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August 27, 2014

Por mi amiga Monica, ruptura de pactos con el enemigo, hechos en su juventud por desconocimiento de la palabra de DIOS For my friend Monica, breaking pacts with the enemy, made in his youth by ignorance of the word of God

bondage in love and restoration in my marriage

August 26, 2014

I pray that my husband will be obedient to the Lord's wooing, that he will repent, and that the Lord will cleanse his heart as he turns from his sinful lifestyle. I pray that my husband returns to me his covenant wife and our children. That we be married on the solid rock foundation of our GOD Almighty. Standing as a saved woman of Christ Jesus in the gap against the devil and his demons until the salvation of my husband, as I love my husband and our children. Together 16 years / Married 18 jesus name i declare.............AMEN!

pray for healing from suicide attempt/ 2nd time

August 19, 2014

The wife tried to commit suicide the husband and son rushed in and stopped her. Later the husband had a heart attack stayed in hospital for 5 days. Pray for healing of the mind and soul from pain and suffering and hopelessness that so often enters the soul of suicide victims and their families. May God Bless this radio station that touches so many when we are weak and not strong. Pray for our weaknesses to be stronger this week. In His Grace and 1000 thousand Blessings to all at your precious uplifting christian music that uplifts my day at any hour. May God Bless and keep you all. Numbers 6:24 - 27

Help Me Heal

September 01, 2014

Several months ago the man I had been with for over a year left me for another woman he had just met through our church. The woman's husband had left her and started divorce proceedings because she had cheated on him. Within a month - before her divorce was even final she decided she wanted the man I was with. She came to me pretending to want my friendship. I am a single mom and had been on my own for over 10 years before meeting the man I was with so I understood what it was like and I extended my hand to her. She also had a drinking problem which I had recovered from several years ago so I wanted to help her there as well. I prayed with this woman and offered her my hand as a friend - the whole time she was looking at me, knowing in her black heart that she was really after the man I was with. People we went to church with saw what she was doing and no one said anything. When he left me, the man I had been with started telling everyone we had never been in a relationship which was his way of justifying his behavior - even though everyone at church had seen us worship and serve together and knew we were together. Even the so called pastor who had blessed our relationship turned his back on me - everyone flocked to them oohing and ahhhing over them being a 'couple' and turned their backs on me. Fast forward a few months now and God has revealed to me why He moved me from the church - I knew of many things that had happened there but really had no idea the extent of the evil that was there or in the man who calls himself a pastor. He's hurt many others in the past through lies, betrayal and manipulation and so has another worship leader there. I understand why God removed me from the people as well because they lie to themselves and others about the things they do - none of them are real - they have played games with everyone and I think I just really didn't see it. I still don't understand how the man I was with could hurt me the way he did considering all the things we shared and said to each other - when I met him he was going through a divorce because his wife had cheated on him - he said time and time again how everyone in his life had always lied to him and cheated on him - I tried to show him how a good strong Christian woman lived her life for those around her - he used that to some extent and then walked away Now he's announcing that he's in a relationship with the woman he cheated on me and left me for - he's also telling everyone God has rained down blessings on his life. That hurts so much. I can't believe that God would bless this couple after what they did while I am still alone and struggling with the pain of their cheating, lying and betrayal. I spent 10 years building my life as a single parent and never relied on anyone other than God. I have turned everything over to Him - all I have ever wanted was someone to truly love me. I've been hurt so many times that I was afraid to allow anyone into my life until I met this man but then he did to me exactly what I was afraid of and it has devastated me completely. I am not the same woman I was before. He killed every emotion I had allowed myself to have. I've just asked God for someone to share my blessings with - someone to be by my side building His Kingdom. I don't understand how these two can be together projecting themselves as being so utterly happy and being blessed my God - it's like being stabbed in the heart all over again as I sit and my prayers are unanswered. Everyone keeps telling me I'm a strong incredible woman and God's got better for me. I've waited so long I find that hard to believe after what I've just gone through. I pray daily, several times a day yet still I feel my faith is failing me. I pray for God to give me wisdom to understand why this has happened. I pray for strength to keep going. I pray for guidance so I will be heading in the right direction and I pray for peace. And I still ask that He fill my heart again where this man left a huge hole.

immigration situation

September 01, 2014

Please i request for prayers on my immigration situation bcos on 08-26-14 i was denied my Greencard by the immigration judge and now am filing a notice of appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeal review my case bcos of a trouble a friend i trusted and whom i was living with did put me also married to a citizen of america who is frm my country ghana and she is pregnant with my baby for 4 and a half months and the immigration wants me to leave her and go back home without seing my child who is due in february and to raise her has a father. Please pray for me so that the living God we serve will by his mighty power make a way in my situation than i can obtain my stay permit and be with my wife and child. thank you.

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