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Secure my home at this time....

February 01, 2016

Keep the peace on the property with the owners; live in a back house studio, with an elderly woman, may she be calm and at peace too since she is very argumentive and abusive. Surround angels around this studio and my bed :) minister to me as I sleep strongly.

Lord quickly help us!

February 03, 2016

Prayer repost: My soon-to-be son in law was attacked for smiling in the direction of a bully who was already visibly upset. As he was beating him up, my 100 pound daughter jumped on the bully to get him off, and he tossed her, they only got away by running to their car & locking it. --- one week later, my husband gets a big job with a small business, he does the work, gets most of the money, when it's done, the guy wants more work, my husband asks for a large chunk down, the guy and his partner say OK, but the next day they flipped out, for no apparent reason, and told my husband never to come back. Come to find out, the bully from my soon-to-be son in law, and the guy and his partner, are all family. Were new to this area, and apparently no one does business with "this family" as they are known for being notoriously violent. Please pray this whole, entire family (D.S. , L.G., & friends) is bound up, removed and blocked immediately and permanently, by a heavenly chasm, in every way, shape and form,& at all times, from my entire family: me (B), my husband,M, my two daughters, A&S, my soon-to-be son in law C., & my other daughters boyfriend, A., now and forever, claiming it in Jesus Name, & pray all fear is removed from us now, and blocked continuously, fully, and permanently, claiming it in Jesus Name, & pray we are all protected 100%, no weapon formed against us shall prosper, & under the Authority of Jesus Christ, we pray all this above, & more, Amen.


February 01, 2016

I am asking for prayer today I believe GOD is in control But to summarize what is going on 4 years ago I rented a car from a company that is not in business no more. Well long story short yes I was late returning the car by 7 days I paid the extra money and figured that was the end 3.5 years later I got pulled over and a warent had been issued 3.5 years earlier. Now I have been going to court concerning this and because I had a past record from 14 years ago they are using that against me and threating to give me a year . I have been trying to get proof but since the company is no longer in business no paperwork is left by that company and I just keep trying to get information concerning this so I can get it resolved May GOD get the final say

Mitch and brans house

January 31, 2016

Need abundance of money to get by this week. Thank You Jesus. In Jesus Name,Amen

Please Pray for Life Partner

January 30, 2016

Please Pray that the Lord will open the door that no man can close, and bring my Soul Mate into my life. Just like he brought Rebbecca to Issac.

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