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February 01, 2016

Heal brandis liver. restore and strengthen and stabilize and protect all immune systems, lives, finances and relationships finances in my reiter house. Also we are out of food with no income this week. Lord provide. In Jesus Name,we pray, Amen.

Hedge of protection on around me and my famy and our loved ones-B.m.R. fams

February 01, 2016

I rebuke,remove & block all itchiness, bruising, pain and illness in me, NOW in Jesus Name!!! I rebuke, remove & block all illness and pain in all of my family, NOW, in Jesus Name!!! I claim NOW under the Authority of my Trustworthy God that all of it:illness, lies, itchiness, bruises,loss,lack,fear, sickness,doubt, harm, evil and temptation, goes straight to hell and that God's warring Angels are sent immediately, this very second, to stand guard and BLOCK it all permanently, none of it may return to my house, nor my parents/sibling homes, nor my two son in laws, nor their homes, nor my grandkids homes, at least to 5 generations, in Jesus our Savior's Name!! All generational blessings possible, including but not limited to: good health, restoration, rejuvenation, faith, wholeness, longevity, soundness, protection, prosperity,etc are right this second, LOOSED onto me and my family and all mentioned, God knows who, in Jesus Name! Be gone liar and thief NOW! You cannot return under the Authority of Jesus Christ I claim this all and pray. Jesus! Stand in the gap for me and my loved ones and lift this prayer, and all previous prayers up to Jehovah God Almighty, in Yeshua's Name, Amen, Amen, Amen!

Mitch and brans house

January 31, 2016

Need abundance of money to get by this week. Thank You Jesus. In Jesus Name,Amen

Wake up O sleeper

January 31, 2016

Please pray for a very angry young adult who has turned to bad influences and away from God's will the past month: Zechariah 14:3 Then the Lord will go forth & fight against those nations, as when He fights on a day of battle. Lord, take over by fire, the gates of Raelynne's enemies & immediately bring in Your spiritual emergency, to DRIVE out Bryson, John & every problem that has snared Raelynne's life until now in the Name of Jesus!Lord God, blow a HEAVENLY HORN now,let YOUR WARRING ANGELS,sent by You,come to Raelynne's aid in battle!God's warriors,GO AHEAD & ATTACK the gathering of the vicious people & problems that are against Raelynne in Jesus Name!O JEHOVAH EL QANNA! Arise with URGENCY for Raelynne's sake, & CONSUME with YOUR FURY, every movement of the enemies against Raelynne,NOW,IN JESUS NAME! Every single army of disaster & destruction marching to waste Raelynne & Tyler's destiny together, your time is up:BURN IN THE FIRE IN JESUS NAME!Every crisis manufactured by darkness to swallow Raelynne & Tyler's breakthrough,hear the word of the Lord: VOMIT Raelynne & Tyler's BREAKTHROUGHS NOW!FLEE BACK TO YOUR SENDERS & SWALLOW THEM IN JESUS NAME!Every spear of panic & fear fired against Raelynne & Tyler's life together,YOU ARE A LIAR!EXPIRE NOW! IN JESUS NAME! ALL AGONY & SORROW, erected against Raelynne & Tyler's laughter & love, devotion & joyful testimonies together, BE WASTED! LIAR,YOU ARE DESOLATE NOW! IN JESUS NAME!

For my hubby, M.L.R.

January 30, 2016

Prosperity in every way for M.L.R., now and forever, and a joyful blessed birthday for him,Friday,Feb.5. In Jesus Name we pray,Amen.

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