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safety of daughter and her friend traveling

May 25, 2016

My daughter 18 is driving with a friend to a big city today. I pray for their safety as she has never driven there before. In Jesus name

Direct deposits and other needs....

May 23, 2016

Secure direct deposits 5/25 Wed LORD GOD and thank you for supplying my needs. Smooth transitions with all of my schooling at university level, classes, pell grant, loans, financial aid that I am paying back as I go now; may all go through and clear. I am on my last semester and need a lot of prayer since there is bias and a dangerous campus allow me to finish by Dec Jan 2016-2017 with Diploma in hand. Pass all tests especially the one this July which is mandatory.


May 20, 2016

Please continue to pray for my marriage. My wife is continues in a relationship with another man. Please pray God will cut off this relationship so we can began to repair our broken marriage. My heart is broken and never thought this would happen to me. Thank you Lord for KFNW.

I surrender

May 20, 2016

Heavenly Father, it has taken me a long time to get to this place and I know that you are the one who got me here. I am not strong or smart and on my own I am nothing. Lord, I surrender any anger, need for revenge, hatred, hurt feelings, depressed feelings that drag me back down into that pit and pray that you would remove them from my life, my heart, and my mind. Please Father let these be my battle scars but please never again let them bring me down. I want to live, really live without fear, without these bad feelings and memories tying me in a knot and preventing me from really living. My Father, I ask that you would fill my life with abundance: financial, spiritual and personal. Lord let my words and actions and presence be a magnet to abundance in every area of my life. Let me attract only good. Please surround me and my family with your angels to protect us and keep us safe and to shower us with your goodness. Lift the heavy burdens we carry off of us and replace them Father. I give it all to you and pray that starting today my mind with think only positive, uplifting thoughts, and my mouth would only speak positive, kind, loving words, I pray that I would not get angry or upset or sad, but would see your work in everything and would see goodness and abundance in my life every hour of every day. Please release all negativity and financial burdens and replace them with abundance. Thank you for putting people in our lives to help and I pray that through us they would see your hands at work. I pray this all in your son Jesus name. Amen

Prayers for Cody

May 19, 2016

Twenty months ago Cody overdosed on heroin. A number of times it did not appear he would live. He's still with us. God has a plan. There are still bad days, But we continue to thank God through the struggles and pray that Cody is accepting Him into his heart. We are thankful and blessed that he can be home with his family. Please keep Cody and his family in your prayers. Heroin is an epidemic and so many are hurting.

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