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prayer for my grandaughters parents

June 17, 2014

prayer for their relationship, and for his salvation

" I WAS......" Matt 25: 35----41 I = JESUS

June 17, 2014

RMC Lake Butler----Reception and Medical Center the Atlanta airport of Florida for prisons.... please pray for 50---80 men in 2 East and J dorm they will most all see Jesus before ---Lords Birthday.... ps my Birth is Dec 20 and Pa Loves the Promise 91.7 FM... amen.... Pa....


June 16, 2014

My husband has filed for divorce. For many years things have been wrong with the marriage. I don't want a divorce and have tried talking to him about it. We have invested 20+ years into this with 2 wonderful children. If I could get prayer to bring him home where he belongs. Also he is living with another woman older then him and I am heart broken over it. I need all the prayer I can get.


June 16, 2014

This weekend the man that I love very much said he needs to move on. He is not in love with me. After almost 2 years. With my heart heavy I wished him well and hope he finds who is it looking for. I surrender this all in gods hands. As we were friends for over 19 years before we started dating. I've met a man that completed me more. It seems have of me is missing. Please pray for us. This was the hardest thing I've ever done. Let the love of your life go. God will heal.

pray for my twin brother Michael

June 14, 2014

CT scan revieled a 3cm mass in his abdomen

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