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Speaking over myself

September 21, 2014

I am learning to speak good over myself and I ask for prayers to stay positive and not let the devil get me down, I thank you Lord that we are DEBT free, and that my husband, and myself are passing school, and getting good degrees. I thank you for favor within our jobs,and I thank you that I am getting a good part time job that I like. I thank you Lord for complete healing in our marriage, and families. I thank you that everything we do is for your glory. I thank you that I am not afraid of dying in Jesus name. Lord I ask that your will be done in Jesus name over myself, husband and our families in Jesus name. KCBI bless you. IJNIP AMEN courtney

my marriage

September 21, 2014

I just ask for prayer with my marrisge as we are going through hard times and that god can rebuild that love thank you

PLEASE PRAY...Relationship Needs a New Start and Strength

September 21, 2014

God, I come to You hoping and praying that You hear this prayer. Daddy, Please forgive us because I know we have not been in a position to be receiver's of Your blessing; but I ask that You will please intervene in my relationship with the man I love Robert....we can't make it without You. Fill our hearts with Your love so we can honor You and love each other with all the love we can possibly have. Give me and Robert a new start in our relationship, bring us to that place where we can really be a family with our 10 year old daughter, put it in his heart once again to desire to marry me and for us to be happy for a long, long time. Help us to find our connection on a deeper level. Please Daddy, remove any other woman from his life and any harmful distractions. Help us to always be faithful to each other, to meet each others needs, and to always make the choice to want to stay together and weather through any difficulties or storms together. Help us to love each other as You have loved us...selflessly, patiently, kindly, tenderly, gently, faithfully, gracefully, forgiving, compassionately, passionately and sacrificially. I know God can do miracles and restore what has been lost or injured. If we can't be together then I just want to be alone. My heart would be broken up too much to ever trust anyone again.


September 20, 2014

Please bless and comfort my foster brother and sister in the loss of our Mom, Barb.

Help me Lord

September 19, 2014

I am asking for HUGE super natural prayers. I took a job that I LOVE and it's also a huge pay cut. I truly believe that God opened this door for a reason. I am asking for supernatural blessings and prayers for financial gain. I pray with all my heart that a great part time job will come my way that help makes ends meet. I pray for God to change me and lead me where He wants me. I am asking that His will be done. I do want to be a teacher more than anything and I'm asking Him to truly speak to me and help me. I feel so defeated and broken down. I need a supernatural blessings to come my way. I pray that God has His way in my marriage and every aspect of our lives. I need to hear from God so bad. Thank you KCBI bless you ten fold for who stand in agreement with me. IJNIP AMEN COURTNEY

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