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Prayer for men and women behind the Fence...

July 23, 2014

Lord wake the churches up......Please so few seem to care at all...... I WAS....... Matt 25:35---41 I = Jesus...... ps--I have never waited in line to see men in Prison... 27 + years....

Praise!! And a request

July 08, 2014

Praise!! By God's grace, I found my key!! It was in a place we searched again and again...but God's timing is perfect!! I found it!! Thank you dear Lord..... Continue prayer....I need a job...I need to take and pass my NCLEX...and prayer for my daughter as she starts her new job driving truck. Prayer for my bitterness and anger to be removed from my life...that I may be molded into the person God can use....Prayer that cruel words from individuals who don't know me or my situation won't hurt so badly. Prayer that my son will get saved. Prayer that bills will get paid...Pray Pray Pray...God is good...and this world is NOT my home...

Prayer for my boyfriend

July 07, 2014

My boyfriend was in a car accident three weeks ago back in my hometown in Michigan. Before even receiving back the blood work, the news made the assumption that he was drinking. I spoke to him on the phone 30 minutes before the accident and he was not intoxicated, I could tell by his voice. He is diabetic, and his sugar was near 500 at the time of the accident, obviously causing impaired driving. He has been in jail for nearly 3 weeks now. The woman that he hit lost her unborn child in the crash. He is terrified. He has a heart of gold and would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need. He is the most amazing person I've ever met, and the love of my life. Please pray that he make it through this journey, and that the judge has a lightened heart during his trial. Also pray for the family involved during this unimaginably difficult time. I do not have a lot of support for my decision to stick by his side. In my heart, I know he's the one I'm meant to spend my life with. I am in Florida for the summer, so please pray for me as well. I need all the strength possible. It really would mean a lot to me. Have a blessed day.

Prayer for Deliverance

July 05, 2014

Please pray for a Christian woman who is being physically abused by her non-Christian family. Please pray that her persecution will end and that God will provide a way out for her. Thank you!

My Niece Stephanie

July 04, 2014

My niece is in need of a lot of prayer, she is facing jail time and a lot of it, she also needs comfort, strength and guidance,I pray that the Lord will have Mercy on her

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