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Please Pray for Divine Confirmation

May 04, 2016

Please pray that the Lord will give me a clear divine confirmation if a certain person is the Life Partner that HE has chosen for me. I know this is scriptural to ask for, since this what Abraham's servant prayed for in Genesis in his search for Isaac's wife.

Godly Companion and Husband

May 03, 2016

I am praying God's favor for a godly husband, helpmate, companion and friend. God knows my journey and I know He cares and has not forgotten about me. Even though it gets hard sometimes, I will always trust Him. I get lonely and am alone but I know God knows what is best for me and His timing will be perfect. It gets hard but God is Able and I have to hold on to my faith. I am Bible believing and so I trust in how God sets up relationships. Thank you.


May 03, 2016

Please pray for me, I feel lost, without a purpose. I feel as if everything in my life is going wrong.


May 03, 2016

Please pray hard for Peter, something big is happening now and he needs help, love & guidance. Have him have peace and make all good decisions, and open his heart & mind to God and me helping him.

Facing Homelessness

May 03, 2016

Please pray for M.T. who is facing eviction. Has to go to court this Monday, doesn't have a place to go. Thank you and may the Lord bless you all.

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