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Financial Breakthrough

October 18, 2014

Heavenly father , I ask you in the name of Jesus to release a financial miracle in my life and in my ministry nowadays .. I ask you God to recommend your angels to open the doors of finances in my life and in my ministry nowadays .. Open the heaven above me , send your rains of blessings upon my life and my ministry .. Send the earlier and latter rains of blessings .. I trust you Lord that you will release a financial miracle soon .. For it is your goodness with your sons and daughters .. Make a financial miracle soon in my life .. In Jesus mighty name .. Amen

homeless situation

October 16, 2014

My family is living in a pretty much homeless state. We are living in a place that we have to worry everyday whether or not we will be able to stay there any longer. We do not have a car and have to rely on family to take us places and to help our children get to school. We are praying for deliverance from our situation and that until the time comes for us to get our own place that God would keep us safe and in the place that we are living at the moment.


October 28, 2014

Prayer Great God, Higher Power, My heart's desire is to have a good relationship with a man I love who loves me, which includes good sex about twice a week. I have a man in mind - I think we would be a good match. But if this specific man is not in your plan for me, then I ask you to place me in this special love relationship with a man who is even better. I have a lot to offer and would be a catch for the right man. Please, God - I can't do this by myself. You know how obstinate men are.

bad court lawyer

October 23, 2014

This was sent to my supposed lawyer: My husband is like Ray Rice and I stayed a victim to it for 8 long years of hell. He abused me spiritually (We used to have devotions as we dated. Now he ridiculous me.), emotionally and mentally (with DAILY put downs), sexually (I have two different doctors with reports what my husband did to me from giving me HPV - treated like a precancerous condition for 6 months and very rough sex so that I bled!), financially (You've heard about some of that.) & verbally (On 10-1-14, he told me that my family, his family and I could all go to hell so who's childish?). Pretty much all these abuses were DAILY. I'm looking for a new lawyer as I need someone to support me and not my husband. A church friend has searched the computer (NO motorcycle club business, just personal stuff with WOMEN - adultery!) and the laptop (NO school work on it just the same trash as before with women). We have 30 letters about explicit sex and such. These were DURING our marriage. Porn magazines and even a letter from an AA guy that my husband "counseled" that said that he knew in another life that he and my husband were sexually together! I really wanted to use you, but my husband and his lawyers have gotten to you. He lied to me about being faithful on 10-1-14, lied to the sheriff deputies on 10-2-14 about the car being his when it is in my name, lied to you and his lawyers about what was on the computers. He really is an evil man just ask Lee and my neighbors and friends and this town's officers. The latter have a BAD history on Eddie and his two sons in TX, Arkansas and Colorado. The city lawyer here helped my husband's oldest get EMANICIPATED from his dad. Believe me I'm NOT the childish one. Look who is using who. My husband has NEVER owned a home. I've owned five. I bought him ALL five of his motorcycles, paid for the van's balance when we separated in 2010. I couldn't afford to ruin my credit as the loan was in my name as is the car. He owes me $8,000 (including the motorcycle of $6,300) as he didn't pay for 4 months and part of a month on the bills. He only had to pay $400. I had him only pay on the utilities and not the home. He didn't EVER pay for the major appliances and larger items of the home. Who is childish? He is as he's NEVER grown up. He acts like a dry drunk!!! He uses anyone as he hasn't even paid other women back, his family or his $200,000 educational loan!!!!! He teaches not to batter women, but he does NOT practice it. He has a long criminal record of abusing women in EVERY way! I didn't know this until after our marriage. He told me some then, showed me his criminal record, & on his AA "confessions". He has 35 pages of why women stay in the marriage and such! My husband knows better! He's a psychotherapist!

Please Pray for My Nursing School and God's Plan for Me

October 21, 2014

Please pray for me and the direction God has for me. 6 months ago, I was accepted to nursing school after several years of getting my bachelors and all my pre-reqs. Unfortunately I had to decline the acceptance due to my husband being transfered to a different military base 2 states away. So the last 6 months we have made a new life in a new state and we have been greatly blessed by God's work. A month ago I submited my application to a local nursing school in the state we live in now and am waiting for an answer if I get an interview. We should know by Nov. 1st. I do have faith in God and know his plan is much greater than my plans, but satan is putting a lot of anxiety on me. Please God open my eyes to all your plans, and keeps me focused on You. Please God point me in the right direction you have for me. I trust you, have faith in you and thank you for everything you have blessed me with and will bless me with in the future.

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