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September 05, 2014

Please pray for Ukraine. The Ukrainian people are going through a very difficult time at the moment and need our spiritual help. In addition, the Gospel has really taken off there since the fall of the Soviet Union, and we should pray that it continues.

Abused girl with addiction, needs the Lord!

September 03, 2014

A young lady has come to stay with me temporarily to be safe from an abusive relationship. Tonight, she admitted to me that she has an addiction to alcohol, drinking an astounding amount daily. This has replaced an addiction to Xanax (prescription tranquilizer), which replaced another addiction. I suspect that she also has depression. She clearly needs the LORD'S SAVING GRACE and deliverance from addiction and some other really bad situations!!! Please pray for good openings in the conversation and God's words to be put into my mouth to help her recognize the freedom and peace she can find in our Lord.

My daughter's arm is damaged & having nerve issues. PLEASE pray!!!

September 13, 2014

I asked for this prayer request over 3 months ago. FINALLY JPS will see my daughter on 9-23-14 & pray that JPS will actually DO SOMETHING!! PLEASE pray! Thank you!! :)

father keep my husband protected

September 11, 2014

heavenly father, i just want to thank you first of all, for everything you have done for us, i come humbled to you and as your word says, and it is written, ask according to my will and you will get it, i ask in the name of jesus christ and according to your will, that you keep my husband safe from any charges that the enemy might want to bring upon him for what his son did, lord only you know the truth of what happen that day, i ask you in the name of jesus that you open windows and doors and poor blessings upon us, and that all gets paid with no questions asked, according to your will,. in jesus name i pray.........amen

Protection for my son

September 10, 2014

I am worried sick for the safety of my son D.G. I beg an plead that you may pray for his protection from his father who is a very violent men and he put fear in me when it comes to the safety of my son. Please also pray for the protection of my son against demonic and spiritual warfare. Please please pray for my son I worried sick for the safety of my son. Please God help protect my son always and for ever. For this has been going on for about seven years now and I am tired please Jesus Christ protect my son.

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