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My nephew

May 11, 2015

Please pray for my nephew he has to go in for testing they found a spot on his liver and think that it may be cancer. He has to do a full body scan to see if it has spread please pray for him that God will just take care of this that it won't be cancer. Thank you

School closing

May 07, 2015

I ask for prayer for the parents, students and staff of my son's school. We were told that our school will be closing this Friday and that all of the students will need to move to different schools around town for the remainder of the year. Many of our parents are stressed and angry at this situation and our children are stressed out. We were in the middle of testing and now they must finish in a different environment with new kids and teachers. I'm afraid that they wont test well due to all of the unexpected change. The staff has not gotten paid and probably will not get any money from the charter school that they work for including their summer pay that they have already been paying into since August. Most of the staff didn't know until this past Wednesday that they were out of a job just like us parents didn't know anything either. It is a very stressful situation please pray for us all. Thank you very much.

Son - Nicholas (younger brother to Michael in previous prayer request)

May 13, 2015

Please pray for my son, Nicholas, 13 yrs. He has a friend K.M. who recently moved into our neighborhood. He has a younger brother also, A. 13 yrs., and they both have been to my home. Needless to say, KM is a bad influence and was removed from one school and moved to another school. He is in high school and my son is in 7th grade. He has been in drug court and teen court. I was unaware of these issues, after speaking with his father Tue night, even more reason to remove him from my son's life. Because they are new to the neighborhood, my son befriended the younger brother and the (step brother -16 yrs visits on weekends). I asked this KM not to come back to my home and to stay away. But he hasn't and it's creating a problem with my middle school aged son. I will not have my son associated with nor be friends with KM because of his habits/issues. Please pray for my son, Nicholas to stand firm, stay strong and pray for God to give him strength to stand up against this giant. And to connect and make new, Godly friends otherwise he will be lead down the destructive path. My son grew up with Godly upbringing since he was a newborn. Please pray that God will lead Nicholas back to right path and continue to strengthen his wisdom and judgmental decisions throughout middle school and high school. Peer pressure is a beast alone. My older son, 15 yrs. is stepping up and offering to spend more time with his younger brother. It's so heartbreaking to see children so humble, vulnerable and not have the will power at this young age to tell people NO. I so believe that our children are experiencing Spiritual Warfare and as a parent we need to continue praying without ceasing, and I would like to ask all folks that listen to the Promise to join me. It's a battlefield out there and Satan is trying his hardest to cause our children to stumble. But by God's grace, Satan will not have authority over my children. I believe in prayers, have faith and trust God's got this and HE has a plan, a purpose and my sons were made just as God wanted them to be. I know God isn't far away because He said that He will NEVER leave us, nor forsake us... God will lead my sons back on the right path. Thank you and may God continuing HIS blessings upon you prayer warriors. mm

health concerns

May 12, 2015

At one point was child weighed 100 pounds now she is close to 200 pounds. She deals with an eating disorder and OCD. When she starts to excersice her mind tells her to be obsessive with excercising and dont eat. She has been going to a therapist for years so she knows her thoughts are wrong so therefore she doesnt work out. I need prayers for a healing mind so she can exercise and lose the weight she needs to. I know in a few years she would like to start a family and with the extra weight I know that will cause a lot of health issues.

Please pray for my husband

May 12, 2015

Please pray for my husband Brad. He has been going through some very tough emotional trials. Brad has two amazing children from his first marriage. But he never gets to see them. His only joy was to hear from them ever Tuesday and Thursday. His ex has decided to reschedule again his call times. This is the fourth time he has had to change his call dates. He is heart broken and it is now looking like she has planned everyday for the children so they do not get to speak to him. Please Lord help him be strong through this.

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