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anxiety, relationship

September 16, 2014

I need prayer for a breakthrough for anxiety and depression. Struggled majority of life with it trying prescription meds,drs,and psychiatrist. Would like a miracle healing. Am saved. Also would like to see a breakthrough on a relationship that God has shown me signs on to NOT give up. Her name is Charae. Thank you so much. Your station is inspiring.


September 15, 2014

I am needing prayer for my 2 boys and for our financial situation. Dad is not in the picture and not helping. I do work but we are barely making it day to day. Rigtht now I need my car worked on, daycare paid, gas to get to work, and our electric paid. I am trusting God to provide! He has in many ways thus far. Thank you

Please pray for my father

September 08, 2014

My father, Bill, has been referred to an oncologist by his primary doctor. His appointment is on Wednesday. Since he lost both of his sisters to cancer and he also is a cancer survivor, this is not good. Please pray for him that he does not have cancer or if so, they caught it in the early stages and it is treatable. My father is almost 83 and I am not sure how well he would be able to handle the treatments. I know the power of prayer works and am asking God for either a miracle or his guidance and support while my family is dealing with this. In Jesus name, Amen

Just need time

September 05, 2014

I have been going through an actual legal trial for over a year and I am finally starting to gather my defense. For the first half of the first year the state changed my public defender 3 times as well as the prosecute (3 times). I was not even told until i went to court. For the second half of the first year, the devastating consequences of what I feel I am innocent of overwhelmed me and I sought escape through alcohol abuse. Now I am sober minded and attempting to hire a private Christian lawyer and I need help with prayer. I specifically need the judge to grant a continuance so that the new paid christian lawyer can have the time needed to prepare the case for trial. Please pray that he, who is also a devout christian, realizes that this is my life, I will not survive prison. I deserve more time to prepare my case and not be forced to go to trial until we are ready. If I ever needed a prayer,,,it is now.

depression anxiety clarity focus

August 29, 2014

pray in dealing with depression anxiety clarity focus, healing and stepping into hope, purpose, strength, life.....His plans timing and order, repair

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