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Lost lamb

January 20, 2015

Father, I pray that you will remind my estranged husband what it was like to be in fellowship with you, how awesome that was. I pray that that you open the eyes of his heart Lord so that he see You once again, and is reminded of the price You paid for his eternal salvation. Humble him Father, so that he seeks You and only You, once again. Please rescue your lost one. Amen.

Prayer for a minister to marry us

January 18, 2015

I will be getting married this April, I believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. My fiance believes in God, but he is on another stage of his spirituality. He is open to the idea of receiving a blessing during our ceremony; however, we don't attend a church. We just need prayer for God to bring the right person to represent him on that important day. We understand the blessing comes from God and not men, I just want somebody that can pray for us and give us God's word on that so important day. Thank you,

Hurting really bad!

January 17, 2015

I'm at a very low point right now! I hear often that God will not give me more then I can handle!! Well, how much more? I think it should say that God will not give you more then He can handle. I'm deeply depressed and have been for awhile! I seem to make progress and something else comes up. My Uncle is dying! They say it can be anytime. He has been fighting Cancer for quite some time now and his good lung collapsed. They fixed some of the leakage but was unable to stop it all. His heart is now giving out and he has blood in his lungs! He told the doctors that he is tired and just wants everything to take its own course. He has a standing DNR! I do not want to hear that he is hurting anymore! If it's Gods wish to take my Uncle may he go in peace in his sleep! Pray for the family! We are all hurting really bad! I pray also he found Gods peace and has excepted Christ as his Savior! I'll unselfisly put my own hurts and depression aside until my dear uncle can find peace! Thank you for the prayers!

Daughter and son and husbnad

January 13, 2015

First my husband is not a saved man and is running from God as hard as he can and I pray for salvation for him.,so is my son in law....My son is not where he needs to be and he fell at work last week and I am praying that no surgery is needed. My daughter got caught up in a mess and lost her job and her marriage is on the rocks and she is now incarcerated....she has giving her life to Jesus but her family at home needs prayer and I pray that God opens doors for her be home quickly for her two children and her unsaved spouse.She seems stronger than ever now that she is back with God like she use to be but her children do need the Christain guidance that they are not getting . Please pray for them all.... (husband Jesse, Gene is the son in law, Jess is the son and Dee is the daughter) I would rather those names be kept between the prayer warriors and God...

Direction, Your Will

January 13, 2015

Oh Lord I am so tired. Am I fighting you? Are my prayers not in line with the plans you have for me, this marriage, this family? If not, conform my prayers to yours. If so, give me the strength and the courage to continue on my knees. Speak to me Lord. Amen.

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