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need prayer right now

April 23, 2015

Please Pray for my husband,he has a lot of stress right now.Last mon, he was told that he will be no longer working with his company a month from now.His mom is sick and my father had a stroke last week and recovering now.He need to teach next week.He has PTSD and last night his stress overpower him he is punching the bed with his hand and then later on his head banging on the bed.Today he can't find his wallet.Please pray for him and for me.Please pray that he can find his wallet and please pray that God will give him a new job very soon.We are not okay at this time.We are so down.May God give us strength and grace.Please pray when you read this.Thank you.

It will all work out....it has to!

April 22, 2015

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step".....please help Toa take that step. August 22, 2014, it was time- Friday Night Lights! Toa was playing his first game of his senior season (actually a pre-season game) in Tallahassee at 7:00 PM; excitement was an understatement. The team had been working all summer to prepare. Toa was heading into his senior year as a committed NCAA-Division 1 athlete and scheduled to attend University of Alabama- Birmingham in the fall on a full football scholarship. Needless to say, life was pretty sweet! At 7:06 PM, things took a terrible turn; Toa went down on the 6th play of the game to never take the field again. Our worst fear realized; a torn ACL- we were beyond devastated. What I dreaded more than the injury was the phone call I needed to make to the coaching staff at UAB to let them know what was going on. Without hesitation, they agreed to honor his scholarship; I can't tell you the relief we had. That relief was short lived because at the end of the football season we learned that the UAB football program was shutting down- and taking Toa's hopes and dreams with it. The past 7 months have been very trying. Schools that had a previous interest in Toa aren't willing to take a chance on him without seeing him play football again. Taking into consideration eligibility and opportunity, it is apparent that our only solution is to send Toa to a Post Graduate program at a prep school. I am confident the one we have selected and that he has been accepted to, will give him the absolute best chance of being recruited by a Division 1 college(s) again to earn a fulll scholarship and get that college education he so deserves. However, the price of the school is out of my reach; even with some assistance to attend. The school is called East Coast Prep. It is owned and operated by a very well respected Coach named Dick Bell. He has played in the NFL, been a sports agent and a recruiter and is very well connected. The school is located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. As a mom, it has been extremely difficult watching him go through all he has gone through this year. Toa has handled this stumble in the road with grace; never letting anyone know how truly discouraged he was. I know that so many of you have kept up with him since he first verbally committed to UAB in July 2014; I am sure your hearts break, as does mine, watching the events that have unfolded since. I am putting my pride aside, trusting in God and asking you for help. I know our goal is high, but when the sky is the limit you have to aim high! Please remember a contribution of ANY amount would help and be greatly appreciated. I am confident that Toa has what it takes to achieve great success in football and in life......he just needs a chance to make it happen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being on this journey with us and taking the time to read our story. Philippians 4:6- Dont worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done- NLT **Donations can also be made directly to an account at FirstAtlantic Bank- contact me for the details if you prefer that method, Thank you. http://de.gofund.me/Toa-ECP-Bound

Prayer for employment

April 22, 2015

I as in the name of Jesus that our promise family stands in prayer with us for this wonderful job opportunity. I have interviewed and the interview went great. We are waiting to hear back. Please pray with us that I got the position and that this employer will be a blessing for our family. We have 4 children to care for. We had to up root our children and move across country for work. Our belongings are in storage on the other side of the country. This job will help us put a roof over our children's head! This opportunity will also help me tremendously because I fight with debilitating pain disorders Fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. The employment position is a remote position. Lord, we love you and are excited for your plans for our lives. Thank you for each and every person who stands with us in prayer during our time of need. Please shower each of them with many blessings Lord! Thank you for the doors and opportunities that you have opened for us according to your will and plan for our lives. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers. We ask all of these things in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ! -Amen

Son - William

April 22, 2015

asking for prayer for my son who is a pastor. he is looking for a job in the field of helping and counseling people. he is an awesome young man that has a heart for people. he has had a hard life and needs a break. it seems like every time he thinks a door is opening for him it gets slammed in his face. he is trying so hard. he gets paid very little as a pastor but doing Gods work is his passion. He just needs a break on finding a job to help with his expenses. I know there is something out there for him. but just some prayers and lifting him up would be very much appreciated.

Surgery Financial Peace

April 21, 2015

Please pray that I will have peace, stay strong, and not get weary, from all of the unexpected financial stress that my surgery, on April 30th, is costing me. I am a single woman that works between 65-70 hrs a week, between my full-time and part-time job. I thought I had medical insurance at my part-time job, but come to find out, it is only a medical payment plan. Therefore, I have to pay all of the hospital cost myself. I have already paid over $5,000 out of pocket just for the doctor doing the surgery, the anesthesiologist, and a down payment to the hospital. Then, yesterday I received another unexpected bill for $600, from my pre-op appointment last Tuesday. I will be out of work probably 4 weeks, from my full-time job, and 6-8 from my part-time. I have always worked hard, and it was over 28 yrs ago, when my youngest daughter was born, since I have missed that much work. I am just feeling overwhelmed right now. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

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