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Pray for school

October 26, 2016

This is my last semester in college and I'm taking 20 credits and it has been very stressful and I need to pass everything to graduate! Please pray for me !

Miracle for issac

October 26, 2016

Please go here and share/repray for this young couple , husband Issac has aggressive stage 4 brain tumor

Peace in Heaven

October 25, 2016

Our Father in Heaven , Please watch over my family in this time of need . I ask, of you to open the doors to Heaven and wrap your loving arms around my uncle. May he find the peace there with you and all the rest of our family that he is reunited with. I also pray that you help all others suffering from depression and that you may help them in their time of need.. In you name We pray Amen.

Open her heart towards me

October 24, 2016

Pray the Lord will open Lora's heart towards me , give me grace in her eyes , and lead our acquaintance into holy marriage, recommend your angels to work in this area and open the communications ways between me and her,

to hot and not lukewarm for jesus

October 24, 2016

I'm in dire need of a car, I'm going to have an operation(full knee replacement November 22) and my car is impound. I have to move out of our trailer home and have gotten a new apt but am having doubts of leaving my wife of 30yrs she says she knows jesus but her sister constantly leads her to drinking and smoking, and is the reason I have to leave. also have a court date Nov 3 settlement conf. I'm praying for the public defender and prosecutor to agree on a reduced dui to speeding or wreckless driving. satan is really going after our marriage and my walk for the lord jesus. so can you prayer warriors pray me and my wife and that I can be exonerated of this matter. thank you so much

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