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pray for my husband and mother in law

November 24, 2015

Please pray for my mother in law who is in the hospital right now due to difficulty in breathing,she has some problem in her lungs and we don't know yet what is it.Please pray for healing and that she can breathe normal again.Please pray also for her salvation that she will trust Jesus as her Lord and Savior.Please pray for my husband too, he is not doing well because of what is happening to his mom.He is very depressed and sad and angry.Please pray that God will give him the grace and strength during this difficult situation.Thank you.

Pray for my mom

November 17, 2015

Please pray for my mom.Please pray that her cat scan for lung cancer will be clear.Pray that her breathing improve and get better so she can be with us in thanksgiving.Pray for her salvation too.

A possible eviction from the house that my daughter lives in.

November 08, 2015

For the past 5 years, my daughter, her fianc and their four children have been struggling on a place to live. They were living in a very small run down hunting cabin that they eventually had to tear down and start to rebuild another house. Every year they use all their tax refund to put into the house because they cannot receive any help from any financial institution. They have the structure and the shingles up and all the doors and windows. But are at a stand still at this time. Right now, they are living in our home which is in the process of foreclosure. Prayers for this family would be much appreciated.

Please pray for our dear brother

November 03, 2015

Please pray for our dear brother in the Lord.He has brain tumor.He is scheduled tomorrow for a chemotheraphy session.Please pray for God's grace, strength and courage for him and for the whole family.

Darkness and Grief, I need my Shepherd to Find Me

October 26, 2015

Three months ago, I seemed to have been dropped into a dark hole. I have been very active and involved in evangelism, training and teaching others the Word, being used to lead and teach children to trust in Christ. Very suddenly, it was as though everything went dark. I couldn't remember the gospel, except as something I once knew. I had no desire to pray, except to plead for God's once close presence. I could draw no sustenance from the Word. My thoughts were always scrambled. Tears are my food. I don't know remember what it's like to know the Lord.. It was as though Id been thrown into a dark pit with tormentors and the lid sealed. If a brother or sister knows they have the gift of intercession, and the Lord is leading you to pray, I would hug your neck if you would pray for me, saint. For comfort, strength, release, and deliverance. I need my Shepherd to find me.

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