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Protection and Favor

September 02, 2015

I am dealing with stalking and cyber crime. Please pray for these attacks to stop. Pray for God's favor over me.

Covering and God's Leading on my niece and nephew and family

September 02, 2015

Please cover my 16 year old niece S. M.L and my nephew L.K.L age 18 will be 19 on SUnday. They need to be strong persons, stop following bad company, evil companion, the yoke of bondage and evil influences be broken in their life. They will lean to godly things and friends that will motivate them to be the best and shun evil . God will protect them from evil and wrong doing , from jail and God will open oppurtunities in their life. Cover all my sibblings

Blessed Life.

September 01, 2015

I live a blessed life. I have healthy happy children. Have been a single parent going through school, and working a full-time job. The man of my dreams and I re-connected recently. please pray that he and I find a way back to a relationship that is long and loving. I have missed him dearly, and feel that it is part of my path to be with him. Please pray favor for me in this. Thank you


August 31, 2015

My husband is a mild hoarder contained to garage and over garage- spends lots of his money on this, poor steward of his money, pride issues. Is saved - lots of strain in marriage ready to leave. Need lots of prayer - have a teen- would be very upset if we divorced.


August 31, 2015

My wife is battling depression & she is in total denial. I don't know how to get her to go see a doctor. It is causing a strain on our marriage. We have 2 teenage kids together. Please pray for my family.

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