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marriage miracle

August 30, 2016

Lord save miles and Tonya marriage get the glory . reconciliation the too and deliver miles from adultery while they are separated and stop his mom courtney lashaey diamond keef all others from causing more division and putting them assunder. make miles go home to his wife immediately and treat her good.

To Be More Busy

August 29, 2016

Please pray that my life gets busier. I am so bored everyday. I am a single woman with lots of time on my hands. I want to use my time wisely and not waste it. I would love to serve God more. Pray for more opportunities for me to serve God and to use my time more wisely everyday.

Physical Intimacy

August 29, 2016

Please pray for me and all of my unmet longings and desires of my heart right now. I have a longing for physical intimacy with a man. I am still a virgin and it is so hard being single waiting for sex. How does a single woman live everyday when she doesn't get any sex and has sexual needs that are still unfulfilled in her life? Pray for my wedding night that it will be special and worth the wait. Pray that my future husband is a virgin just like me.

Jesus sucks as a God

August 29, 2016

Jesus sucks as God. Not able to present a wife to virgin guy. Not able to save a wedding. Jesus allows innocent people to suffer. He sucks!

Premature son/financial burden

August 29, 2016

Lord I pray that you bless the NICU team at Loma Linda Children's Hospital with the strength and care to provide my 30 week old son Dominic Kai Nery. He's in for a long 2 months before he can come home to his loving family. Please help us find a way to relieve some financial burden in any way possible. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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