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May 05, 2016

Your moments of solitude are almost over. A great romantic love beckons with very big emotions. Something exciting and long-lasting will soon begin in your life and you will no longer be alone with yourself. You will finally be released from your isolation and nothing can get in the way of your happiness. Love is powerful, but it is above all surprising. He will soon give you the ultimate demonstration of this.

Complete surrender

May 04, 2016

Please join me in asking God to lead me to complete surrender to His will in my life. Pray God gives me comfort in feeling His nearness and deep love for me. Pray that Jesus becomes the king of my heart. I pray God's sovernty over all of my relationships. They are all yours God, my friendships, my family relationships and my boyfriend. They are all yours God! Please guide me and have Your will in my life. Lord I give it all to you. In your presious Son's name I pray! Amen.

My girlfriends Mom- broke her right leg, is 83 yrs old and needs heavenly support as she faces a lengthy healing period.

April 26, 2016

The need that She sustains in the warmth of Christ's sacrificial love as Doris response to the surgery and process that it will entail. Praise Christ for being with her.

Nursing school

April 30, 2016

I would just like to ask for prayer for me as I prepare to take my nursing final for second semester. Currently I need to get an 87/100 to pass this class and continue on to the next semester. I want to do this more than anything! Ever since my brother died 3 years ago after spending a week in the ICU, I knew that this was I was supposed to do. I want to care for others like my brother was and show them compassion and love as I meet their needs while they are in the hospital. If I do not pass this final I am out of the nursing program. This thought completely breaks my heart. I pray for clarity and the ability to understand and retain what I study as well as having confidence in what I know. I also pray that I will lay this all down at God's feet and allow His will to be done in all of this. That thought is terrifying but I also know that it should bring me peace because God has proven to me over and over again that His plans are always better than mine even though it may seem that mine are in the moment.


April 26, 2016

I am in serious need of a job... Long-term unemployment, following my husband leaving me due to my health (he turned from The Lord) has made it difficult. My kids have given up on JESUS answering our prayers and have turned their backs on Him too. So, if you could please pray for my their salvation, a job, and my health I would be so thankful. I will be praying for your needs together in Jesus's name.

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