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Strong favor of god upon me forever permanently at all times.

October 04, 2015

Dear Beloved, Please pray that all of my problems to be solved with the permanent solutions which are favorable to me with out any disturbances for me forever permanently at all times & ages and please pray for the strong favor of god upon me and all of my losses to be restored as infinity times more benefits to me forever permanently at all times and make all my sins in to virtues for me forever permanently at all times . Yours loving brother, Kiran.


October 08, 2015

In Jan 2016 I continue on with school univ level, the prof happen to be very diff and bias so I ask for fervent prayer for favor, I study and give 100% but sometimes it's not enough, and they purposely don't allow you to get the grade one earns, it's the politics I suppose. So I ask for this special request coming soon through spring until I finish the semester. After them, the prof are much more fair. Summer school included. Finish BA! by Dec 2016....Secure my living arrangement, finances, faide and grants from school, and a pretty serious health problem.

for S.J.R. and C.C.

September 27, 2015

Lord, stand before all darkness, all adultery, all lust, all dishonesty, all demons, all seducers, all harlots & wayward people, all doubt, all sneakiness, all temptresses, all thieves, all liars, stand before all this evil , & every evil & temptation, that is getting in between my youngest adult daughter and her current boyfriend, who is her soon to be husband , & cause it all to flee immediately & permanently. Lord drown it ALL in Your unapproachable Light, Your Word is unchanging & True! It is done! Lord! Stand guard! Strengthen & protect my youngest adult daughter's relationship with her current man/soon to be husband together & protect their faithfulness and love for each other! Let them speak gently to each other in love,self control,devotion. Lord dont let them speak to each other in haste, or bitterness or anger. Lord when they look into each others eyes, let them see, by God's grace, their soul mate. in Jesus Name, we p ray, Amen.

Life Changes

September 28, 2015

Our family is looking at selling our house and moving to a new house. I pray for God's will to be done and for our family to recognize his will during this time. It is difficult not to get caught up in our individual will's and wants and not to focus on his will. I pray for guidance and understanding, and a calming spirit during this time of transition. Please Lord guide us, and teach us as only you can, the one true teacher and counselor in faith. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Prayer Request

September 19, 2015

Young wife and mother of a 6 month old girl, passed away suddenly on Friday, September 18. It has been a huge shock to those that knew her. She was very sweet, kind, a great wife and even better mother. She will be missed dearly. Many have asked how they can help. All financial help is greatly appreciated in order to lighten the burden of the many expenses. "At my lowest: God is my hope. At my weakest: God is my strength. At my saddest: God is my comforter."

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