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May 05, 2016

Your moments of solitude are almost over. A great romantic love beckons with very big emotions. Something exciting and long-lasting will soon begin in your life and you will no longer be alone with yourself. You will finally be released from your isolation and nothing can get in the way of your happiness. Love is powerful, but it is above all surprising. He will soon give you the ultimate demonstration of this.

Divine Intervention Needed

May 05, 2016

We have dear friends who are in the process of adopting a 6 year old girl from Tanzania named Happy. They have become discouraged since the judge has not shown up to hear their case for the previous 2 court hearings. Their next court hearing is Friday morning May 6th. Tanzania is 7 hours ahead of our time zone. Please pray today that God will prompt the judge to show up and to hear the case so the adoption can proceed and Happy can be brought home. Also, pray for our friends that they may be encouraged and their spirits may be refreshed.

Please Pray for Divine Confirmation

May 05, 2016

Please pray that the Lord will give me a clear divine confirmation if a certain person is the Life Partner that HE has chosen for me. I know this is scriptural to ask for, since this what Abraham's servant prayed for in Genesis in his search for Isaac's wife.

no weapon formed shall prosper

May 04, 2016

Lord strengthen my daughter, me and our family during this time of tragedy. Help us endure greatly and wait patiently for Your Will. No weapon formed shall prosper, I rebuke and block the enemy, and all the lies, I cancel all plans of the enemy as well and place a hedge of protection around us, decreeing this prayer lifted to Jehovah now,without snare, in Jesus Name, Amen, Hallelujah!!!

Prayer for my wife

May 02, 2016

My wife completed a yearly mammogram, and was asked to return for a diagnostic mammogram because of something abnormal. She is afraid. My mom died from cancer just this Christmas; so death has hit our family, and we are still reeling, needing so much grace to recover. Please pray for grace for my wife and I. We are running to the Lord and His Word and His people in prayer, delighted that in our weakness He is made strong. Please ask the Lord to remove anything that is causing an abnormality, or to reveal it as harmless; that He may strengthen our faith in Him and that we may even rejoice; that the Lord's presence will be supernaturally nearer as we draw nearer to Him by the Spirit; that sisters may comfort and encourage my wife in our most precious faith and that as His Word promises, this will work out for God, as we are being conformed to the image of Jesus. ~ Thank you for your precious prayers, saints, from my heart.

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