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marriage and finances

September 09, 2014

I have written before and I again humbly ask for your continued prayers for my marriage,for my Christian husband to walk with the Lord, for me to not be filled with anger and bitterness for the things he does. I don't know where God is in this marriage of over 20 years, but I keep trying and trying and I don't see God in this relationship. My husband hasn't worked in almost 10 months and is capable of working, it is putting on a strain on me as I avoid confrontation with him because of my kids. My kids are working to support themselves through college and my husband has the capability to earn more money than the three of us combined. I wonder who this"Christian" man is who is so distraught by the world and complaining spirit that it is eating at my own spirit.I know God can do anything when two or more are gathered in His name, so I ask for prayer for this relationship. I can not live like this any longer, it has been years of unhappiness,deception, lies,pornography and maybe some mental issues. I can't confront him on any of this so what type of marriage do we have? I want to continue to be a Godly Christian woman and an example to my children. I can' t tell them I disagree with divorce when my heart is thinking that is the answer for myself because then I am a hippocrate. I want to be the example that they need to see but I need a miracle for God to show me if He wants me ton continue pressing on in this marriage or to be removed. I want to be in the will of God, to show mercy but not to let emotions rule over me for fear of taking a step out of this relationship and the will of God. Thank you once again.

Please pray for my father

September 08, 2014

My father, Bill, has been referred to an oncologist by his primary doctor. His appointment is on Wednesday. Since he lost both of his sisters to cancer and he also is a cancer survivor, this is not good. Please pray for him that he does not have cancer or if so, they caught it in the early stages and it is treatable. My father is almost 83 and I am not sure how well he would be able to handle the treatments. I know the power of prayer works and am asking God for either a miracle or his guidance and support while my family is dealing with this. In Jesus name, Amen

Please pray for our family

September 07, 2014

Our family is going through one of the most trying times that we have ever endured together. Please pray that God will intervene on our behalf, restore our family, protect us and help us all through this time.


September 06, 2014

Please pray that my marriage is saved by God. Only He can make this miracle happen. I need encouragement to keep holding on. This divorce is wearing down my faith.

Godly influences needed

September 05, 2014

Please pray for my husband to come across godly men that speak life into him.

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