation for my son and I. I know all things are in God's hands and I am not in a state of stress any more, but I guess a prayer might help move things along. Thank you Denise Butler

Marriage Renewal and Grace

September 06, 2014

Lord I thank you and pray for your continued work in my marriage and in my life. We still have hurdles and bumps to overcome, but I thank you for showing us grace and mercy. Lord, I apologize for the moments where my faith seems weak and for the times that I falter. Lord please continue to bless my marriage, our daughter, my womb. Be the sweet voice that my husbands hears and be his guide. Lord renew the respect that he had for our marriage and our vows. Lord move the mountain that stands before us with his mistress. Close the door, never to be reopened bless us Lord with a miracle in this situation and let us be free of her. Please Lord look upon us with mercy, bless our finances which are SHOT, bless our union, bless our movements. Be with us Lord, protect our union, finances and family. I pray Lord that you move our mountains, you make ways and that we are covered in your grace. In Jesus Name I Pray. (and thank you for all the people who have been kind enough to pray for me and my family. bless them and theirs- Amen)

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