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Please pray

April 05, 2014

KEep losing good sprits.. including whole blessings gifts crowns people whole good spirits whole soul... like whole me taken to others like everyday.. that is very hearting please pray for healing and restoration. Also please pray about failed healing process and gave away lost everything for me my parents and my brother.. PLease ask God for mercy and give all back tome.. us completely Fully as originally belong to us...everything even I rejectecd missed lost gave away spit out.. even taken to someone elses.. and please pray for delete from them...please ask for mercy and power and forgiveness... Please pray...Thank you.


April 05, 2014

My husband is out of work right now - It's ongoing - He'll get a job with a temp agency, they lie about they pay, the hours, the job description - You name it. He is very discouraged and is a very hard worker. Right now, he stays home while I work and my commute is long so he takes care of the house and the kids like a PRO. Makes dinner, does laundry - Even gets my workouts ready for me when I get home. He is trying to start his own lawn care business. Please ask God to bless this business for us!

Relationship with Grown son.

April 05, 2014

My son is going to Air Force Basic Training on April 15th. He has been verbally abusive to me recently and refuses to talk things out in a mature manner. This has been very hurtful and I do not know what to do anymore. I have tried reaching out to solve the problem but he will not relent. He will not connect with me or other family members before he leaves. Please pray for God's wisdom and healing before he leaves.

my dad

April 05, 2014

Dear God, Please heal my father's heart. Let him feel what I am going through, that he will love me and show mercy to me. Please let him hear what I am trying to tell him, and show more love to me. Let him know that I speak the truth.

Praying harder than ever

April 04, 2014

Lord Jesus I come humbly broken tired and frustrated to you Lord. You see all that's going on and I am praying with all that I have for your super natural favor for the job at cleburne isd. Lord I come against every assignment that the devil has upon myself Ted our wedding our marriage our finances our families in Jesus name. Lord I reverse every attack in Jesus name that the devil has upon us and I ask for everything to be given back with interest. Father I will NEVER give up nor quit trying. I love you and I ask protection blessings and grace and favor over myself Ted our marriage and our jobs and families in Christ Holy name. IJNIP AMEN COURTNEY

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