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August 31, 2015

Me and my children are not on speaking turns for some reason we just can't seem to come together as a family. I have two son's who are homeless and on drugs,I have tried my best talking to them about getting their lives together I pray for them daily and my daughter and grandkids seem's like they hate me.we are so far apart until it feels like there is no hope. I really love my kids and grandkids and I miss them so much. I really want us to become family


August 31, 2015

I have lost my family from both of us not loving and distance no trust no one wants to forgive and move on but i have faith that god will work it out i need someone to help me pray for restoring the Vinson family and forgiveness please help me I'm hurting so much from this i just want my family to be together again and hearts turn in this situation in Jesus name amen


August 31, 2015

My husband is a mild hoarder contained to garage and over garage- spends lots of his money on this, poor steward of his money, pride issues. Is saved - lots of strain in marriage ready to leave. Need lots of prayer - have a teen- would be very upset if we divorced.


August 31, 2015

My wife is battling depression & she is in total denial. I don't know how to get her to go see a doctor. It is causing a strain on our marriage. We have 2 teenage kids together. Please pray for my family.

Focus On Him Not Past

August 30, 2015

Please pray that God causes me to fully get over the past and not give my thoughts and emotions to it. Please also pray that God keeps me and that person away from each other so we can both move on with our individual lives with no looking back.

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