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She likes me! :)

November 18, 2014

Hey guys, thanks for praying for me. She clearly showed she wanted to kiss me. She showed she has feelings for me. She said she liked me, and whenever I'm around, she dresses up well. YES! I BEAT THEM! The popular chick who said I'd never have a chance with her likes me. God makes the impossible work!

Burden of debt on me,my husband is disabled,daughter who had hysterectomy yesterday

November 15, 2014

Please pray for me that I am able to have a burden of debt llifted off me. I keep working but bills don't go down. My husband has been disabled physically and mentally for several years-pls pray for him also. I am trying to hold things together but I feel overwhelmed and my job is shakey-alot of pressure to sell. I'm not doing so well lately at work. Please pray for my daughter-she just had a full hysterectomy yesterday-her name is Lisa. My husbands name is Rodney. Thank and Bless you

Need a new job

November 14, 2014

I have been pondering about searching for another job for a while. No room to grow, my skills are getting rusty, half my brain is not being put at use, etc..and to make matters worse the payroll check bounced...and I just found out...all the transactions I made since last friday!!! I need a new job.... Please pray for me...I am a single mom. Need another job where I can feel I put my knowledge and experience to good use...where God can use me!!!!

My daughter Kaylee

November 13, 2014

Please pray for my daughter Kaylee Rae. She was born on September 26, 2014 after the doctor's gave us a 1% chance of her surviving because she has a sever heart defect called Ebstein's Anomaly. Right now she is 7 weeks old in the NICU waiting for heart surgery. She has beat all the odds. Right now she is fighting a battle with Pneumonia. God is so good. She is fighting with the help of Our Lord and Savior. We have started a page for her on facebook to bring awareness to her condition.

Need a better job...

November 12, 2014

Hi, I do have a job at the moment...but I do not feel happy, encouraged or that I make a difference - Instead, I feel like my sharp mind is dying, that my skills are fading away. I need to feel challenged, excited about making a difference, that I bring something to the table. I have been an Assistant Project Manager in Construction...love the field, but I need to change employers....Please pray for God to make a way! To hear my cry, to make it happen. Single mom on the Southside

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