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Studies, marriage and well-being

March 27, 2015

Please pray that helps me to highly pass my exam & coursework. I have a 4 month baby, teenager and married and so have very little time to read plus always tired. I need God's wisdom, knowledge & strength to make it. Pray for my rebellious daughter to change, respect her parents and come to know Jesus. Also pray for my husband to come to christ and also stop drinking as he is slowly becoming an alcoholic. Pray for our general wellbeing.


March 26, 2015

Please pray God and Jesus-Christ for Oksana and Nastia in Kiev Ukraine. Oksana's husband died. May Jesus protect them against sins and heal them from all sickness and help them to find honest money to pay for their apartment. Also Iouilia, the grand-mother, is sick. May God help her.

Good Friends for Son..

March 26, 2015

Please pray God helps my son find a good church and make good friends. Thank you.

Marriage restoration.

March 25, 2015

Please pray for God to bring my husband back and to brake every bondage from my husband. We have been separated for over 1 year and 4 months and my husband does not want to do anything as he is negatively being influenced by his parents. I'm emotionally tired, please pray for God to give me a miracle.


March 25, 2015

My friend is suicidal. I just called the police on her.

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