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Father deliver me completely

November 18, 2014

Do one day fasting & prayer for me. Heavenly father THANK YOU for everything, I cry out to YOU throw fire on devil destroy all plans of devil, wrap me under YOUR arms so devil may not snatch me & my family, I confess all my sins, forgive me, deliver me completely from devils bondage (mind-thoughts has become full of dirt) take complete control of myself mind, thought, body, soul, help me to forgive, love my cruel husband, to forget PAST. Do not leave me, look at my daughter, restore my 19 years of marriage, since 3 years with rolling tears waiting for YOUR answer, hide identity, IJN Amen


November 17, 2014

Heavenly Father, First of all thank you for paving a way so that I could live independently for the first time in my life. Thank you for removing me from a unhealthy controlling parent after 10 years. Due to complications, I have been denied food stamps. Though its out of my control to fix, pray I would rest in the fact that God will provide for all my needs. Though I'm on a disability income, I still continue to get denied resources that would be of great use to me. However, I would rather go without food, then go back to my former residence. God has been so faithful to me as I begin the slow, painful yet necessary process of healing from past abuse, while trying to discover who I really am!

help with boss coworkers and deer hunting

November 16, 2014

Please help me to do good at work and get along with my bosses and coworkers and for my work to pass inspection also I need to get a deer when I go hunting to help feed my family and others in need thank you

Please Lord, be present, move my mountains

November 24, 2014

I have found myself in a few dark places and I guess the Lord knew as my best friend called me to go to church. As I walked across the street I thought to myself, why am I even here? Am I going to be thankful for the fact that I have no money to pay my rent, no income, no unemployment, I have no money for gas for my truck? Thankful for the chick who hit my car and has not paid to fix it, thankful for the fact that I have zero funds to cover any of my bills? Thankful for my husbands infidelity that is causing so much stress in our marriage, thankful for clients that DONT pay? As I sat down and listened to the sermon it was about Thanks/giving and how we should give thanks and give to those in need and all I could think was I am one of those people, my family is on the brink of destruction, i am one phone call away from eviction and I am still praying and trying to keep my husband from going off the deep end, sheltering our child from our ever growing complicated lives and I need to know where God is in all of this. Lord I NEED HELP!! I was told that no adultery goes unpunished, but Lord why why why?? With all that we have gone through and experienced why Lord do we have to keep getting knocked down I am drowning! The infidelity is eating at me, the possible pregnancy is eating at me, my miscarriage is eating at me, my lack of income, job prospects or clients is eating at me. I am trying Lord. I am asking for your grace, your movement in my situation. Make ways Lord, move the mountains, protect my marriage and family, help us to hear you and walk along the path you have for us, bless us with abundance, open doors for us Lord and seal the doors that should have never been open. Be with my husband Lord, heal and help him. Please break the generational curse that is upon him, fee him Lord. Help us to love one another how you intend for a husband and wife too. I pray and believe that no weapons made against us will prosper, but Lord that is all that has been happening. Guide him along the path that you have for him. Help him with his addictions and his anger. Lord he needs you. We need you Lord, we are in a very desperate situation and we are drowning. In Jesus' Name I Pray.

Extra Prayers

November 19, 2014

I know that God has this for us someway and somehow but thought a few more extra prayers would not hurt. We have had a few extra expenses pop up that we were not budgeting for but are getting buy...except for this snowstorm that has hit that we did not expect. Our car is in desperate need of at least 2 front tires that we really thought we could hold off on for at least the next month. So if you could just send up a prayer of protection over our car and us in it that would be wonderful as the weather and the roads have not been so accomodating to our needs ..

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