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Pray for me today

January 29, 2015

I am asking for your prayers, I have too much pressure on me because of my job.I am an agent in training and they are asking to get more clients.Please pray that the Lord will give me customers and pray that the Lord will give me a new job as well .I have PTSD and this is not good for my condition.Please pray that the Lord will give me grace and mercy.Please pray for my mom too who has a lung cancer and now dealing with the pain of the results of the chemotheraphy. Thank you if you pray.God bless you.

Pray for Healing and Strength

January 28, 2015

Please pray for my best friend's dad who is having surgery for the cancer in his esophagus. It's a pretty serious surgery that may have complications and may result in time in the ICU. PLEASE PRAY THAT HIS BODY AND MIND ARE STRONG. Please also pray for the family. Thank you very much.

brother with PTSD

January 28, 2015

my family recently have found out that my 22 year old brother has been diagnosed with PTSD he has twin boys that are 4 months old. please help pray that God heals him and gives him a sense of peace and serenity. I'm asking God to heal his mind and his brokenness. I pray that he will surrender his all to the Lord and allow him to be his guiding light continuously.

financial stability through job security

January 28, 2015

please help pray for me that i would land a secure job. i have been on and off unemployment since 2008. i have been through staffing agencies since that time as well. i recently got hired for a short term contract position and i took it due to the need for money; however i find myself in an unhappy place and i feel guilty b/c there are many ppl who have been in search of a job and yet can't find one. i also feel like by letting this job go i'll be turning my back on my family. i'm seeking understanding and peace from the inside out.

My mom and her alcoholism

January 28, 2015

Me and my family had to move in with my mom . My husband myself and two kids. My husband had lost his job and we could not afforded to keep our home.in desperate need we told my mom up on her offer than we could move in to her home till we got our family back on our feet. Let me say I am so thankful for her offer because we were in need. Now the prayer falls in here. In moving in I see that she has used alcohol to cope . My dad passed three years ago and I had heated from my brother and sister that her drinking was out of control but never lived it till now. I hate seeing my mom so drunk she can't walk. Drinking a whole liter of wine a night . I just get so angrey one because She's doing that ! Two because now unknowingly have put my kids around her in this state! And three because I feel like I am getting so bitter about it that when we save enough and get out I don't want to really be around her ! It hurts because my mom was my best friend we spent weekends together shopping and doing play dates with the kids but now I can't stand her! I feel so disrespected that she is doing all this in a time when I really need her and I have no option to just pick up my family and leave! I just want prayer for myom ! That she can't get help and want to change and for me not to have so much hurt and anger built up because of it! Thank you;)

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