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heal of my sadness

February 22, 2015

God, help me to keep my faith in You although everything seems not moving at all. I feel so sad, deeply hurt, hopeless and stuck in a situation that nothing happens. Please, change my life because I'm feeling tired of it. But do Your will not mine. I ask You in the holy name of Jesus. Amen.

Who will farm my land? Still waiting

February 19, 2015

I'm a woman who inherited her family farm. I've had a wonderful farmer farming the land for 14 years. He was chosen by my father - while my father was still alive. Things were going so well until the man began having an affair with an abusive woman. He has been abused by her. His wife has been abused by her. She has caused all his employees - with the exception of her father - to leave the operation my farmer has had. I'm afraid of this abusive woman. She has threatened me. And, while my farmer promises to keep her off my land, I run into her other places and she's angry. And, I'm afraid. I've found another farmer to farm the land, but we both agreed to give my current farmer one more chance to work this out with me. Would he give up this affair and farm my land? 2 weeks ago I spoke with my farmer and he said he'd get back to me... last week. He said this woman was helping him some and until he could find other employees, he couldn't let her go. I've called him once and got his voice mail. I'm still waiting for an answer - whether he will give her up and farm my land or do I go with another farmer? I pray for the deliverance of my farmer from this abusive relationship. I pray for his wife too. And, I pray for wisdom what to do. I need to get this wrapped up soon, if I'm going to switch farmers. Yet, I want to give my current farmer every opportunity to make good in this situation. Please pray for us. I don't know what to do. Thanks.

Tomorrow is promise to no man(I a woman :) I pray for imminent requests

February 24, 2015

First and foremost Salvation for my family and all who I request for in prayer. Seal the direct deposit tomorrow LordGod help me with my basic needs and seal it. Right now I am unemployed and need to find permanent work but attend school also in the mean time. Have a quiz Friday please pray that I pass with high grade, surely study but have mental blocks and need the Lord to touch my mind and be with me in all tests I take. Also for my son that is going through a separation and divorce heal him and this marriage, they have been married only 3 years. Also will need to go out of town, for an elderly aunt to see her one last time please pray that the bus and trip be safe get there see her and then return with no issue problems or gossipy cruel ppl.

Stress and school

February 23, 2015

My first day of school was Horrible! Seriously I just want to break down and cry right now. She's mean and gives out so much homework it's unbelievable! On rate my professor a lot people say she's mean, she's evil, and gives out so much work! I'm already stressed out. On photoshop I had no idea what I was doing. I was so confused! I had to keep asking my neighbor and TA. My professor is the only one that teaches that class and every fashion major has to take her! She's evil and I'm scared of even talking to her! Idk what to do! I should probably stay just to get that class over with. I want to cry and I need prayers so bad right now! I just need strength to handle all this!!

My husband seems like he wants to give up on me because im late sometimes and hes depressed

February 23, 2015

Please pray for restoration of my relationship with Curt my husband he has alot of resentments towards me and says he is depressed and feels like I am always hurting him pray fo9r wisdom and strengh according to God's will: that he will move in my husbands heart bring him in line with the word of God he also has been using pot and I feel thats not good we both are saved and come from addictive back grounds help him to get back clo9se to GOD heart and return with the assurance that I am for him and he for me. That God will use me so he can have a relationship with Christ. That is my hearts desire

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