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Godly influences needed

September 05, 2014

Please pray for my husband to come across godly men that speak life into him.

Just need time

September 05, 2014

I have been going through an actual legal trial for over a year and I am finally starting to gather my defense. For the first half of the first year the state changed my public defender 3 times as well as the prosecute (3 times). I was not even told until i went to court. For the second half of the first year, the devastating consequences of what I feel I am innocent of overwhelmed me and I sought escape through alcohol abuse. Now I am sober minded and attempting to hire a private Christian lawyer and I need help with prayer. I specifically need the judge to grant a continuance so that the new paid christian lawyer can have the time needed to prepare the case for trial. Please pray that he, who is also a devout christian, realizes that this is my life, I will not survive prison. I deserve more time to prepare my case and not be forced to go to trial until we are ready. If I ever needed a prayer,,,it is now.

Prayer for peace from anxiety and fear

September 03, 2014

I don't even know where to begin. I say this with tears in my eyes and fear in my heart. With everything going on in Israel and all of the threats to the United States I have been feel filled with pure anxiety and fear. It's hard to sleep and hard to focus during the day. I wake up with migraines because I feel like I am living in fear all the time and anxiety of what's going to happen next. I need peace as do others. I have a young son and a husband, but I feel like my husband doesn't understand what I'm going through because he doesn't have the anxiety issues.

Healing and Compassion

August 29, 2014

My son is a senior in high school and suffered a season ending knee injury in the preseason game the past Friday night. He has a long road ( 6-9 months) ahead of him of prehab, surgery and rehab. In the middle of this, we found out that our landlord is going to sell his home we have been renting. We need to find an affordable place that is in the same school district and allows animals. I have asked my landlord to let me out of my lease one month early 9/30, to allow us to move prior to the surgery. Please say a prayer for a complete healing with my son and for compassion and understanding on my landlords part to allow me to end my lease a month early to get moved and settled prior to my sons surgery.

please pray for our pet ted

August 29, 2014

Please pray for my pet to be healed.He is sick.The doctor said he might have lymphoma but not sure yet.please pray that the Lord will healed him we love him so much.

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