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Please Lord hear your Child...

April 12, 2014

Father I am binding and fighting back against the devil. I feel a strong attach from the devil, I'm binding depression, emotional withdrawal and any and every negative thought that the devil is putting into my mind. Father I come against every assignment, attack, any intentions that the devil has upon myself, my family, Ted and our marriage. Lord I come against every assignment of depression in Jesus name. Lord I plead the blood over myself Ted and our relationship. Lord I thank you I'm blessed and highly favored and please God make all the bad thoughts and attacks go away. Lord you see my work situation and what I really want. Lord please in Jesus name who can do all things please let me have favor with Cleburne isd and get a job there. Lord I ask that my name keeps coming up with the right people. Father I come against every assignment on my mind from the devil. I thank you that I have the mind of Christ. Lord please in Jesus name just help me, see my weaknesses and my heart. Please Son of David help me your daughter. I need help and deliverance from the attacks from the devil. I love you and KCBI thank you for your sweet prayers. IJNIP AMEN COURTNEY


April 11, 2014

Prayer so my job let's me take the class for phlebotomy that I need. My manger is going to talk to the manager for phlebotomy. God please put in her heart Chris Norman to let me take those classes. I belive

for others and me

April 11, 2014

I continually see a wide variety of prayer needs and requests. I wonder if we all took 10 seconds out of our lives to pray for something we read here, how helpful it would be (I am NOT being sarcastic). I'm convicting myself here evermore because minute by minute the world gets its hooks into me and I lose sight of Matt 10:33, Prov 3:5. Brothers and sisters, I pray for you all in whatever trial God has you in; cancer, marriage issues, $ issues, the unsaved in your family, and maybe you often feel like me, powerless to contribute anything helpful. I am a baby Christian in this regard too, often feeling this way and then withdrawing to our human ways evermore. Need we remember that Gods ways are so far above our ways as the heavens above the earth. In conclusion, I challenge us to pray 10 seconds for general categories or themes you notice here. It may seem worthless, but the HS knows your heart and 10sec X thousands is not insignificant. PS- I ask for your prayers as well in my mental health issues, job search, and marriage strength.

Daughter battling the enemy

April 11, 2014

Sarah is battling an eating disorder. The enemy is very strong right now. It's got her convince she has failed for not losing enough weight, her heart rate and pulse being not low enough. As she wrote " Even I feel like hurting myself now, to end the pain of how much hatred I feel. But there's still some piece of hope in me that I don't want to do that. I don't know if it's the hope of getting really healthy, or the hope of getting really sick." That hope is the Lord Jesus Christ trying to reach to her, letting Sarah know He is still there for her. Her soul is not in jeopardy, but she is battling a demon who is harrassing her extremely. She currently is serving as a missionary abroad and will be flying home to Dallas on Sunday. The battle has begun. I need more prayer support to help fight the battle. We need to get her physical body strengthen so that her mind can function more normally before we can do spiritual battle.

Lost of a childs parents

April 11, 2014

Please, Pray for my sons team mate who lost his mother sunday. Not only did he lose his mother, but his father for shooting his mother and Now in jail. The team mates are going to be there this weekend to support at the wake of his mother. I Pray and ask you to join me to pray for peace. To lift him and those around him up and for strength. Thank you and god bless you.

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