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please pray for my cuzn roman

July 28, 2014

heavely father we come humbled to you, lord please save roman, he is in the hospital and is not doing good. he was alcohol intoxicated, lord i know this is not right of him to do that, but someone slipt something in his drink, but only you know the truth and what happen, lord i declare healing in his life let it be you there at the hospital that helps him get up from that bed, he is a good boy,.........please send prayer out to the jesus name we pray AMEN!!!!


July 28, 2014


Strengthen My Wife

July 25, 2014

Lord soften my wife's heart for total salvation and a righteous walk with you. I pray she will be everything pleasing to you as a wife. I am praying that you bind the evil one and his cohorts from us and give us financial favor, peace, blessing, grace and harmony in our home and life. Nothing is impossible for you to accomplish. In your name I pray - Amen

Lost souls

July 25, 2014

Please pray for lost souls to turn back to God. Pray God illuminates the way for them to go back to him.

Mom's needs with money-hungry vultures!!!!!

July 23, 2014

A good friend suggested having Mom's mail forwarded to me! :) I went to the Glen Rose P.O. when I returned from Sweetwater. I signed the paperwork beginning today until 9-23-14. I'd called the Sweetwater P.O. while on the road. He said that was all I needed to do at any P.O. It will NOT forward junk mail or "good causes" mail. Hopefully in a few months, Mom will get her mail back at her home with none of the above! Oh, he also suggested forwarding her calls to me, too, so I'll check that out tomorrow. Mom is giving away TOO much money by phone and mail. The trip was good. A family friend took us. It was like an all-expense paid trip (my 1st vacation since 2008) as he only let me pay for the entry into the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. He'd filled up his pickup, paid all meals there and back, paid for my souvenirs and SW chimes and buffalo that I was eyeing! He finally let Mom pay for the gas on the way back (Lubbock) for $3.17 per gallon!! Wow! He was taking one of his daughters and two of his granddaughters to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine today! Just the hotel was $600! He wanted me to go with them! I said no as I really had things to do at Mom's and then needed to get home. He then gave me $100 cash as he said that he knew it was getting expensive driving back and forth! He wouldn't take it back! Dr. Dobson said on his radio show (I heard it at Mom's.) that of the 90 million Christians in American that only 10 million vote. Shame on us!!! :( No wonder that our country is in such bad shape!!!!

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