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Prayers for Mical

April 17, 2014

Please pray for God's blessing for Mical Lewis to find a job soon, he has been out of work for a while now and things are not looking good for him. He needs to find a job soon. Please pray for him. Thank you

It was benign, no cancer!

April 17, 2014

I just got a call, they did more advanced tests on the growth they removed and it WAS NOT CANCER yay! It was benign. To God the glory. He is loving and merciful in so many ways I will never even be able to perceive in this life. Even in eternity, I will never know the height and width and depth of Him and His love and kindness and mercy. It's kind of mind blowing and a little overwhelming when you think about how long eternity is going to be and how far infinity is going to be, and if you get to the end of eternity and infinity that all you know about God will ever be less than a drop in the ocean. He's still God, He still is here, even through the bad days. I am feeling grateful, which is a problem and shortcoming. It is an answered prayer that I feel more grateful and I feel love towards God. Glory to God for mercy and steering me to a great doctor and for not giving up on me.

Prayer for wisdom, discernment, strength and clarity

April 17, 2014

I interviewed for a job that would allow me to start my life over again and right now I really need it. I have so many aches so deep within my heart right now that I am trying to put behind me and being where I am at in employment is the last piece of my old life that I need to get rid of but I can't do that without the help of God. I also pray that God will give me the ability to love and trust again. I've been so lost and I just don't really know what I'm doing again. I trusted someone with every piece of my life and he left me for another woman. When I expected the people I thought were my friends and family to support me they turned their backs on me. My church even accepted their sin against me and did nothing. I know God used this event in my life to move me from a church full of sin and deceit but it still hurts losing everything I knew. I turned a blind eye to the things that were going on around me because I thought since I wasn't doing those things I was okay - I thought since I was there helping others in need that I was in the right place but God has shown me that by default I was sinning as well. Please pray favour for this job for me. My greatest desire right now is for God to open doors and lead me to a stronger new life.

Protection over daughter

April 17, 2014

our daughter is serving time for a horrific crime, she didn't murder anyone but she made some very bad choices in a relationship that has taken her down this path. I feel the need to share that she was born with a heart disease that required surgery at 6 days of age. When she was 2 days old they didn't expect her to live through the night; now here we are 25 years later. Prayer sustained her during that time and all throughout her life. She was raised in church by her father and I who have been married 27 years. She knows the word of God, she knows the power of prayer but she strayed from the path. My prayer is for protection. Her journey began here when she returned to give her statement to the detectives in Galveston about what her then "partner" had done and the role she played. She was honest and completely truthful accepting her portion of responsibility knowing what would lay ahead. She was soon arrested and had a trial and was sentenced to 15 years for her crime. During this time she has sought God asked to be forgiven and is now serving Him again. Things were going pretty good (all things considered) until this past week. She and 2 other women in her unit reported unsavory behavior between another inmate and a male guard. Now the three that reported have been labeled as trouble makers, separated and moved to other units. At this new unit my daughter was assigned to field duty which she cannot physically do because of her heart condition and if she cannot keep up runs the risk of being punished; we have enlisted medical services help for this. Now yesterday another inmate approached her and stated "I know what your in here for you better watch out" Her crime was awful (even though she feared for her life during this time) but she is my little girl, the miracle baby God saved for me to love and cherish. Please pray for protection for her.


April 16, 2014

My wife and I go to court for the first hearing for divorce and the children. I do not want to be put on time restraints or time limits with my 2 boys. Please pray for my sons, they are very young. Please pray that my wife and i could come to a compromise for the boys sake. Please pray that the judge would show compassion and mercy. Please pray for my attorney that God would give him instruction, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to defend my case. Neither one of us wants full custody but she wants exclusive rights to say where they live and that seems to make the man 2nd rate. Pray for my wife to have compassion as well as myself and understanding. I love our boys and I miss them very much. I also need prayer for a place to live that I can afford and be able to take my sons. Also for a better vehicle that's has air conditioning because they are so young. Thank you for your prayers.

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