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Please give me wisdom Lord

August 27, 2014

Lord I come to you asking for wisdom. Your word says that its better than gold. Lord I ask in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that you Lord fill my mind with wisdom, and thoughts of YOU. Lord I come asking and expecting to receive increase, favor and wisdom. Lord thank you for all that You have given me and have done for me. I love you and waiting expectantly for You. Lord thank you for YOU IJNIP Amen Courtney


August 26, 2014

Please pray that E knows the love I have for him is real. Pray that God works in both our lives to bring us together and helps us to build a strong relationship. He is the one who said he thought we could have something good. I'm not sure what happened but I still believe we can have something good. Please give him the courage to follow through with what he started and to believe in us, that we can have something really good. Please pray for restoration of our friendship and that he will realize how much I care about him and that he will contact me very soon so we can talk. I pray that we will be able to build a good life together.

Marriage Restoration / Spouse Salvation

August 25, 2014

I pray that my husband will be obedient to the Lord's wooing, that he will repent, and that the Lord will cleanse his heart as he turns from his sinful lifestyle. I pray that my husband returns to me his covenant wife and our two blood born children. That we be remarried on the solid rock foundation of our GOD Almighty. Standing as a saved woman of Christ Jesus in the gap against the devil and his demons until the salvation of my husband, as I love my husband and our children. Together 15 years / Married 13 years

mother problems

August 18, 2014

My mother has such an controlling, hateful, racist, oppressive spirit & causes tremendous stress for my family & marriage. Please protect us from her & remove her from our lives. We just want to live peaceful, free lives & want to eliminate the stress that she always causes. IJNIP

Mom NEEDS help!

August 31, 2014

Two texts from Sally, Mom's neighbor, during church: "Mrs. Mayo called me today at work and said she has a headache and didn't go to church today. She called me yesterday and said she was vey dizzy. I was at work so I asked Larry to check on her. Last night she told me she didn't have a headache but could not recall calling me in the morning. Larry said she was a little dizzy but not extremely so. I pulled her new med to clear her system so I am not sure where the dizziness is coming from. Since I do not see what she is doing in the morning, it is hard to know if she is eating and drinking enough. She also said she is out of her headache medicine your cousin ordered. I think she will continue to miss church unless someone is there with her." "Mrs. Mayo get up early each morning, feels good when she is letting out the chickens, but then something happens to her during the morning. Is it possible to have an assistant come in at 8 am and leave about noon after lunch(?) Maybe attend church with her on Sunday's. She is very lonely and of course continues to grieve. This aide could do light housekeeping and since she hasn't been driving she is considered homebound and this help could qualify under Medicare. I think she would do well with a little company. I don't think it is time for a nursing home yet, but this could be more middle ground. Your sisters met a really nice lady that oversees a local company that does these kind of things. Tammy Flores. Larry and I could still do what we do, but neither one of us are able to be with her all morning. I am just trying to come up with a solution that might help her and alleviate some of your worrying." Mom is 3 hours away & won't move! All my siblings are missionaries, too!

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