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Prayer for our Son

July 01, 2015

Our 21 yr. old son lives with us and works as an auto mechanic at a local car dealorship. Even though he has a degree in Automotive Technology, he tells us he is not content doing this type of work. Our son attends church with us each week but we are uncertain whether he has accepted Christ into his heart . Pray he will if he hasn't and that he would pray for God's will for his life! Pray for God's protection as he recently bought a sports motorcycle!

Healing for Infection of Leg:

June 30, 2015

I cut my leg. Even though I went to urgent care the leg is now infected and not healing correctly. I am asking for prayer that Our Lord Jesus, Great Physician and Healer, would be his hand of mercy on me and heal this infection. May God Bless you all. Thank you.


June 30, 2015

Prayer for all my family members to find God, get closer to him and to be saved before it is too late.


June 30, 2015

Father, I pray that you will go to Travis tonight and let him see how much I miss his friendship. Lord, take away all the hate between us and guide us back together. Lord, please talk to him tonight. I pray that we will talk again either thru a phone or a text. Life is to short to be angry with one another. Everything, is according to your will. Amen


June 30, 2015

May the Lord give me a breakthrough with my finances. I want to be able to give more the the Kingdom, but have lots of debts that I need to take care of first. Please pray the Lord blesses me with self-control, so I can live in financial freedom, and be able to give more to missions or other ministries that help in the name of Jesus. Thank you!!

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