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bank job or high salary govt jobs

October 29, 2014

,Pray for me to get my bank job or high salary govt job ,dear god I have faced many problems in my life .I ve been critized,hurted,insulted,avoided ,etc by all of them .though I'm poor many people always makes hurt me And my family. Not only others our relatives also hurt me.but I trust Jesus,I know he will make my dreams to come true . I have written my cwe exams well so I need to get my bank job,please pray for me to get the bank job or govt jobs. (Jesus saves) I m now facing hell please help me to get the job( praise the lord) I love Jesus and he loves me.(amen )


October 28, 2014

Prayer Great God, Higher Power, My heart's desire is to have a good relationship with a man I love who loves me, which includes good sex about twice a week. I have a man in mind - I think we would be a good match. But if this specific man is not in your plan for me, then I ask you to place me in this special love relationship with a man who is even better. I have a lot to offer and would be a catch for the right man. Please, God - I can't do this by myself. You know how obstinate men are.

Please Pray for My Nursing School and God's Plan for Me

October 21, 2014

Please pray for me and the direction God has for me. 6 months ago, I was accepted to nursing school after several years of getting my bachelors and all my pre-reqs. Unfortunately I had to decline the acceptance due to my husband being transfered to a different military base 2 states away. So the last 6 months we have made a new life in a new state and we have been greatly blessed by God's work. A month ago I submited my application to a local nursing school in the state we live in now and am waiting for an answer if I get an interview. We should know by Nov. 1st. I do have faith in God and know his plan is much greater than my plans, but satan is putting a lot of anxiety on me. Please God open my eyes to all your plans, and keeps me focused on You. Please God point me in the right direction you have for me. I trust you, have faith in you and thank you for everything you have blessed me with and will bless me with in the future.

Give me Faith

October 20, 2014

Heavenly father , grant me more faith to stand firmly believing that you will answer my prayers and will make the miracle i am asking for , in Jesus mighty name ..


October 19, 2014

Lord I give you my marriage that you would heal and restore all the brokenness and make us new

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