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June 12, 2014

My husband just started a job, Praise God. He has been out of work for the past few months. The new job is commision based only. Please pray that he does well so that we can get caught up on paying our bills. Thank you and many blessing... :-)

A lost generation

July 16, 2014

My prayer is for our young adults dealing with everyday life. Turning to alcohol, drugs and other unclean means to cope with everyday things or even as a feel good moment. Opening there eyes and hearts to receive Christ as there personal savior. The enemy is after our youth, so can I ask prayer warriors and interceders for uplifting prayers to break chains and strongholds over our children. Help them to realize the plans and attacts of the enemy. They are our next generation and they need to have a strong foundation to fight the enemy. Thanks for your prayers

Need jobs, need to find lost car key (has computer chip)

July 05, 2014

I need prayer. I need to find a job, Single parent and no child support...or alimony. Bills are building up...and no income to pay them. I know God is in control...but feeling the stress!! Also, lost my only car key--it's the expensive one with the chip in it--Pray that the Lord will help me locate it, for I don't have any money to replace it!! Prayer for my eldest daughter as she leaves next week for her job as a trucker--she too is a single parent (I will be watching her children as she travels) Prayer for God's mercy and protection...

Finances less income over summer

June 30, 2014

I work for the school system so over the summer I have no income coming in. Normally with what I receive from my ex plus my income from work is plenty to live off of. However with no income over the summer it is becoming increasingly harder. I have applied for unemployment and food stamps hoping to recieve one or the other just for the summer months to help. But I am still waiting to hear if I am approved. in the mean time I have to figure out what bills not to pay so I can get food and medication for my child. This is only temporary, once my pay start back in aug I will be fine and can start saving again. Please pray that I am approved for something just to get me through, I have already done away with getting my own meds over the summer to save up some money but that is not much.

Mom is dying without a miracle

June 22, 2014

My Mom Dottie has dementia and Hospice said she will die without a miracle. She has not eaten or drunk anything for a long time. She needs complete restoration of body, mind and soul. Nothing is too hard for God.

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