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December 03, 2014

Please pray for my grandson who has Down Syndrome and is very depressed and had to be hospitalized because he wanted to end his life. He is 14 and a smart boy but doesn't have one friend and he is very depressed with his life. It seems to only get worse and worse and my daughter and son in law feel they are ready to break emotionally.


November 27, 2014

Lord I want to pray frivolously for my husband to know you.

please pray that my daughter will have a personal relationship with God.

November 25, 2014

Lord have a personal encounter with my daughter. I pray that my daughter will have a personal relationship with you. i pray that you will give her wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong. I pray that you will hinder any relationship that is not from you. i pray that she will learn to be more obedient to her parents. Teach us how to be a parent to a 13 year old that thinks she knows everything,

Faith in the face of the impossible

November 25, 2014

Father, I know you hear me, I know you are with me, but sometimes I feel like my prayers are caught up in the air around me and go nowhere. I will continue to pray for you to mend my broken family. Please give me the strength to pray in the face of the impossible, and believe that you are the God of the possible. Be with me while I wait and open my eyes to what you are teaching me in this situation. Amen.


November 17, 2014

I have been separated from my husband for a year our divorce was final in May, This was something I didn't want, This is something he thought would be best for us, We have been going back and forth for a few months now trying to decide if we are going to work it out. I never really got closure until recently as to why he decided this path for our relationship and still a little confused about it. I love him deeply and know that he is the one, I have never felt this way and been through a divorce previously. I never had a relationship like this and I never even came close to opening up and giving my all as I did with him. We are once again trying to work things out, and I pray that this time we are strong enough to do it and be able to rebuild our relationship.

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