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Health and Relationship

October 22, 2014

Hi please pray that my liver and kidneys will heal from what ever is wrong with them, that my doctor will find out what's wrong. And I need prayer for me and my wife , for communication between the two of us. Help put strength and love and care back to our relationship . Thank you

Prayer for my children

October 20, 2014

Both of my children have a very rare genetic disease. They are only 8 and 11 and will have to endure 4 hour infusions every two weeks for the rest of their lives! It is due to not having a certain enzyme in their bodies. As you can imagine their disease comes with many side effects. My prayer is for the medicine they receive will do its job, minimized side effects, and for the process of getting their infusions to go smoothly and painlessly. There is research in the works for an oral treatment. Please pray this pill will be made available in the near future and will be just as effective as the infusions. I know our God is healer of all and able to work miracles. I am praying for a miraculous cure!! These are my daily prayers for my children and I would be so grateful if you could remember them in your prayers as well.

Standing up for my faith at my job!

October 18, 2014

Hi everyone, I need lots of prayers right now. I'm struggling to keep my head above water. I've been dealing with co-workers for the past several months over the issue of showing pornographic material on their phones and unwholesome language plus preverted conversations. I've wanted change and when I excepted Christ in my life I wanted everyone to respect that of me that I don't want to see stuff like that and they ignored me and continued disrespecting me so I went to my boss and tried to resolve this in a nice manner. My boss just told me I can't change them or stop them. Eventually I went to hr with my problem and she took care of it, but now everyone has the hattered against me and what I believe in! This morning my boss talked to me about how it was wrong for the way I went about things and I told him that I asked many of times to respect me and feelings on the matter. He flat out told me that I owe these guys all apologies ! No I don't not for doing what God wills me to do ! I can't quit bc my wife doesn't work I have a 8 month old son avd I have another child on the way. I've been here at my job fir almost 5 yrs. I'm do lost and upset.


October 16, 2014

Praying my newly married daughter that she gets an interview for the jobs she has applied for.

Spiritual support

October 15, 2014

Asking for a prayer of support to help encourage communication between me and my wife. Help pray for us individually with strength against the enemy and his lies. And last pray that we will learn the grace of God to help show one another and our son when it's needed most. Thank you

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