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February 19, 2015

Please join with me in this prayer for my husband. Today I pray for peace, healing, and strength for my marriage. I give my husband to you Lord. He is your child. You've seen him at his very best and his very worst. He needs you so desperately. He needs you in his life to give him guidance, conviction, and strength. He doesn't realize where he is but I see it. Please work mightily in his life Lord. Bring him to the place you've called him to be. Remind him of who he is in you. He is yours. Only you can work in his heart and mind. Please love on him God and help him feel your overwhelming presence. In Jesus name, Amen

Who will farm my land? Still waiting

February 19, 2015

I'm a woman who inherited her family farm. I've had a wonderful farmer farming the land for 14 years. He was chosen by my father - while my father was still alive. Things were going so well until the man began having an affair with an abusive woman. He has been abused by her. His wife has been abused by her. She has caused all his employees - with the exception of her father - to leave the operation my farmer has had. I'm afraid of this abusive woman. She has threatened me. And, while my farmer promises to keep her off my land, I run into her other places and she's angry. And, I'm afraid. I've found another farmer to farm the land, but we both agreed to give my current farmer one more chance to work this out with me. Would he give up this affair and farm my land? 2 weeks ago I spoke with my farmer and he said he'd get back to me... last week. He said this woman was helping him some and until he could find other employees, he couldn't let her go. I've called him once and got his voice mail. I'm still waiting for an answer - whether he will give her up and farm my land or do I go with another farmer? I pray for the deliverance of my farmer from this abusive relationship. I pray for his wife too. And, I pray for wisdom what to do. I need to get this wrapped up soon, if I'm going to switch farmers. Yet, I want to give my current farmer every opportunity to make good in this situation. Please pray for us. I don't know what to do. Thanks.

Discouraged I need to see God move, I need faith, I'm fragile.

February 18, 2015

I'm and disappointed and discouraged, I've been kicked when I was down for so long. I need faith, I need God to make me love myself and correct those who have hurt me, used me, and abused me cause them to repent and seek the Lord with all their heart, especially C.C. remove all things/people from life that would enable that negative behavior or be used for sick games. Abba Father heal my mind, heart, soul, and body. Please don't let my heart be heavy, please. Give me favor, give me wisdon intelligence, and please release my tax return so I can pay my bills and fix the ticket. In Jesus Name I pray Amen. God don't leave me alone, give me faith, you see the desire of my heart, i'm weak, forgive me.

Prayer needed

February 18, 2015

I would like to start by saying thank you for previous prayers, my daughter now has a permanent full time job. To GOD be the glory. As for myself I am in need for continuous prayer regarding employment and financial needs. I have been seeking a permanent job after being laid off twice over the past two years. My needs are high due to having a mortgage, car note, utility bills, food, and other needs. I have no medical insurance which is required or will be penalized for not having it. I ask that fellow prayer warriors lift up prayers for needs to be meet. I would like to thank everyone in advance and that GOD will continue to be whatever you need him to be as well as answer your prayers. GOD bless you.

PLEASE pray for my home!!!!!

February 17, 2015

I hate divorce, but after finding out about 3 women that Eddie has committed adultery with, I feel I have grounds for it. He has abused me in EVERY way. He is SO much like a Ray Rice so PLEASE pray. He's also abandoned me a lot. I received another letter from Ben, my lawyer! It's a motion to sign temporary orders from Eddie's lawyer. His lawyer seems to be getting something done even though I can't!!! Please pray as Eddie has used SO much of my money. He recently has not paid $9,000 that he owes me not counting other things that he owes! He will soon reap what he has sown. He has NEVER been the provider as I have & I make less than he does. He has put almost nothing (only $2,000) into the mortgage so pray a miracle that he can't get half of what has been put in the home ($150,000) in the past 8 years. I bought the home before we married. God CAN do a miracle!

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