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Healing for a sick friend

April 10, 2014

My dear friend has been battling Crohns disease for many years now she is not doing well and the doctors aren't sure whats wrong. She is strong spiritually but physically she feels she can no longer fight this battle. Please pray for her.

Mom needs a miracle

April 09, 2014

My mom, of four children, has been locked away at a disabled veterans hospital for quite some time now for health and psychotic reasons. Before this, she lived on the streets for over 2 years and before that she was an alcoholic, drug -addict. Today, she is trying so hard to get her life back together, but has been diagnosed with 4 different kinds of cancer; this prevents her from sustaining employment and thus will end her back up back on the streets. I'd like prayer for her that a miraculous healing takes place in her mind and body! I know God is more than capable of this and it would create faith in my family as well (which is full over non-believers). Her name is Bonnie, she is 57, and a truly amazing person who once knew the Lord, but has grown distance (probably due to recent life events).

For my sons

April 09, 2014

Please pray for both of my sons for knowdelge, spiritual wisdom and understanding. They both know the Lord but are struggling. My oldest needs a job and he needs to understand that the Lord is the one that provides everything for us. My youngest one needs your prayers that our Lord is the only one that we can depend on always. He is struggling with alcohol addiction but has accepted help now. Please pray that our Lord touches his heart and he excepts the Lord as his Savior. For him to understand that our Lord will always be with him no matter what and when no one else will. I know that my God is here with me always and I have no doubt that he will answer our prayers. I declare slavation and healing for them. Thank you and God Bless.

Urgent please please pray

April 09, 2014

please pray for God would restore whole healing process.. everything went opposite way,,, something keep controlling me turn opposite way,,please pray for mercy

husband's job

April 22, 2014

Please pray that my husband who is self-employed is able to expand his business and get new clients. IJNIP

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