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plaese pray

April 08, 2014

please pray for my parents mybrother and I for spiritual healing and restoration. please ask GOd to heal and restore switched taken lost spirits.. keep losing good spirits

Relationship with Grown son.

April 05, 2014

My son is going to Air Force Basic Training on April 15th. He has been verbally abusive to me recently and refuses to talk things out in a mature manner. This has been very hurtful and I do not know what to do anymore. I have tried reaching out to solve the problem but he will not relent. He will not connect with me or other family members before he leaves. Please pray for God's wisdom and healing before he leaves.

update and prayer request

April 19, 2014

Thank all of you for praying for my mother. I had written that she had been taken by my brother and my cousin. Sadly we never got her back and she passed on February 4th of this year. I have a couple of requests. I really want to stop smoking because it's really affecting my circulation and I'm allergic to all stop smoking aids. Please pray that I quit. I desperately want to. I would like prayer for a ministry that I'm prayerfully trying to get off the ground in May. Please pray that it will help the target population and bring some to have a personal relationship with Christ! To God be the Glory!!! And if you have any smoke cessation tips please help me! Be blessed!!!

Prayers Needed For Madison

April 18, 2014

I would like to invite you to help pray for my beautiful Madison. Her Final Cheerleading Try Out is today at 4:30pm. Please help me pray for God to be with her today and to giver the confidence to shine. She loves the Lord and I ask God to continue to use Madison in spreading the Gospel to all her friends and new friends to come and in all areas of her life. Thank you and God Bless:))

Surgery for son who was shot

April 17, 2014

My son Jon is scheduled for a total hip replacement and vascular surgery for a femoral artery graft as a result of him being shot when he was 16. He just turned 30 and is totally disabled due to the deterioration of his hip and his femur is dead bone. He has been struggling to find a doctor to take his case and my wife Julie flew from our home in Texas to Massachusetts to help him. He was finally approved for the surgery. I am a Sergeant Major in the Texas Army National Guard and have taken leave to be with him as he goes thru his surgery. Please lift up Jon as he goes thru surgery tomorrow Apr 18th and for his infirmaries to be healed giving all the glory to God.

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