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My family

April 15, 2014

Dear God, Please help my dad to see what I have been trying to tell him my whole life. Please let him listen to me for once and aknowledge my presence. Let him know how much I love him, and how much I wish he would show love to me back. Let him understand what I'm going through.

Critical Spirit causing discord

April 15, 2014

Please pray for my husband. He has such a critical spirit that it is causing many hurts within our family. I know that his mother was overly critical of him and I don't believe he has let this pain from his past go. He criticizes me and both our children. They don't like to be around or interact with him. I have spoken with him, but he won't listen. Please join with me and pray that he will be open to receive advice or that he will seek it on his own. Also pray that he will let go of his past pain from his childhood so that it will not continue to affect his life and ours. Lets the peace of the Lord fill his heart and our home.


April 11, 2014

Prayer so my job let's me take the class for phlebotomy that I need. My manger is going to talk to the manager for phlebotomy. God please put in her heart Chris Norman to let me take those classes. I belive

Lost of a childs parents

April 11, 2014

Please, Pray for my sons team mate who lost his mother sunday. Not only did he lose his mother, but his father for shooting his mother and Now in jail. The team mates are going to be there this weekend to support at the wake of his mother. I Pray and ask you to join me to pray for peace. To lift him and those around him up and for strength. Thank you and god bless you.


April 10, 2014

Dear LORD, I know I'm not perfect,I know I have made many mistakes in my life,and have failed you numerous of times.I first ask you for forgiveness.It's now been 7 months since me and my spouse have been seperated,he has moved on with his life.He still is involved with alcohol,and which I think he will never stop drinking.Our son is 21months now,and he has missed out alot of his daily life,he has seen my baby.God I always wonder why things happen the way they do in my life,why? But I know I shouldn't question you,because you have a purpose for really breaks me and eats me up inside to know that my baby is growing without his dad around,I love my baby into pieces LORD,as well as my other two older kids.My baby brings light into my life,he fullfills that empty dark space in my heart that is cold and hurt to love and happiness.I wish I couldn share that feeling with my husband and open his eyes to realize that alcohol is just tiring him into pieces,but he don't want to see it or face it GOD? yes i know I did wrong by bringing another man around my kids,and I know he wasn't for me.I tried let go of my past to be able to move on and be happy but things just didn't turn out right.I've always been a mother and father to my children,and I wonder and ask myself whats wrong with me that I just can't be happy and have security..My kids are getting older,and wiser.I'm thankful that my daughter's father is finally home to be able to be a part of my daughter's life.he missed out alot of her life watching her grow,61/2 yrs that can't be replaced.This is why it hurts me inside LORD to know that I have a baby that his father doesn't even care about.I don't see how this man can sleep or function GOD? Help him lord. Bring happiness into my life LORD,help me to move on and be a better person.Thankyou

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