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August 22, 2014

after 22 years of marriage I am still so distant and lost from my husband. I want it to end, the fighting and yelling over trivial things is so draining on me. I work full time and he sits and watches tv and plays video games.He has the ability to make a lot more money than me. I feel so stressed and disappointed that I cry as I write this. I wish God would show up with a renewal for our relationship and a job for my husband. If not , then I need to move on. I pray for Jesus to guide me I pray my son has an awakening of the HolySpirit experience. As teenagers, they shouldn't have our worrieso too. We are the ones whos should be able to pray for them but we are so lost.. Thank you.

new driver safety

August 22, 2014

Please join me in prayer for my daughter to use wisdom and for a hedge of protection to cover her. She is a New driver and local college student. She knows the lord, but honestly have a little anxiety even when I pray.

hubby working in the heat

August 21, 2014

Please help pray that my husband who is on 3 blood pressure medications is able to sustain working to the best of his ability in these weather conditions. He's been employed 3 weeks and almost everyday he's feeling drained adn weak.


August 19, 2014

Prayer for a friend struggling with a job dispute and finances right now, prayer for peace and deliverance in this situation

A friend struggling with depression

August 18, 2014

A friend of 15 years plus recently confessed to me she was in the hospital from a suicide attempt. She is stressed from the pressures of life. Please help pray for strength, courage, stability, and strongwill for her to release negative people places and things that are hindering her from moving forward in a positive beacon of light.

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