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My daughter needs a miracle

August 19, 2014

My daughter is going through a divorce. She left her because he had committed adultery many times. It when she was pregnant and continued after their daughter was born. When the baby was 15 months old and she had not worked since right before the baby was born. It was a short time that he moved in with a woman, he didn't give very much money to support the baby. Anyway, she started seeing a man and he didn't like that and he runs his mouth and knows everything. One night he came to pick up the baby and he saw her friend outside and got out of his car and started mouthing off to him and from my understanding got up his face and, I'll call her friend Mac, and Mac pushed him back in the car and hit him. Husband got mad, drove off and filed a restraining order on my daughter and won't let her see the baby. They've gone court and my daughter got visitation rights. She is can't afford a lawyer and has tried legal aid and they told her they don't have the resources. She has called a dozen lawyers, low income lawyers but they won't help her. I'm on a fixed income and don't anyway to help her. She has to go to court in 2 weeks and she needs a miracle. I know God can make a way. I know there is nothing is too hard for Him. I would appreciate your prayers. My daughter needs her faith increased. I try encouraging her with Gods word but she is sinking into depression. She and Mac broke up, which I thank God for that. God bless you all and thank you.

husband's job

August 18, 2014

Please pray that my husband who is self-employed is able to expand his business and get new clients. IJNIP

Wife's employment situation

August 12, 2014

Due to the economic difficult times, my wife of 33 years moved to and works in Abilene, Texas as a pharmacist. We have lived in Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex since 1991 in the same house. Today, Tuesday, August 12th, her supervisor visited her at her pharmacy in Abilene and said "she would be pleasantly surprised by her next assignment, but could not say anything else yet." Please pray that God's perfect plan, purpose and timing will be served. We have both been making a lot of trips back and forth and this long distance relationship has been difficult. Thank you.

Strength for Sister

August 26, 2014

Over a year ago I submitted a prayer request for my little sister, Eden, and the rough situation that she was going through with her boyfriend. Their relationship has been toxic at best, and filled with abuse, drugs, and manipulation. They have been on-again-off-again for two years now. Her heart is big and not only does she long to be loved and appreciated (like all humans), she cares for the well being of this very mentally unstable guy who struggles with meth and various other drugs. She keeps running back to him, even though she sees that what she is doing isn't worth it. In the last year she has grown so much, and within the last few months has started seeing a counselor who is a believer. Eden is a believer but she is so scared to surrender to God and trust His will for her life. I don't even know how to ask for prayer for her, other than strength to surrender to God in all of this craziness. She's so young at 21 and has her whole life ahead of her, but part of me thinks she believes that she has "missed her mark" and is now deemed a failure because of all her poor decisions. Thank you for your prayers.

New Job Opportunity

August 26, 2014

Hello: Fellow Christians can you please pray for the Lord to open doors for a new job. I have an interview on 9/4 and would appreciate prayers that it goes well. Thank you in Christ and know I will pray for you also.

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