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July 22, 2014

July 14, 2014 Flag as Inappropriate | View/Share Request My name is Jim, I humbly request all those who read this to pray for my wife...She has a degree in Physical Therapy, unfortunately she wasn't able to pass the licensure exam to practice in TX, she taken the exam multiple times and failed by one point...Again she is going to take the exam again on July 22nd...She really need pass the exam and need your valuable prayer....If she pass the exam and get a job in TX , we are planning to use first two months of her salary for Lords kingdom...Kindly pray for her , as a family we are mentally down and weak but at the same we are enjoying God's peace....Again this my humble request to those who read, please remember us ,especially my wife Linz TODAY IS THE EXAM DAY AND SHE IS TAKING THE EXAM AS I AM WRITING THIS.IT IS 5 HOUR LONG EXAM STARTED AT 01:30pm

very insensitive missionary couple

July 19, 2014

I'd asked a missionary couple who have helped me with Grief Share to please pray for my daughter. Well, they did plus e-mailed her! They put in a lot of Scriptures which she is not ready for at this time. She then shot me a mean e-mail because of it. PLEASE also pray for my wayward husband who spends all his time with AA and his motorcycle club. He neglects his family. He puts these groups above God! PLEASE pray for both urgent requests. Both my husband and my daughter DESPERATELY need the Lord. PLEASE pray for the perfect laborers to come across their paths. Pray, too, for Chris Wick's salvation & all the unrest in America over the illegals who are illegals. We, as Americans, have been very generous with almost every country in the world yet most countries hate us!!! God, bring America back to You!!!

Prayer for this precious life

July 19, 2014

I come to ask for prayer to someone really special to me, for God to take care of him as I'm sure He already does. I pray that Jesus does His will in his life. God, bless his family and keep the evil away from them. Allow him to know You better and surrender to You, bringing him back to You. I already thank You Lord for Your amazing grace.

Restore our marriage

July 18, 2014

Please pray for Michael and Denise to restore their marriage. I have asked God for a miracle, please pray for me to have patience and understanding while I wait for the Lord to hear my prayers. Please pray that Michael will see the truth about his alcoholism and that it has damaged our relationship. Please help us restore our marriage. Thank you for the prayers and please send scripture recommendations. Thank you

Please pray

July 16, 2014

please pray God would restore whole healing process I failed ..

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