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Request for prayer support / agreement from Sean in CA, USA.

July 04, 2015

07/04/15 Request for prayer support / agreement from Sean in CA, USA. 1. Please pray for the Lord's mercy, grace, peace, rest, love, strength and comfort, full household salvation, help, truth and light, complete healing and good health, good quality of life, protection, blessings and provision, and all that's good from God for: Israel, Jerusalem, the USA, the Body / Church of Christ (all who belong to the Lord), me (Sean) and all my family / relatives / loved ones, and all who are with us. Thank you. 2. Please pray to the Lord that He would have mercy and compassion on the United States on America. Even that He would deliver us from all evil and the Evil One and from our backsliding, so that we may turn to Him and back to Him so He would grant to us His free gifts of grace, salvation, forgiveness of sins, healing, repentance, eternal life, and resurrection unto eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord and God and Savior and Healer and Redeemer. Amen. Thank you.


July 03, 2015

My daughter has to go to court for something that was not her fault, please pray that the judge see this or let the fine be small.

Daughter and I

July 03, 2015

Unspoken request for my daughter and I. Please pray things go easy for my daughter and I.

True love and marriage

July 01, 2015

This year. 48, it's over due. Didn't mind it much until now. To experience the emotions feelings unity that God creates not just physically but in spirit, soul, that also unites & enjoy it. With all Godly qualities. Not anyone from these wonderful prayer partners lol, Soon very soon. No lectures needed. Have no doubts that it's time. With all the terrible tragedies and cruelty in my life and having many troubles, love seems to be my request before He takes me. Selected by LordGod to arrive now!

4th of July weekend!

July 01, 2015

Hi my brothers and sisters at JQ99please i'm begging you say a prayer for me.Homeless at 68 years of age in NYC full moon and long 4th of July holiday weekend means I need GODS help to survive 24/7.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 6/1/15

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