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My family going through a major trial

February 26, 2015

My family is going through a major trial between my husband and I we have 5 kids, 4 are mine. CPS came and removed all 4 of my kids on Dec 9 because of allegations against my husband. My husband is now in jail and has been since 1/14/2014. My ex is taking me back to court for full custody and he and CPS are making me look like a bad mom. My kids are 17,15,8 and 5. I have been with them their whole life my ex hasn't been there as much. Please pray for wisdom, strength, favor, for the truth to come out and for me to have my family back. I love my kids and my husband and I miss them so very much. I don't understand why this is happening I'm trying to lean on God but it's so hard. I feel like giving up that I just don't have anything left to fight. My kids are my life. I need God to provide a miracle and show me He is bigger then the system.

Pray for my marriage

February 26, 2015

Asked for prayer previously. No change in my marriage situation other than now are sleeping separately. My wife doesn't want anything to do with me and doesn't love me anymore...or she is not making the choice to love me anymore. I feel she just wants to take the easy way out and get out of the marriage. I hurt so much and want to hold my wife again. Lord, please restore and reconcile my marriage.

I claim this and may the glory go to You LordGod

February 25, 2015

You will receive some good news about a case that it is the hands of justice court, administrative tribunal, lawyer, police, or other. After postponements and delays of all kinds, this matter will finally be resolved in your favor. Even if the procedures were long and laborious, a decision will finally be given. This is about an immature and impulsive person who will have to learn to behave well. Each action has its consequences and this person will pay for their faults. This person made an unworthy, shameful, or uncivilized condemnable act, and they will have to be accountable prison, sentence, punishment, statutory duty or other. You had to submit yourself to a multitude of painful meetings and interviews to argue your case, but it was worth it. You will be rewarded for your efforts and perseverance. You deserve justice and you will get it.


February 25, 2015

Lord please restore my marriagr

Friend problems

February 24, 2015

Please pray for me. For the last couple of months I have been struggling with some of my friends. One of my friends (well use-to-be friends) doesn't like and was getting Jealous of one of my better friends. She has been really mean to two of my better friends because of it. Please pray for me and my friends. Please pray that we get everything sorted out without really hurting someone. Thanks.

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