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father please hear our prayers

September 11, 2014

Please continue to pray for me. Pass my request to your prayer chain & prayer team Heavenly father forgive all our sins, take complete control of ourselves. Father keep me & my daughter healthy protect us by the blood of the lamb, help my daughter in her study, protect us from all evil plans. Convict my cruel husband to confess his sin of adultery. I am all alone, bc my other kids really dont want to have much communication with me since i went back to my husband :( YOU are my only hope & help. Father STOP mental torture of my cruel husband, and his FAMILY destroy all their plans, revealed the truth & shut their mouths. IF it is YOUR WILL and as your word says, and it is written, ask according to my will, and you will get, restore my 18 years of marriage. bless my work place open windows and doors and poor blessing on us, let me get a permenent job, IN JESUS NAME I PRAY..........AMEN.

PLEASE pray for my mom's sad state of mind & such.

September 10, 2014

This is my mom's across-the-road neighbor: " As far as the headache go, I really don't think that it is the rollers. For the reason she only wears them once a week and has headaches 3 to 6 times a week. But I do understand guessing and trying to find out the issue for sure. As far as the worse headache on this last Sunday. Well her memory is getting much worse. Sally and I have talked about her memory and now she really can not even remember 10 miniutes. All the time I ask her she don't even remember having a headache the day before, so she really can't remember and so she really can not compair how bad it is to another day because she does not remember the other days and what she has or has not done.Lydia I told you that she was able to remember the big things, well that is getting much worse also. A lot of times now she is not remembering the big thins now. Now one thing that has popped into my head is that we need to have her blood suger checked. The only way to check it correctly is to have it checked first thing in the morning before she has eaten or drank anything. At least that is what the doctors have always told me. I will speak with Sally about this becuse that can cause both dizzyness and headaches. Her dizzyness is much worse and evern worse than her headaches now day. But we will find what causes this problem, we are not going to give up on finding out what causeing these issues. Thanks Larry"

Protection for my son

September 10, 2014

I am worried sick for the safety of my son D.G. I beg an plead that you may pray for his protection from his father who is a very violent men and he put fear in me when it comes to the safety of my son. Please also pray for the protection of my son against demonic and spiritual warfare. Please please pray for my son I worried sick for the safety of my son. Please God help protect my son always and for ever. For this has been going on for about seven years now and I am tired please Jesus Christ protect my son.


September 10, 2014

I need some good friends and I need God to send some today.Thanks for praying


September 10, 2014

Hi my name is Billy, Please pray with me, I'm living in a house, i have been renting it for two years. But now my friend wants to sell it to me. I'm 47 years old, single, and i found out i have no credit score. I have never bought anything on credit befor. Always believed it i could afford it,with what i make,i didn't need it. I don't have much, but I'm debit free. But with out a credit score, I'm having a hard time get a loan to buye the house. I really would like to stay in it. Please pray God will open a door, are even a window for I do want the house, but am ok if its not in Gods plan. Rather be in an apartment, an in His will,than a house out side of his will. An also pray God Will send two guy room mate's. Thanks for your prayers. My God bless your life. Just another kings kid, Billy

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