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Job situation

August 18, 2014

I am desperatley trying to be a stay at home mom again and need my husband to get a promotion in order to do so. Please pray that the promotion he applied for, he will get so that I can be home with my children so that they can be reared in righteosness and love and not the world. Thanks for your time. It means a lot.

God's Truth Needed in Child's Life

August 15, 2014

I know a young lady who has two children. She is in support of gay marriage, etc. I found out recently that her daughter who is nearly six, she believes is transgendered. She says she found this out when the child was 2 years old. Transgendered means the person believes they are actually the opposite sex than they were born. This young lady is not a believer and believe her daughter is transgendered wholeheartedly. In support of her opinion of her daughter's identity she now calls her little girl - son. My heart is broken for this little girl who will grow up extremely confused and broken. I know none of this is beyond God and it a small example of the work the evil one is accomplishing today. Please pray for this mother, her daughter especially and the rest of their family. From what I understand the mother has been involved in the religion, Wicca or something similar.

a friend traveling to UTAH

August 11, 2014

I have a friend that we've became close over the years. She has recently fianalized her divorce (the process was over 2yrs) and her and one of her daughters are headed to Utah for a new start. I ask of traveling grace and mercies as they begin again. I ask of guidance, peace, and stability for them both.

5 day Bible Club

August 01, 2014

Please pray with us for our 5 day Bible Club starting on monday Aug 4 until aug 8 ,pray for God's protection for the kids who will come,for the teachers,for the home host, parents and workers.please pray for the salvation of the kids and their parents.May the lord be glorified thru this.

A lost generation

July 16, 2014

My prayer is for our young adults dealing with everyday life. Turning to alcohol, drugs and other unclean means to cope with everyday things or even as a feel good moment. Opening there eyes and hearts to receive Christ as there personal savior. The enemy is after our youth, so can I ask prayer warriors and interceders for uplifting prayers to break chains and strongholds over our children. Help them to realize the plans and attacts of the enemy. They are our next generation and they need to have a strong foundation to fight the enemy. Thanks for your prayers

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