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Financial miracle

October 07, 2014

Heavenly father , I ask you in the name of Jesus to release a financial miracle in my life and in my ministry nowadays .. I ask you God to recommend your angels to open the doors of finances in my life and in my ministry nowadays .. Open the heaven above me , send your rains of blessings upon my life and my ministry .. Send the earlier and latter rains of blessings .. I trust you Lord that you will release a financial miracle soon .. For it is your goodness with your sons and daughters .. Make a financial miracle soon in my life .. In Jesus mighty name .. Amen

Help Me Daddy God

October 07, 2014

I am asking for super natural prayers my husbands school and mine. I am trying so hard to pas these classes and I am asking for favor and mercy and Gods grace to pour out on me, and my husband. I pray for my teachers heart to see that I am trying and, to have the mind of Christ, and be so wise. I just ask in Jesus name that Your will be done Lord and the right doors are opening and the wrong one are closing. Lord I still declare that 2014 is going to be Ted and I EPH 3:20 year. Thank you KCBI, bless you always. IJNIP AMEN Courtney

Father have mercy on us

October 07, 2014

I urge you if possible please do one day fasting & prayer for me. Heavenly father forgive all my sins but deliver me from devils bondage (unwanted thoughts), take complete control of myself (mind, thought, body, soul) I have no more strength to fight, I am mentally & physically broken & fed up with my life. Look at my daughter have mercy on us, protect me & my daughter from devil, Father give my husband a new heart of flash to confess his sin, shower YOUR blessing of love, joy, peace. Waiting for YOUR answer. Hide identity. IJN Amen

Abusive husband - wants an uncontested divorce

October 06, 2014

Please pray as a lawyer friend told me that a restraining order is free, I get to the county attorney's office today & they said the opposite. I was told there that it was the protective order!!! I also had two texts from the abusive husband. I need wisdom as he wants to do an uncontested divorce. I don't know if that means that he'll not be responsible for all he owes on household bills (behind 4 months and part of another one), cost to replace back door that he destroyed and $6,300 on the motorcycle. He has my car so pray that I'll know what to do as he could ruin my credit. His credit is so bad that he got the car using ALL my information to get an interest of 3%!!! PLEASE pray!!! I keep getting different information!!!!

emotional healing and peace of mind

October 05, 2014

Oh Heavenly Father, I ask that you send all of your prayer warriors to pray for my son. He is presently in the Hospital for emotional stress. I knew that over the years he had a few issues but never not once did I think his stress level would escalate to the level that he needed counseling. I as a parent should have seen it and recognized it and didn't. I feel very responsible for not having seen it sooner. he needs help and needs to know that his parents are here for him and I need help coping with the situation so that I won't get ill myself. please Lord I pray that you grant him peace, that you help him sleep without having to take any prescribed drugs and I pray that you guide me in the right direction so I can remain strong enough to help him. Lord please bind the spirit of stress and lonliness that he feels. I thought everything was fine just to find out that it is not and as a parent I am struggling with not knowing what I did wrong, or what I could have done better. thank you for all of your wonder works that you have already bestowed on my family. I pray for mercy and for your love to help me get thru this. thank you all KCBI warriors for all of your prayers in advance.

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