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mothers health part 2

October 24, 2014

Please pray for a miracle. So many tubes, wires and things wrong but my mom is a fighter and my family needs her! Only God our great healer can fix this...please please please pray for that miracle to happen!!!

My Husband

October 23, 2014

For God to heal, restore and rebuild my marriage on the foundation of his word and love. For God to touch the heart of my husband Samuel and to surround me and our children with favor in the eyes of my husband above all others. For God to bless my husband with the Holy Spirit, please pray for his salvation. Also for God to scatter our enemies, bring them to shame and protect my family and I from all of their evil plans and desires, and for a financial breakthrough and provision for my family and I. Thank you and God Bless you

Praise report and Prayer

October 23, 2014

*****PRAISE REPORT******** I want to give God another shout of praise!!! God is alive! My family and I found a new home and were approved for that home! I want to thank God and say Hallelujah!!! Thank you for you prayers! Thank you Jesus!!! please continue to pray for my family and I, for our finances, we still need the move in money and money to furnish our new home. I know God will provide according to his riches in Glory, he's brought us this far and will see us through. Amen!!!

Best for children

October 23, 2014

Need extreme clarity regarding my children and schooling. They are 5 and 7 and both have life-threatening food allergies. We just lost a Christian school placement due to many factors (lack of education, sensitivity, and lack of leadership support regarding their needs, no IEPs or 504 in private school). I am grieving and the kids are sad. If it the Lord's will for us to home school, to quickly surround us with guidance, direction and support. Mother of children extremely overwhelmed on how to do this without feeling depressed and overwhelmed. If Lord's will to return to this school or another school to reveal this clearly. Their safety is the most important, but we need connections too. Need clarity, guidance, support, and lifting of depression.

In labor, baby only 33 weeks :(

October 22, 2014

Currently in unexpected labor and going to be delivering our little boy at 33 weeks. I'm terrified for his well as mine with my health conditions. I pray for peace for my husband and i .... Both who are freaking out and so scared. I pray I can have peace and give control to God.

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