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Self-Consciousness Getting in the Way

April 13, 2015

I've always been self conscious about myself. Always. And I don't mean for it to be an insult to God because I am his creation and I should be proud. But when I realize who I am and my height and weight and opposition from society's norm at the age of 18 I just break down in tears. Even though I know society's idea of beautiful shouldn't matter, why am I so upset to be who God wanted me to? I don't even go to the store anymore, I'm afraid to apply for jobs, I can't look my boyfriend in the eyes...all because I don't want anyone who see what I see. I feel so ugly all the time. I could really use prayers.

Husband hiring

April 24, 2015

My husband is trying to hire someone for s safety position at one of the shops he is in charge of and keeps hitting dead ends. Please let him find someone soon. He is being pressured to get someone hired


April 21, 2015

My family is in desperate need of prayers for finances. We have been without gas for 2 weeks now. I paid the bill, but the furnace did not pass the meter test. Apparently the furnace has a gas leak that we were unaware of. I have been praying for someone to come look at it. I have had 2 individuals come look at it without success. They tell me the gas needs to be on, but the gas company keeps telling me they don't. I am so frustrated and don't know where to turn. I have been making meals at a siblings house and storing in the fridge so my family can warm it in the microwave, I take a daily shower at my other siblings house in the morning.... I'm am praying that God will show me how to resolve this situation. Our finances are stretched to the limit which makes matters worse. I am the only working individual in my home and try to make ends meet with what I have. I feel like the other individuals over 18 in my home are of no help. I am lost. Please pray for my guidance.

special intention

April 12, 2015

Unspoken for Leo! In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you! I appreciate it!

Easter is just another day with out family

April 05, 2015

It is Easter a day to rejoice that my Lord and Savior arose from the darkness of death to the wonderful light of life. For the last year every holiday feels like any other day, empty. Since my mom past family gatherings are almost never and gathers with my husbands side is worse and when they get together its as if they were still apart, it is sad. As each holiday passes I feel like I am being smothered in the darkness of emptiness. Lord hear my cry, Revive my heart, revive my families hearts in your name. You bonded us together as family tighten that bond with in us, so we stop putting up walls between each other. Please Lord I can't do it alone. I want my family, I need my family, but I want them to need and want you more.

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