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Wake up O sleeper

January 31, 2016

Please pray for a very angry young adult who has turned to bad influences and away from God's will the past month: Zechariah 14:3 Then the Lord will go forth & fight against those nations, as when He fights on a day of battle. Lord, take over by fire, the gates of Raelynne's enemies & immediately bring in Your spiritual emergency, to DRIVE out Bryson, John & every problem that has snared Raelynne's life until now in the Name of Jesus!Lord God, blow a HEAVENLY HORN now,let YOUR WARRING ANGELS,sent by You,come to Raelynne's aid in battle!God's warriors,GO AHEAD & ATTACK the gathering of the vicious people & problems that are against Raelynne in Jesus Name!O JEHOVAH EL QANNA! Arise with URGENCY for Raelynne's sake, & CONSUME with YOUR FURY, every movement of the enemies against Raelynne,NOW,IN JESUS NAME! Every single army of disaster & destruction marching to waste Raelynne & Tyler's destiny together, your time is up:BURN IN THE FIRE IN JESUS NAME!Every crisis manufactured by darkness to swallow Raelynne & Tyler's breakthrough,hear the word of the Lord: VOMIT Raelynne & Tyler's BREAKTHROUGHS NOW!FLEE BACK TO YOUR SENDERS & SWALLOW THEM IN JESUS NAME!Every spear of panic & fear fired against Raelynne & Tyler's life together,YOU ARE A LIAR!EXPIRE NOW! IN JESUS NAME! ALL AGONY & SORROW, erected against Raelynne & Tyler's laughter & love, devotion & joyful testimonies together, BE WASTED! LIAR,YOU ARE DESOLATE NOW! IN JESUS NAME!


February 01, 2016

Heal brandis liver. restore and strengthen and stabilize and protect all immune systems, lives, finances and relationships finances in my reiter house. Also we are out of food with no income this week. Lord provide. In Jesus Name,we pray, Amen.

Secure my home at this time....

February 01, 2016

Keep the peace on the property with the owners; live in a back house studio, with an elderly woman, may she be calm and at peace too since she is very argumentive and abusive. Surround angels around this studio and my bed :) minister to me as I sleep strongly.

Every tongue that rises against them I condemn in Jesus Name, Amen.

January 30, 2016

Please pray that both of my daughters are mature, self controlled, patient, loving, gentle, virtuous and wise, in Christ. Pray they are both protected, my son in laws/fams too. Pray for both of my daughters to be virtuous, proverbs 31 women, for their men to be Ephesians 5 men: God-fearing, faithful, strong, yet gentle, men/husbands/dads. Pray for them to cherish my daughters & to always be faithful to, & in love with, Jesus & my daughters, only & always. Pray for them to be thankful for my daughters to God, and to never ever abuse my daughters or cheat on them or take them for granted. Is it Your Will, God for Sarah to marry her man, C.C.? is it Your will, God, for ACR to marry Alec? I pray it is for both of them and soon, without delay. for ACR, my oldest, to get a stable job soon, for both of my daughters to get cars soon. For the transportation issues to be resolved by Jehovah soon. Pray for my son in law CC to sustain his job, where he is surrounded by only good, devoted Christian men who guide him to be a good, faithful, Christian husband to my youngest adult daughter. For Alec to have/get a job like this, too. For both of my daughters to marry for life, God willing, its long and healthy, WITHOUT incident, separation, darkness, illness, divorce, adultery, lack, doubt, indifference to spouses & Jesus, protect all their health, wholeness, soundness, children, longevity, devotion, faith, good fruits, etc and my whole families, too, praying this to happen right now and be consistent always. Lord in both of my daughters marriages, never allow adultery or separation, evil or temptation to take root in their relationships/marriages ever, not in any way, shape or form or time. in Jesus Christ our Savior's Name, we pray, Amen.

Protect,comfort,peace,safety joy,travel mercies in Jesus Name,Amen.

January 21, 2016

My daughter Ashley and her boyfriend are going on a bus at 4 in the morning and then they're going on an Amtrak train and they're traveling about 6 hours on train. At the bus station ,it's not the best neighborhood, so Lord place your hedge of protection around Ashley and Alec, keep them safe, let their ride on the bus and train and car ,be smooth without incident or snare , deliver them from all evil and temptation, let their travels be safe no matter how they travel, or where they travel. KEEP all evil bound up and AWAY FROM THEM & BLOCKED from them in Jesus Name. Place Your loving Arms , Alpha and Omega, around them, and keep Ashley and Alec safe, joyful, and full of peace, and surrounded by Your Protection, Lord Jesus Christ, completely surround Ashley and Alec with Your peace,Messiah Yeshua, no weapon formed against them shall prosper, no disaster shall come near them or their tents. Let their entire trip be safe and secure, and full of Holy Spirit fruits, let Ashley and Alec grow stronger together, let Ashley find favor with Alec's dads side,who she is meeting for the first time, under the Authority,and in the Most Holy Name of, Jesus Christ our King of kings we pray all this,and give thanks, Amen and Hallelujah!!!

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