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anxiety, relationship

September 16, 2014

I need prayer for a breakthrough for anxiety and depression. Struggled majority of life with it trying prescription meds,drs,and psychiatrist. Would like a miracle healing. Am saved. Also would like to see a breakthrough on a relationship that God has shown me signs on to NOT give up. Her name is Charae. Thank you so much. Your station is inspiring.


September 15, 2014

I am needing prayer for my 2 boys and for our financial situation. Dad is not in the picture and not helping. I do work but we are barely making it day to day. Rigtht now I need my car worked on, daycare paid, gas to get to work, and our electric paid. I am trusting God to provide! He has in many ways thus far. Thank you

Praise God for the Promise TEAM....

September 12, 2014

just a Big THANK YOU for the years of service to Lord..... thank you all--the Promise.... PA Southside and various Prisons.... I was.... Matt 25: 35--41

Overwhelmed and desperate

September 12, 2014

I have been playing the role of mom and dad for 11 years. My son is going through the beginning of his teen years. Disobedient, un-disciplined, etc. On top of it - his dad has not seen him in 3 years and owes more than $17,000 in child support. I am financially overwhelmed. I can hardly make ends meet. I need a miracle now. I am a diabetic and this stress is killing me. Everyday I pray for strenght to handle everything, but I am tired and overwhelmed. Please pray for me and my son......

Peace Clarity and Love

September 11, 2014

Almost a year ago my life was turned upside down, when my then husband asked me for a divorce without reason. I have been so confused lost and scared. I know I shouldn't fear anything and I should let the Lord guide me, But I waited 17 years for this man to come back into my life. He has helped me so much grow into the person I really want to be, He helped me find my way back to The Lord, He was my best friend, my life partner and I was ready to take on anything with him. We had a great relationship or at least in my eyes we did, He always made me laugh and feel appreciated and loved. I don't know what happened with him or with his, the truth is starting to come out now that it has been ten months and we are able to talk and I know we are both struggling without each other. I know that he is my true love, I know he is the one The Lord sent back into my life to help me find my way back to him, Whom opened up me heart and dropped all the bitterness and hate I had built up in my heart regarding my past. I know God has the greater plan for all of us, But if you could please pray for Alan and I, that our hearts are will be filled with peace and help mend the past and gives us clarity on the whole situation. Neither of us is happy without each other we already established that, and I know he still cares for me, I have let him down in the past as he has me too. Thank you ahead of time.. God Bless

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