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I'm believing harder and stronger

April 16, 2014

Lord Jesus I'm coming to you in Jesus name already believing in Christ Holy name that I was the favorite for the position at Cleburne. I'm thanking you Abba God that I had your favor and presence and a lasting impression on the staff. Father I thank you that I have found the good Godly place to start my career in Jesus name. I believe and thank you for thus job opportunity in Christ name. I thank you that this is Ted and I EPH 3:20 year! IJNIP AMEN COURTNEY

Beleiving with all my heart

April 16, 2014

Father God I come to You asking with all my heart that this job, with the dentist office will work out. Lord I beleive that this place with the good Godly ladies is right where I need to be, Father I ask that you please extend your mercy and grace, and most of all your favor. Lord this job will not happen unless YOU alone have your hand over this job. Lord please help me and just see me. Lord I come against every attack assignment and every intention that the devil has upon my family, my relationship, my marriage, my future job, my everything. I come against all attacks, everything in Jesus name. Father I dont deserve any blessings that you so graciously give, but are so thankful in Christ name. i am going to believe in the MIGHTY name of Christ that I got teh good Godly job in cleburne with Dr,. Coolwick. Please Lord just help me. I love you and all that you have done for me, and are doing, and WILL DO. I believe in Christ name. IJNIP AMEN Courtney

Friend's Salvation

April 15, 2014

Please pray for Alyssa who is claiming to be an atheist. Ask for her to be broken and humbled before God. May she surrender to God and glorify Him by living the life He created her to live. Thank you.

Prayer for Madison!

April 14, 2014

My daughter will be trying out for High school Cheerleading starting today with the final this Friday. She is the most amazing 13 1/2 year old I know. She works hard helps me so much with her 6 siblings, she does laundry and so much more. I am truly blessed to have her as my daughter. She never asks for anything God knows she's deserves everything! I'm asking for prayers over her this week she's very nervous but wants this so bad. Thank you and God Bless


April 14, 2014

4 years ago our daughter ran away 3 days after she turned 18 to a "man" she met on the internet. She had been raised with the love, the truth, and the discipline of God so it shocked our whole community. We are a very close family and her running away hurt all of us in ways that I thought could never be healed. We began to understand why the people we read of "tore their clothes" in mourning, because that is how we all felt. I posted a prayer request on KCBI (and several other prayer boards within my reach and across the country through family members). She came home a year ago in January but she brought all the shame and guilt back with her. She was dark, moody, explosive, and quick to accuse and very defensive. She struggled for 4 months with this until she submitted to myself and a sister in Christ laying on our hands and praying for her. God was there that day! It was the turning point in her "recovery". 3 weeks ago, she married a very worthy young man she had known since she was 12. Her father and I were able to stand before them and speak blessings over their marriage and life together. We give God all the glory for her healing. We thank the people who were submissive and prayed for our daughter and wanted to share this wonderful news with everyone. If you are in a similar situation, my hoped is that you can gather strength from this testimony. Our God is a God of healing and restoration.

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