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Peace, Hope,Protection

October 14, 2014

Please pray for Louise Troy & Family under quarantine, the Nurse who contacted the Ebola virus, all healthcare workers, our community and all of those confronting the Ebola virus

I don't know what to say! God has put SO MUCH on my plate.

October 13, 2014

Please pray as the neighbor (nurse in Sweetwater next to Mom) that was helping as a volunteer has said that she is quitting. I can't do this alone as I already have A LOT on my plate with my job, my finances, my being sick and still going for at least 2 weeks, Mom has been with me for almost 2 weeks (at work teaching in Glen Rose), BIG issue with a legal issue, being broken into my home and more. PLEASE pray as I can't do it alone. I have TOO much that needs to be done inside and out of my home. I need LOTS of wisdom with the lawyer. My soon-to-be ex has committed adultery against me and I've finally got proof even though he denied it on 10-1-14! We dated 4 years with him acting like a Christian (drummer in worship team, helped me with high school Sunday school, in-house counselor & more). I've prayed and prayed and endured and endured for 8 more years. We separated and then supposedly he'd changed. (I'm also twice widowed!) I hate DIVORCE, too, as God does and it's not in our family. My parents were married 62 years until Dad died this year. My sisters got married in June and July, 1984, respectively and are still married. My brother married in Dec. 1991, & is still married. My parents, my siblings and my son/daughter-in-love served/serve as missionaries. My daughter and Chris Wick DESPERATELY need the Lord!!!! THESE ARE VERY SERIOUS ISSUES!!!!!!

Please God Guide them into Jesus

October 13, 2014

Heavenly Father , In the name of you beloved son Jesus i come and pray to you for the three siblings Eman Gawdat & Mariam Gawdat & Omar Gawdat and their parents ( in Egypt ) .. You are love , encompass them with your love , show them your salvation .. Wash them by the blood of Jesus so they will be brighter than snow , it is your deep love to save us and give us eternal life through the redemption of Jesus' Sacrifice .. I love them my lord so much , and the best present i can give them is my prayer for their salvation .. You can do by your Holy spirit more than what i think or expect , draw them into the way of Jesus ,recommend your angels to surround them and lead them into the knowledge of the truth .. I proclaim that they will have a great testimony and great encounter with Jesus .. Send them the faithful and the right messenger to lead them into your knowledge .. Oh God .. Please my heart with the good news soon that they started their journey with Jesus .. I proclaim that they are chosen from the womb of their mother to be for you .. I proclaim that they will be ministers for your glory God and witness the gospel everywhere .. I proclaim that their home will be place for your pleasure my Lord and for your praise .. I believe , I believe , I believe in Jesus mighty name ..

Salvation for friend

October 13, 2014

My friend has cancer and wants nothing to do with God.She needs to feel Gods love surround her. Also Two family's recently lost a child please pray for these Famous as they both do not want God in their lives.

Seeking Prayers for Our Marriage

October 13, 2014

Thank you all for your prayers and notes, I know that The Lord is watching over us but it seems like once we get comfortable and relax into everyday, the devil comes knocking in the form of a former mistress reaching out to ones in laws. Thank you for getting us this far, please open my husbands mind and heart to understand the pain and humiliation that he has put me through. Lord, please surround my husband and I with your angels, keep your arms around as as we navigate through this journey of life that you have put us on, protect our marriage and continue renewing it. Give us grace and peace in our lives. Lord, release this woman from our lives, please touch her in a way that you only you can. teach her to respect marriages, not just mine but others as well. Work in my husbands heart and mind, I know that he is doing what he can for his family, but Lord, the devil seeks out men to destroy the union of family and he almost took ours, please cover him with your protection, lead him on the right path Lord, let him not be swayed by this woman, through you all things are possible and Lord I am coming to you asking for you to be in the midst of our union. Lord bless our young child keep our family under your protection. Lord bless our finances may ways for us Lord, our needs are great and our funds limited. Bless my small design business, keep me creative and open to new design ideas. Guide our minds, thoughts and ways, heal me Lord, my mind, body and womb bless me with the blessing of giving my husband the son he has been seeking, completing our family. Amen

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