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June 20, 2016

It's time, help this person follow through may God help him may it be from the LordGod, at 49 its over due and don't think I can take anymore: You will receive a gift from a person of the opposite sex. This person is older than you. It is someone who is currently struggling with communicating their feelings towards you and loves you. This gift has a great symbolic value. It reflects the strong admiration this person has for you. It will be a very emotional gesture on his part.

Brandis skin and family

June 19, 2016

Been suffering for over 13 years with facial skin issues and I pray for immediate and permanent deliverance,for my family and our loved ones too. In Jesus Name,we pray,Amen.

no weapon formed shall prosper-hedge of protection

June 16, 2016

YHWH, I need You Lord to intervene NOW, let Sarah & Joshua forget each others past and move forward now, let them step out of fear & into faith, and immediately see their future together, which is full of passion, love, joy, faithfulness and romance, stand with me in agreement, warriors, in Jesus Name, Amen!

Drowning in anxity

June 16, 2016

Please pray for my significant other. He is going through a lot right now with his ex wife and her boyfriend. His ex's boyfriend, who she was having an affair with during their marriage, is suing my partner and trying to take his daughters away from him. He keeps getting dragged into court. This has been going on for over 1 year. My boyfriend feels like he is at the end. He says he is tired... physically, mentally and financially, and emotionally. He thinks if he was gone the girls would be better off..which is not the case. Please pray that the Lord will provide the $5000 to continue to go to court to keep his 2 innocent daughters safe. We can't continue to keep up his home, take care of the girls and fight his ex wife's boyfriend. My specific request if for peace to know God will continue to take care of him and his daughters. Also, praying for the money to keep going. To be able to pay the house payment, truck payment and court cost. He is getting worn out and can't keep fighting forever.

LORD answer their prayers first as they pray for mine...

June 16, 2016

I mean that. At times I can not always pray for all the requests and ask God to grant these requests especially the ones that are being prayed for in my own request. There are things that are imminent right now and that is a secure home even if it is just a room or couch! I am renting a room now but nothing is secure, and I need that peace of mind especially since I do pay rent. Also for school and to finish by Dec 2016 with degree in hand, for all to go smoothly. There is a special request on grants and aid, may it go through but they told me that there is a 25-30% I a missing out on since I've always been a tax payer so what ever that paper and glitch is may it be corrected! And last, employment by early 2017 to pay all this back and support myself. Baptize me in tongues LORDGOD. Thank you prayer warriors.

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