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God's Truth Needed in Child's Life

August 15, 2014

I know a young lady who has two children. She is in support of gay marriage, etc. I found out recently that her daughter who is nearly six, she believes is transgendered. She says she found this out when the child was 2 years old. Transgendered means the person believes they are actually the opposite sex than they were born. This young lady is not a believer and believe her daughter is transgendered wholeheartedly. In support of her opinion of her daughter's identity she now calls her little girl - son. My heart is broken for this little girl who will grow up extremely confused and broken. I know none of this is beyond God and it a small example of the work the evil one is accomplishing today. Please pray for this mother, her daughter especially and the rest of their family. From what I understand the mother has been involved in the religion, Wicca or something similar.

Please pray for my business

August 14, 2014

Please pray for my business. I recently opened my own business and it is both stressful and financially straining. Please pray that I don't have a zero dollar day today and that it is successful. I know that this is where The Lord wants me to be, I fully trust Him. But I know that without a doubt that prayers works. Please pray for me and thank you!

My Daughter Illness of pain

August 13, 2014

First I must give God Praise for Guiding us to the doctors Now We need Healing She has been suffering for about 7 years and they could not find anything wrong with her, However found a tumor behind her uterus and it was taken out but she s still in a lot of pain now they are checking for MS her arms and legs get week . Please Pray for Brandy and we know God Is GOOD!!!


August 12, 2014

My friend is having reconstruction surgery after breast cancer. Prayers for quick healing and continued remission.

Husband unemployed

August 12, 2014

Please pray for my husband to be employed with the right job. I trust in God to put him to work ASAP. God bless you all!

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