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My Ex Placed My Children In Harms Way

June 30, 2014

Dear God, and all of God's Children, I am calling All Fearless Prayer Warriors!!! I am a Christian Mom with 2 very dear boys, 8 and 10, who are the Light and Love of My Life!! I provide a good home, with a LOT of love, I work, and I am doing it by myself most of the time. My Boys' father lives four hours from us. I've been battling custody with him for years. He is so dysfunctional I just dont know what to do anymore! He has his mother who is just as bad as he is, and they have convinced the courts they can provide partial custody, and be good at it. This is not true... God Help Me....... Right now as I type, my Ex's brother, a violent drug criminal released from prison in February has appeared on the scene,.. and I just found out he has moved into the house where my kids are being kept. The courts won't let me go get my children tonight...PLEASE GOD.. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME.. I am a believing mom, but this is really putting me to the test..... my children are my light, love, and life. What is it they say about a Mother's Prayer? I need Mother's 10,000 prayers. I am getting an emergency junction in the morning,.. but this may not be enough.. I need our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ to put a Hedge of Protection around my Babies, and give me FAVOR IN THE COURTS. Please share my post...

Friend in tragic accident from back home

June 30, 2014

Please pray for strength and healing for a friends family that i grew up with from my hometown of Stanwood Washington. He was hiking with some friends and slipped. He fell off a cliff. He was only 25 years old. Now , myself am trying to find strength and guidance on this tragedy. I can only imagine what his family is going through and the two friends who watched all this happen. They did try and help and almost died themselves. He was the only believer out of the three men hiking. As of right now, that is the only good thing I see in this. The other two men do not believe and I am thinking that God will use this to bring them to Him. Please pray for them to come to Jesus and not be angry and bitter in the end. Pray for healing for my dear friend Joe and Zach who lost their best friend. The parents of the son that died on Saturday unfortunately is incredibly poor. I am trying so hard to help the family from across the country but am struggling. I dont make much money but have donated as much as I can right now because they cant afford a funeral. If any of you could donate that would be amazing. I am so sorry to be asking this on here, this just seemed like a good idea because I have been on here many of times asking and giving prayers. If anyone wants to donate please go to gofundme.com and look up Peder Trettivik. Anything will help. This family literally has NOTHING. Thank you for your prayers.

Strength and courage

June 27, 2014

i have a lot of family issues and have been married 22 years today. I know that my God is taking the lead and all is well. Thanks for agreeing in prayer that King Jesus is in charge. God Bless everyone!

pray for tm

June 25, 2014

Please pray for my husband that God will protect him from the evil. He is doing a lot of things for the ministry like Evangelism, bible club but the enemy doesn't want him to do that so he's trying to discourage him and make everything hard for him in his job,our relationship and etc.So he is asking prayers from those who read this that God will protect him, give him strength and courage .please pray that Lord will help us in this difficult time.

Help me Father

June 24, 2014

forgive me and help please

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