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Recovery /in Critical Condition

October 15, 2016

My brother was shoot by police four times in chest behind a dog and is under arrest while in critical condition. We can't visit him. Pray they allow family to spend time with him soon. Please pray God make him a miracle & heal him with the blood of Jesus. This prayer site has helped me find employment, strengthened my faith and gave me hope. So your prayers are powerful. God Bless America

My Dad

October 15, 2016

Please pray for my dad! He's always in a bad mood and is always angry! He needs Jesus in his heart! Father please calm his heart and give him a good heart. He's making this whole house hold mad Instead of resolving his issues he has to run from them! I'm tired of it and he needs help! He acts like a child when he needs to act like a an adult! He needs to set a good example. And please help him to forgive! Amen

Did not survive surgery.

October 15, 2016

Please pray for family of Amanda & Derrick in AL. Amanda's mother had back surgery five days ago. Surgery went well, but mom had adverse reaction to pain medication. Nurses administered second pain medication and expected her to recover. Mom stopped breathing soon after and was sent to ICU on a ventilator. She later registered no brain activity, and they believe she had a massive stroke. She passed away yesterday. Please keep this family in your prayers.

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