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prayer for my grandaughters parents

June 17, 2014

prayer for their relationship, and for his salvation

Special K

June 05, 2014

I Love this site!!! God says pray for EVERYTHING you desire. If your will is aligned with His, you will surely get it. :-) All things work for His good...Eventually. :-) So let us have fun in prayer as well. I am writing some special code and need help... Please e-mail me positive (Godly) words that begin with the letter "K". :-) :-) :-) Thank you.

Strength and Endurance- Life Lessons the Hard Way!

June 03, 2014

My son has always been a procratinator and now he is getting slapped in the face and learning some tough life lessons; procrastination never pays off. He has the potential to have a multitude of Division I offers to attend college and unfortunately he has dug himself into an academic whole that keeps schools from being able to offer him an education. Besides the college aspect, I am just hopeful he can dig out of in time to graduate. Instead of having a summer to relax with friends after football camp, he will be taking 2 courses at a time with the St Johns Virtual School trying to get his core GPA to where it should have been all along. He has never really had to work hard at anything and the challenge ahead of him is a big one! I ask for prayers for him to have the self discipline, self motivation, and the strength and endurance he will need to get through this. He will be taking courses beginning June 9th (his junior year summer) all the way through the fall of his senior year (yes, he is that deep in the hole). I am hoping this lesson in HARD WORK finally sinks in and reinforces that life gives back what you put in. My request may seem trivial, but I beleive he can't do this alone and my prayers alone I'm afraid aren't going to be enough either. Thank you in advance from a hopeful Mom!!!


July 29, 2014

I feel so bad and I am afraid my cancer has come back

finacial aid

July 27, 2014

I need prayer that my employer allows me to get my pay check early. my truck needs to be repaired and after tomorrow I have to return my sisters car to her and I will not have away of getting to work. please pray for me that the Lord will open my employers heart and let me get my check early. otherwise I will have to miss work or see if someone can take me and that is a hardship for everyone. I know this prayer request might seem not as important to everyone or as serious as other request but it is important to me and I just don"t know what else to do as I have exahsted every other avenue. thank you for your prayers and may the Lord bless you all.

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