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Healing / Promotion

July 28, 2014

Yesterday in the heat we were helping my daughter move and I hit my head on the big side mirror of the UHaul truck. My head does not feel right and I had to leave work today. This is not good timing! I started to working over 2 years ago with a company that I hoped to get into a position that fit my profession. Two positions finally opened and I received an email today for an interview. Please pray for healing, clarity of mind and favor. Blessings,

Restore my family

July 28, 2014

I lift up in prayer Lord my ex husband whom I still consider my husband. We have been back together for 4 1/2 years now and the woman that broke us up so many years ago as reappeared in our lives. I pray that K will open his heart to hear God's word, to see what he has done and ask for forgiveness and restore our family once again. I feel God brought us back together after years apart for a reason and that we do truly belong together. I continue to pray for God to give me the strength to wait as I continue to pray. It's me or her, he cannot have both. I place it in his ball park to decide what he wants, but continue to pray that God will show us the way he wants our lives to go. Our daughter is planning her wedding and this is so very difficult for her that once again her daddy has done this to us. I pray that he will reach out to me. I forgive him for his weakness as God would want me to do. I love him and want him in our lives. God Please answer my prayers soon..


July 28, 2014

i listed my prayer for joy and restoration in my relationship with my ex. to my amazement i found joy without him, his neglect in our relationship, his failure to stand up for me to his son, his neglect to our relationship. through prayer i found joy in God and realized (again) how much I m worth...and it's alot more thatn Steve has shown in me in the last 9 years of our relationship. thank you for your prayers, plese continue to pray for my joy!!! my life and contentmen in following what God has planned for me!!! I know i have a ministry, your prayers are greatly appreciated that I continue toward that ministry!!!

Liable for a motorcycle that I don't have!

July 26, 2014

My husband is down in Corpus Christi with his motorcycle club. I've found out that another motorcycle (The title is in my name) that hasn't been in our garage for, at least, a month could cause me problems. I need to get the title document number so that I can take my name off this motorcycle. Eddie is saying that I just trying to complicate things. He has the title in his possession. However I don't want to be liable for the person driving the motorcycle, killing/hurting someone else or destroying property. I believe that this individual (with technically my motorcycle) is in Corpus Christi. This club is clean and sober, but the group still does CRAZY stuff. I don't want to be a part of it!!!!! PLEASE pray.

relationship restoration

July 25, 2014

my ex husband and I are trying to re concile, his son and daughter in law are so needy, they are grown adults with three children and the daughter in law has not worked in over 10yrs but expect and demand Steve pay for rent , food, etc and even let them drive his once new car(they have had it for over a yr) Steve has skin cancer and I worry he is jeopardizing his health riding a motorcycle...and our relationship suffers because we argue about him not having his car, not having money for us, I want this relationship, but I am so angry and resentful, please pray I change toward Steve and we can get pass this mess and begin our life together and his son stops interfering. that I change from the inside out and find joy again!!!

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