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Health issue

February 24, 2015

I'm a 34yr old mother of two beautiful boys and wife. for 5 months now I've been suffering with symptoms that effect my vision and balance. I'm told it's a vestibular disorder (inner ear) As a result my eyes have a hard time tracking and processing visual input making me disoriented and panicky when I try to leave my house. Recommended vestibular Therapy has not helped. And most doctors I've spoken to have not been encouraging. This has changed my life dramatically. I can't do for/with my kids the things I used to do. It's been very scary. I have a few new appointments this week with a neuro-optomitrist and a new neurologist. I ask you ALL to PLEASE pray for God's Healing hand, and to work through those doctors to help me find recovery VERY soon. I'm praying for angels this week. Please pray for me. My name is Dana.

Marriage Broken

February 23, 2015

My husband and I recently seperated after only 4 months of marriage due to me having an affair. This is the biggest mistake I could have made and am praying for forgiveness and peace several times a day. After counseling and prayer I will do anything to make my marriage work. I am asking for prayers for my husband so his heart can begin to heal and soften. Thank you

Nephew on synthetic drugs / missing

February 21, 2015

Prayer request for my 20 year old nephew Mathew G. this synthetic drug has got a hold on him and he hasn't been seen for 2 days, has his moms car and phone is turned off. Please pray for his return home and for him to submit to accepting that he needs some professional help. Please Jesus help this family!

Prodigal Daughter

February 21, 2015

Please pray for my 19 yr old daughter Alyssa. She no longer goes to church, lives w her boyfriend and smokes pot daily. Praying God chases her down & brings her back in the fold.

Gods Provision

February 21, 2015

I need to move again, as my "lease" is up with the folks I have been living with for almost a year. I have a unique situation, in which I work for myself, but it is only possible for me to pay rent on a weekly basis. My credit is to poor for me to rent anything in my own name, as well as the fact, that I cannot afford to live on my own... I serve as an "associate" pastor in a local ministry, and I also am involved in motorcycle ministry (tho I currently without a bike). I would humbly ask, that you pray for God's intercession in this matter, as it is important to my walk with God, that I find a place to live, that won't cause me to stumble, or fall. Pray peace and stillness in the waiting, and that God open the right door for me. Thank you, and God Bless!

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