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Pray for God to give me strong to fight this battle

September 14, 2014

I have been placed on bed rest for 2 month in the hospital. Asking God to shine his grace and mercy for our family to be strong during this difficultly time.

My daughter's arm is damaged & having nerve issues. PLEASE pray!!!

September 13, 2014

I asked for this prayer request over 3 months ago. FINALLY JPS will see my daughter on 9-23-14 & pray that JPS will actually DO SOMETHING!! PLEASE pray! Thank you!! :)

pray for my faith to grow stronger everyday i seek GOD

September 12, 2014

Heavenly father I humbly seek your presence in my life to help me to continually walk in Faith despite what's happening around me and others. I ask you to open a door for a permenent job that is were you would have me to your will. I commit myself in all your ways but have become displace I need your help jesus name i pray..........AMEN

father keep my husband protected

September 11, 2014

heavenly father, i just want to thank you first of all, for everything you have done for us, i come humbled to you and as your word says, and it is written, ask according to my will and you will get it, i ask in the name of jesus christ and according to your will, that you keep my husband safe from any charges that the enemy might want to bring upon him for what his son did, lord only you know the truth of what happen that day, i ask you in the name of jesus that you open windows and doors and poor blessings upon us, and that all gets paid with no questions asked, according to your will,. in jesus name i pray.........amen

father please hear our prayers

September 11, 2014

Please continue to pray for me. Pass my request to your prayer chain & prayer team Heavenly father forgive all our sins, take complete control of ourselves. Father keep me & my daughter healthy protect us by the blood of the lamb, help my daughter in her study, protect us from all evil plans. Convict my cruel husband to confess his sin of adultery. I am all alone, bc my other kids really dont want to have much communication with me since i went back to my husband :( YOU are my only hope & help. Father STOP mental torture of my cruel husband, and his FAMILY destroy all their plans, revealed the truth & shut their mouths. IF it is YOUR WILL and as your word says, and it is written, ask according to my will, and you will get, restore my 18 years of marriage. bless my work place open windows and doors and poor blessing on us, let me get a permenent job, IN JESUS NAME I PRAY..........AMEN.

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