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Successful surgery

May 01, 2016

Asking for prayer for my sister's surgery Monday. She is worried and needs God's peace. Praying for skilled hands to care for her and complete healing.

no weapon formed shall prosper

May 01, 2016

I decree and claim under the Authority of Jesus Christ, that Cody doesn't step foot in Texas, nor does he ever have the desire to,from this second forward, in Jesus Name. I decree and declare God's heavenly angels have, immediately & permanently, in Jesus Name, been sent down to Cody to crush his spirit, to cause him to repent of his wickedness, of his boastful pride, of his cheating, may he be disgusted and flee from adulterous ways NOW, in Jesus Name, I decree and declare Cody, has been delivered from all evil spirits and witchcraft of every form including medicine, in Jesus Name. I decree & declare under the Authority of Jesus Christ, Cody has repented and is full of heavenly amounts of regret for what he has caused and done. Break his heart, Jesus! Show him who did this! wake up, O sleeper! In Jesus Name! Repent! Cody regret now! Stand firm in the Lord! I stomp the devil out, I stomp him out now! You can not have any part of this situation, run Cody run! Repent! Flee from the devil! Lord make Cody repent! In Jesus Name! AMEN!

Prayer for my wife

May 01, 2016

My wife completed a yearly mammogram, and was asked to return for a diagnostic mammogram because of something abnormal. She is afraid. My mom died from cancer this Christmas; death has hit our family, and we are needing so much grace to recover. Please pray for grace for my wife and I. We are running to the Lord and His Word and His people in prayer, delighted that in our weakness He is made strong. Please ask the Lord to remove anything that is causing an abnormality, or to reveal it as harmless; that He may strengthen our faith in Him and that we may even rejoice; that the Lord's presence will be supernaturally nearer as we draw nearer to Him by the Spirit; that sisters may comfort and encourage my wife in our most precious faith and that as His Word promises, this will work out for God, as we are being conformed to the image of Jesus. ~ Thank you for your precious prayers, saints, from my heart.

Financial Miracle

April 29, 2016

My Heavenly Father , I come and ask you today in the mighty name of Jesus to release a financial breakthrough in my ministry and my life , you are the source of all goodness and all the blessings , so I come asking you not asking man , you know all my needs and know all my ambitions and dreams and you always want our success in all aspects of life , so bless me financially and facilitate my way in this aspect , make miraculous deeds in this area in my life , fill all my needs according your richness in glory , make a financial mobility into higher level in my life , support me always as you did since my childhood , recommend your angels to open all the doors of blessings in my life , give your angels charge over me and over my path to work in the area of finances in my life , because you are Jehovah Jireh you will do this , you will never deny your name , simply I ask you fullness of richness for the sake of your covenant with Abraham and with your only beloved son Jesu s Christ . Amen

Registration of classes

April 28, 2016

Tomorrow 4/29 at 9am pacific time that are already in cart to process smoothly no stops or glitches.

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