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Just need time

September 05, 2014

I have been going through an actual legal trial for over a year and I am finally starting to gather my defense. For the first half of the first year the state changed my public defender 3 times as well as the prosecute (3 times). I was not even told until i went to court. For the second half of the first year, the devastating consequences of what I feel I am innocent of overwhelmed me and I sought escape through alcohol abuse. Now I am sober minded and attempting to hire a private Christian lawyer and I need help with prayer. I specifically need the judge to grant a continuance so that the new paid christian lawyer can have the time needed to prepare the case for trial. Please pray that he, who is also a devout christian, realizes that this is my life, I will not survive prison. I deserve more time to prepare my case and not be forced to go to trial until we are ready. If I ever needed a prayer,,,it is now.

A soldier and his family

August 29, 2014

Hi there! I am married to a U.S Army Soldier. We have two sweet little Blessings. A daughter who is three and A little boy who is one. I am writing, to ask for some financial prayers. We live paycheck to paycheck. We are behind on a lot of bills and it is putting a lot of stress on my family and I. I know God is good and prayer totally works! Right now, I'm feeling hopeless and just need peace, knowing that everything will be okay and God is going to provide for us if we Obey Him! Thank you for taking the time to read this! God bless;)

Help in gaining control

August 28, 2014

I have strayed from god for years, and my use of alcohol has consumed me... I chose hiding from happiness and suffer from depression. I've been back to church for 3 weeks via my ex... whom I pushed away... Only now that she has moved on has it hit me all my mistakes and how I destroyed the love I so desparately needed....I need the strength to push away and find my inner joy. Thanks

Murder in my family

August 28, 2014

Please pray for my family. My dear cousin was murdered last week in Alabama. He will be laid to rest tomorrow. We all need all the prayers we can to help us through this difficult time. Also, please pray for justice. We still don't know who did this. Thank you all.

Overwhelmed and desperate

September 12, 2014

I have been playing the role of mom and dad for 11 years. My son is going through the beginning of his teen years. Disobedient, un-disciplined, etc. On top of it - his dad has not seen him in 3 years and owes more than $17,000 in child support. I am financially overwhelmed. I can hardly make ends meet. I need a miracle now. I am a diabetic and this stress is killing me. Everyday I pray for strenght to handle everything, but I am tired and overwhelmed. Please pray for me and my son......

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