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Physical healing of my mom and physical healing of friend

March 09, 2015

My mom has neuropathy in her feet from chemotherapy that never goes away and no she he neck me back pin doctors can't figure out. I would do anything to take it away. Thank you for your helping prayers. My close friend has really bad anxiety and is suffering with a few other things he isn't sharing. Pray they both find healing.

Sell our home

March 05, 2015

Please pray for the renters of our house. they are trying to fix their credit so that they can purchase our house and make it their own home. We can then hopefully move out of the camper that we are currently living in.

For Noah's job and direction of our life

March 05, 2015

I got married in December and my husband quit his job in Orlando and moved to Jacksonville so we can stay together. He has been looking for a job since then. We are both non-immigrants to its difficult for him to just work anywhere. He has to be sponsored for work visa with the job. We are confused. I have faith God has something mighty for us in this city. We have gone through a lot in the past one year, financially broke. Bills are piling up and we are losing ourselves. Please pray that we go through this in faith and he finds a job.

Health and Strength

March 05, 2015

I have degenerative disease and live with chronic pain on a daily basis. This is very hard emotionally and physically. I still work from home which is a blessing. Pls pray for God's healing and strength.

"JOB' + Softening of a heart

March 04, 2015

Pray for Daniel to get a job to support his family! Pray for GOD to soften Dianne heart! She needs to surrender her heart to God!

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