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Prayer for Amanda Nelson

February 11, 2016

Amanda's Story "Welcome to Amanda's site. We made this site to keep all friends and family updated with how Amanda is doing. We appreciate all of your support, words of encouragement, and prayers during this time. Amandahad been complaining for a long time about always being tired. Over Christmas she just didn't seem her normal, high-energy self and her lymph nodes were very swollen. We made her an appointment to see a family doctor in Fargo. On Wednesday, January 27, she went into Dr. Radke to get checked out and had someblood work done. Her white blood cell count was 60,000 and normal is 11,000.Dr. Radke was so caring that she cancelled the rest of her appointments for theday and drove her to Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center to see an oncologist.After some testing they diagnosed Amanda with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. During all of this Chris and Idrove to Fargo as fast as we could. When we arrived the head Oncologist wasthere waiting for us. He explained exactly what was going on and what the nextsteps for treatment were going to be. The next day she had a bone marrow biopsy, lumbar puncture, and a double port placed. The doctor wasted no timeand began the chemotherapy process while these procedures were happening. He had injected chemotherapy into her spinal column right then and there. He told us she will be on a two year plan of care for this diagnosis. Chemotherapy will be given to Amanda every 4 days for the next 28 days. After this cycle we will know much more on her cell count and what our next steps will be. We withdrew her from NDSU for this semester and she will hopefully resume this fall. We also will be getting an apartment here in Fargo to be able to take good care of her as an outpatient when she's not in the hospital. She has been in great spirits and has been her normal self! She continues to have such a positive attitude and makes everyone around her laugh with all her funny jokes. The nurses sure have had a great time with her! We will continue to update all of you each day. We thank you again for all of your support, encouragement and prayers." Noodles For Nelson "Join Alpha Gamma Delta to support our sister, Amanda Nelson! Amanda was recently diagnosed with leukemia and is going through chemotherapy. We are hosting a pasta feed benefit, with proceed's going to Amanda Nelson and her family. The cost is only $5 and we hope to see you all there! :) We will also be selling bracelets for $1 to raise money and awareness for Amanda :)"

Lead and Guide me Lord

February 11, 2016

My dear Father in Heaven , I come to you in Jesus name , to ask you guidance from your Holy Spirit , Guide me in all aspect of my life , i need your light to show me the way always , talk to me in many different clear ways , talk to me even in the night dreams , i want your guiding voice to surround me and overwhelm me totally , recommend your angels to take charge over me because you are Lord of hosts , recommend your angels always to show me the right and fruitful way in every thing the way where i find you always waiting me in it , the way which please your heart towards me , Fill my life with miracles and wonders i want the following wonders and miracles in my ministry , bless my life more and more spiritually , financially , socially and practically .. In Jesus name i ask you to bring me the desire of my heart and to remove all the hindrances and obstacles , Support me to overcome every challenge in my way and life .. I know you will answer my request .. In Jesus name ..

Financial Miracle

February 10, 2016

Father God , i ask you a urgent intervention from your mighty hand , from your abiding merciful heart , intervene in my financial situation nowadays , i want to be met with your goodness as always you do with me , i want tangible miraculous deed in this aspect , nowadays , please Lord , give your angels charge over me because you are my provider , your name is Jehovah Jeirah , I ask you in the name of your son our Lord Jesus Christ ... Amen

Att Premises Installation Interview Thursday 2/11/2016

February 09, 2016

As stated above I'm a bit anxious as I'm not very good with interview. Right now I have my 1 notebook and pen ready but first I definitely need some prayers. I need wisdom,strength,guidance, and confidence. I have been unemployed since the holidays please O Lord Prince of Peace Kings of All Kings In Your Precious Name.AMEN

Dads Passing

February 01, 2016

Please pray for my family n myself my Dad went to be with Jesus Jan 31st. I also need a reliable vehicle for ministry work. Thank you all God Bless

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