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She likes me! :)

November 18, 2014

Hey guys, thanks for praying for me. She clearly showed she wanted to kiss me. She showed she has feelings for me. She said she liked me, and whenever I'm around, she dresses up well. YES! I BEAT THEM! The popular chick who said I'd never have a chance with her likes me. God makes the impossible work!

Father deliver me completely

November 18, 2014

Do one day fasting & prayer for me. Heavenly father THANK YOU for everything, I cry out to YOU throw fire on devil destroy all plans of devil, wrap me under YOUR arms so devil may not snatch me & my family, I confess all my sins, forgive me, deliver me completely from devils bondage (mind-thoughts has become full of dirt) take complete control of myself mind, thought, body, soul, help me to forgive, love my cruel husband, to forget PAST. Do not leave me, look at my daughter, restore my 19 years of marriage, since 3 years with rolling tears waiting for YOUR answer, hide identity, IJN Amen


November 17, 2014

Heavenly Father, First of all thank you for paving a way so that I could live independently for the first time in my life. Thank you for removing me from a unhealthy controlling parent after 10 years. Due to complications, I have been denied food stamps. Though its out of my control to fix, pray I would rest in the fact that God will provide for all my needs. Though I'm on a disability income, I still continue to get denied resources that would be of great use to me. However, I would rather go without food, then go back to my former residence. God has been so faithful to me as I begin the slow, painful yet necessary process of healing from past abuse, while trying to discover who I really am!

help with boss coworkers and deer hunting

November 16, 2014

Please help me to do good at work and get along with my bosses and coworkers and for my work to pass inspection also I need to get a deer when I go hunting to help feed my family and others in need thank you

Lord, are you listening??

November 15, 2014

Lord, sometimes I just feel like quitting, I know that this life is not supposed to be perfect but I feel like my life is a complete disaster sprinkled with whatever hopes and dreams I can squeeze out of the day. I am trying, trying to keep everything together, my family my marriage everything according to your will but Lord, where is the help?? Our rent is due in a few days and we don't have it which of course adds stress to my already stressed out marriage. its like we are a rubber band and we have been stretched and stretched and Lord, i am afraid that we are going to snap. Lord, I am asking for you to surround us with your angels, Lord, make ways for us, help us to heal and help us to bounce back from all the bumps in our road. Lord I ask that you teach my husband humility, I do love him dearly and he is FAR from perfect but Lord he does not see his faults, he easily can see others faults and its beyond frustrating. He is angry Lord, with everyone and everything. With his siblings, my parents, even me which can make it ok or will justify his infidelity. We have argued this morning and he is gone again and of course I don't know where. Lord, I need your movement in my situations for there are many. My marriage that sometimes seems okay and then it feels like under stress it just turns into a mess. Jesus, I need you. Please bless us, help us to make some kind go change, Lord I am not happy right now, I don't hate my life, I don't hate my husband but Lord, I need help, I am seeking you and your guidance. I am asking you to open door for us and seal doors that should not be opened. Lord heal us and help us, lead us, make ways for us. Please Lord!

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