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Test 8/18

August 17, 2016

It is very critical that I do. Study of course but it's a final and even though I study profusely it's not enough. Essays I am fine with but the multiple choice is very tricky, all are correct, and there is a lot of material to remember which are brain twisters. So please a lot of prayer or I will not be allowed to continue with school, may all go smoothly for Fall semester too. Pass test, Fall classes to go well, process for graduation diploma, finish by 12/31/2016!

Why is Nothing happening in my life

August 16, 2016

Please pray for me. Why am I still single? Why am I not married yet? How old will I be if I ever get married? I am scared I will be too old and never get pregnant and ever have a baby. I feel like I will never get my first kiss. Why does nothing romantic ever happen to me? Why have I never had a boyfriend before, why have I never had my first kiss or why have I never been on a date? Why is God having me to wait all these years? I feel like my desires of my heart of being a wife and mom will never come true. When is it going to be my turn to have a man in my life? I am tired of waiting. Why is my life always the same? I would love to go on a date for once and my life to change. I would love to have my first kiss soon. I just feel like it is happening to everyone else around me except for me getting engaged, getting married and having babies. I feel like I will always be a virgin forever and never experience sex on my wedding night and that I will be a virgin for kissing forever and never experience my first kiss. What is wrong with me there must be something wrong with me it might be because I am a vegetarian. I hope the man that God is preparing for me won't care that I am a vegetarian. Hope he knows how to cook or is a vegetarian like me.

Financial Needs

August 16, 2016

I'm asking for prayers for some financial issues that I'm facing all of the sudden: a car for my son (the old, old one has died) he's a senior this year and has a lot of events to do; secondly I just found out I need to come up with $2500 for a condo improvement assessment; third my personal finances (high credit cards). Thank you for your prayers.

Health Issues

August 16, 2016

My request if for my friend. He just found out he has a 5cm aneurysm in lower abdomen. His blood pressure is extremely high, to the point where he should be admitted to the hospital. He has no health insurance and is self employed. He won't have the surgery because he would be off work to long and he would lose his house and everything he has worked hard for. He has 2 daughters that need their daddy. Please pray that his blood pressure gets under control and the aneurysm shrinks or stops growing.

Jeremiah 3v22 KJV

August 15, 2016

I need to repent and return to The LORD. I have fallen back into the wicked homosexual life style. Please pray my deliverance, for God to heal my backsliding, for my restoration unto The LORD. Please pray for my repentance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus. I am deep in the pit, in the world in the flesh, and am under satanic bondage. Please pray for me and thank you.

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