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A lost generation

July 16, 2014

My prayer is for our young adults dealing with everyday life. Turning to alcohol, drugs and other unclean means to cope with everyday things or even as a feel good moment. Opening there eyes and hearts to receive Christ as there personal savior. The enemy is after our youth, so can I ask prayer warriors and interceders for uplifting prayers to break chains and strongholds over our children. Help them to realize the plans and attacts of the enemy. They are our next generation and they need to have a strong foundation to fight the enemy. Thanks for your prayers

Need jobs, need to find lost car key (has computer chip)

July 05, 2014

I need prayer. I need to find a job, Single parent and no child support...or alimony. Bills are building up...and no income to pay them. I know God is in control...but feeling the stress!! Also, lost my only car key--it's the expensive one with the chip in it--Pray that the Lord will help me locate it, for I don't have any money to replace it!! Prayer for my eldest daughter as she leaves next week for her job as a trucker--she too is a single parent (I will be watching her children as she travels) Prayer for God's mercy and protection...

Healing and Compassion

August 29, 2014

My son is a senior in high school and suffered a season ending knee injury in the preseason game the past Friday night. He has a long road ( 6-9 months) ahead of him of prehab, surgery and rehab. In the middle of this, we found out that our landlord is going to sell his home we have been renting. We need to find an affordable place that is in the same school district and allows animals. I have asked my landlord to let me out of my lease one month early 9/30, to allow us to move prior to the surgery. Please say a prayer for a complete healing with my son and for compassion and understanding on my landlords part to allow me to end my lease a month early to get moved and settled prior to my sons surgery.

A soldier and his family

August 29, 2014

Hi there! My name is Kaylee Moore. I am married to a U.S Army Soldier. His name is Brett Moore. We have two sweet little Blessings. Graclyn who is three and Tanner who is one. I am writing, to ask for some financial prayers. We live paycheck to paycheck. We are behind on a lot of bills and it is putting a lot of stress on my family and I. I know God is good and prayer totally works! Right now, I'm feeling hopeless and just need peace, knowing that everything will be okay and God is going to provide for us if we Obey Him! Thank you for taking the time to read this! God bless;)

broken blended family

August 26, 2014

Where two or more are gathered in is name... prayer support needed for marriage reconciliation, to allow something beautiful to come out of our brokeness.

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