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My daughter's arm is damaged & having nerve issues. PLEASE pray!!!

September 13, 2014

I asked for this prayer request over 3 months ago. FINALLY JPS will see my daughter on 9-23-14 & pray that JPS will actually DO SOMETHING!! PLEASE pray! Thank you!! :)


September 10, 2014

Hi my name is Billy, Please pray with me, I'm living in a house, i have been renting it for two years. But now my friend wants to sell it to me. I'm 47 years old, single, and i found out i have no credit score. I have never bought anything on credit befor. Always believed it i could afford it,with what i make,i didn't need it. I don't have much, but I'm debit free. But with out a credit score, I'm having a hard time get a loan to buye the house. I really would like to stay in it. Please pray God will open a door, are even a window for I do want the house, but am ok if its not in Gods plan. Rather be in an apartment, an in His will,than a house out side of his will. An also pray God Will send two guy room mate's. Thanks for your prayers. My God bless your life. Just another kings kid, Billy

Nothing is impossible

September 08, 2014

I applied to a position at my job that is upper management, and I am praying that if its Gods will that I will have favor over this position. I believe that I can do all things through Christ. I totally believe that I could do that position. I just ask for increase and favor in Jesus name. KCBI bless you in Jesus name. AMEN COURTNEY

Spiritual Battle at my work place

September 16, 2014

I work at a hospital in Richardson Texas and though I love patient care I am experiencing great discord within my own dept. and this is making it very difficult to go to work. I pray that God will work a miracle and help the people in my dept to get along and be supportive of one another and not stir up trouble just for the sake of creating a negative ugly work environment. I sincerely want to get along with these people and feel good about these relationships as well as the care we offer our patients. God hear my prayers. Amen

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