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Hoping for a Miracle through Christian Counseling

April 16, 2015

I ask for prayers for my X fiance, Mike, that he looks back to Jesus for guidance and peace. I ask for God to continue working in me and and through counseling and that, if it is Gods will, that our relationship might be restored. Thank you Prayer people! You are a blessing to have. I read and prayed for some, and cried at the heart ache. I pray for you all to receive healing and blessing from our Lord, Jesus Christ. In Jesus name, Amen!

My mom has breast cancer

April 13, 2015

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple weeks ago.

Heart change/ peace/ kids

April 09, 2015

Please pray as I have been giving everything to try to make this marriage work including driving 8 hrs every other weekend to where he lives to attend counseling there... I have been emotionally and verbally abused and on Easter I had driven 8 hours with my kids to try one more time as he had requested and wanted and I was belittled and cornered and told to leave and my girls were witness to it all. I have filed for divorce but I need peace for Him as he is going crazy with threats and then manipulation. I need prayers that when he talks to our daughters that he will not put them in the middle and will be peaceful with them.

we need some help with our financial needs and prayers for our financial needs and prayers to deliver us from poverty and bless us with our financial needs and prayers for our deliverance from depression and doubt

March 31, 2015

We are in need of financial help I am 750 dollars short on our bill's I have to pay jea by the 5th of april or my electric will be turned off on the 6th rent is do on the 3rd for 1050.00and if I don't pay on the 3rd there is a 20 a day late fee my phone bill for my children and I 's phone bill is 150.00 I have 788.00 so far but I don't get a check until the 10th which is only 325.00 I was out of work on leave of absence for a month and I have not received any donations from the go fund me account set up on Facebook so I decided to come tou you and ask if you may be able to help in any way.even if it's just a dollar every little bit will help and also have the prayer group to pray for our family so god will help deliver us from poverty and bless us with all of our financial needs .love and god bless dionewinslow 10602 parliament pl. Jacksonville fl 32257 904-521-4771 if sny one eould like to call and prsy with me it would truly be appreciated I am going through depression and my life jus feels like it is falling apart. Pray that he delivers my childten and I

Pray For Law Enforcement

March 29, 2015

As a police officer, we deal with the devil everyday. It is hard not to bring the problems we had at work home to our families. Please pray for our safety, both mentally physically, because our number one goal is to make back home safe.

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