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Mitchs machine

October 21, 2016

Lord immediately fix the printing machine, it will work now, we need it to work now, Lord, so we can eat, and finish jobs, and pay bills, we need it to work, Lord, in Jesus Name, Amen.


October 21, 2016

Pray that God will send the right man of God in my life. Also, pray that God crucify my flesh, I have not dated a man in 16 years, but I want to share my life with someone. I saw someone in a vision but I am not sure if it's God speaking to me or not about this person. Pray for me in this area. I have had doubting days too. Pray for my patience too.

Pray for Rosita Simmons

October 21, 2016

Healing of breast cancer. She has surgery next week.

Getting over a failed relationship ( heartbreak)

October 21, 2016

Me and my ex boyfriend decided we needed to go our separate ways after 5 years of trying. He would always leave me whenever we would have a disagreement. In the first 3 years he left me 4 times and would always end up coming back. I really love him deeply but he was not the church going kinda guy, he did for a little while I think to make me happy but then he just stopped going. I really believe God wanted me to sever this relationship a long time ago but I kept holding on in hopes of it eventually working out. Its been 2 months and there is not a day that goes by that I dont think of him. I WANT and NEED to let him go and I do not feel like I have completely. We have had NO CONTACT whatsoever since we both decided this should be it. Please pray for me that I can completely heal from this so I can move on, I feel like I am still stuck in the past of what could have been. I really want to get over this hurt and depression that I am feeling. Please help, I want to have some Joy in my life and feel happy instead of so empty inside.

God please continue to move

October 20, 2016

THANK YOU to All for your prayers for my son Leland. I pray God will continue to move in my sons court matter on November 3rd and in his life. Please continue to pray for Gods Strength, Peace and Encouragement for Leland and for Gods divine intervention and Favor on Lelands behalf to clear him in his "misstep" and help him rebound and rebuild his young adult life in a positive way. Praying that Gods angels and positive mentors will surround Leland and he can remain of strong mind of Christ, and be mentally, physical, spiritually and emotionally strong during this difficult time and grow deeper in his relationship with Christ. Praying for GOds forgiveness, grace and mercy to be upon Leland and for the blood of Jesus , Gods protection and the Holy Spirit to be upon Leland and all involved in this matter. God is Able! In Jesus name, Amen! Thank you ALL for keeping Leland uplifted and encouraged in prayer. God Bless You!

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