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Employment and relationship with family

March 05, 2015

I have been unemployed for about 4 months and I'm beginning to lose hope. Have not spoken to my dad for a year and my sister for 6 months. I miss them terribly and I just want God to give me the strength to pick up the phone and call them. I'm a strong believer in prayer.God bless

hurt on the job

March 04, 2015

company is trying to displace me after 17 years pray that i can keep my job i'm just trying to get well and back to work

employment need for friend

March 04, 2015

My very close friend has been unemployed for 5 months. He is very discouraged - very. I have been and will continue to pray, but I need others agreeing with me. I am believing the right God ordained door will open, very soon. I am believing for supernatural favor. I am believing the Lord will encourage him and instead of losing faith, his faith will be strenghtened.

Rekindle relationship with birth mom

March 03, 2015

My boyfriend was adopted and met him biological mom 2 years ago, they had a disagreement and she refuses to give him another chance, this has been haunting him since. He has tried calling her but she refuses to talk to him. We have since had a baby and he desperately wants her to be a part of her life l am asking for prayers that she will decide to give him another chance. Thanks for your prayers in advance.

continued...troubled heart

March 03, 2015

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me. Things between my dad and I are better. Please continue to pray for him to forgive my boyfriend for everything he has done in the past and just learn to accept him and for my boyfriend to do the same. I am asking for them to learn to tolerate one another for the sake of our daughter. Thanks for prayers in advance.

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